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My Sweet Little Mia

Short story By: Love Reaper

Do you like waking up in handcuffs?

Submitted:Aug 6, 2009    Reads: 5,815    Comments: 14    Likes: 8   

"Wake up Mia, my sweet little Mia.'' I heard. Eyes emerged, looking at the time, I groaned while saying,''It's 4 in the morning, Dean go to bed." I close my eyes hoping that would scare him off, I thought wrong. Suddenly I felt a burning sensation on my ass."Get up now." he said in a thundering voice. In a state of confusion and ache, I tried to get up only realizing that I was handcuffed to the bed. In panic I tired to undo the handcuffs, in turn, he yanked me to my knees, tugged on my hair, arched over me, and whispered in a firm voice,"Relax, I'm not going to hurt you." He smacked my ass again, harder than the last. Before I could scream he covered my mouth and said,"Be a good girl and don't make a sound."

He smacked my ass a few more times, a few hard, slow strokes, then he moved down to my thighs. I bit my bottom lip, holding in the pain."Good girl'' he said and he began to roughly, yet smoothly, rub my thighs and my ass. The way he eased out the pain with the same muscular hand that caused it, surprisingly started to turn me on, making me unconsciously spread my legs a little wide. I could hear him silently laugh and grin, to my reaction. He progressively made his way up to my sex while softly kissing my thighs, sucking and licking them. He then traced my sex with his middle finger, making me wiggle for him to rub my already throbbing clit."Stop being so eager." he said as he removed my panties.

He guided my legs to spread them wider, only to make me even more excited. Pulling my shirt up and squeezing my hips, he pulled my sex into his mouth. I gapingly moaned from the warmth of his tongue, licking me gently in a spiral motion. I clenched my hands together pushing away from the bed frame, yearning to grab him and make him take me in. The sensation of his mouth sucking on my clit made me shiver in desire. Crying out for more, he pressed his hot tongue inside of me, coming in and out, going up and down. I began to pant, trying not to moan too loud. My pleasure was put to a halt for what seemed like an eternity. Too dark to see, I only heard little motions off of the bed."Why did you stop?" I finally whined, but received no response.

Waiting for what was to come I came to realization that my hands were free and again restrained with strong hands. Harsh lips pressed against mine, he forced his way in my mouth, making me taste my own juices. I wrapped my legs around his waist as he went under my shirt, throwing it off and ripping my bra away. He bent my head and back, rising my breast to his mouth. He pulled and pried on my hard nipples, carefully taking each of my perky breast in his wide open mouth. Pleading for more, he finally thrust his way in me, making me gasp for air. As he nibbled on my neck he slowly thrust more and more of him inside of me.

''Dean'' I slightly moaned in his ear. I felt him grow harder as I moaned his named. The louder I moaned his name, the faster, harder, and deeper he caved into me. Pounding me as if it were the last, I soon felt a wave of warmth tingles suffocate my body, leading me to scream, beg for him not to stop, a few more fast pumps and my juices flowed out as his filled me up, our passion exploding mixing and stirring our phenomenon. Too breathless for words, only kisses could pass the signal of, I love you.


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