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Wrong Place, Right Time

Short story By: Love Reaper

What happens in hallways stays in hallways...

Submitted:Aug 11, 2009    Reads: 3,846    Comments: 11    Likes: 12   

He brutally lifted up my skirt, ripped my soaking wet panties off, kissed me roughly, and began to suck on my bottom lip. While trying to pull away I said,"Stop, we can't d-" stopped in mid-sentence, moaning, he slowly entered his finger in my hot sex and he continued to suck on my bottom. The more I tried not to moan, the tougher it became, the faster he finger fucked me."Please..." I cried out,"we can't do this here, wait until we get into the room." He stopped and asked,"Why?" As he turned me around, facing the hotel's window, I said,"Because people could be watching." He tore my shirt open, tugging and pinching my nipples and said in a low seductive voice,"So let them watch." I could only moan to his reply.

It only got worse when I tried to break free, making me even more wet at the feel of his hard member brush against my thigh."Bend over and put your hands on the window." he whispered in my ear.''What?'' I said lost and confused. He then forcefully bent me over and pressed my hands on the window. He rubbed my ass as he lifted my skirt up. I gasped at the warmth of his thick member inside of me. As he went deeper I felt my hot juices run down my thighs. I could hear him moan under his breath as my juices surrounded his even harder member. I began to quiver at his hard thrashes. Making me perk my ass more and more, pounding me, my back began to suffer... and it suffered so sweetly.

Moans stirred with whines, he pulled me up, grabbed my thighs, picked me up, and pounded me faster. The impression of my chest and thighs being smothered against a cold compact window, made my mind pump with adrenaline. My body began to suffocate with a rush of beaming passion."Sage.." I moaned loudly, over and over. He pumped harder into me, pushing me more on the window, making me cum harder. Suddenly, he pulled away, grabbing his coat from off of the floor, putting my panties into his pocket and said,"Hurry, put my coat on." I put on the long black coat and asked what was wrong, only to receive another,'hurry' as we ran towards the elevator.

He pushed the Up button, fortunately the door immediately opened. As we ran in, he grabbed my waist closer to him. I saw people coming down the hall while the door closed."That was close." he said grinning and laughing a powerful, dark, and deep laugh, only to make me lust for him more. I began to grind on him as he nibbled on my ear. I turned around, reaching for his belt, but was twirled around. He lifted me up on the rail and pulled my thighs around his waist. I wrapped my legs tight around his thighs, kissing him, moaning for more. Sage began to squeeze and rub my hips. Thrusting inside of me again, pouncing me like he was trying to annihilate the wall, I couldn't help evolve my moans from screaming moans to gasps for air to pants again as I felt him grow harder and deeper inside of me.

Soon our session was again stopped when an older couple walked through the elevator."Lovely night isn't it?" said the woman."Yes is it." I said smiling embarrassingly. As the couple left I started to kiss Sage's broad shoulders. Lifting my chin up to meet his eyes he says to me soflty,"We can't do this here, wait until we get into the room." I glare at him as he laughs. Hm, we'll see who has the last laugh at the end of the night...


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