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Meeting Someone New

Short story By: Love Reaper

When you meet someone new, who knows what can happen....

Submitted:Aug 31, 2011    Reads: 288    Comments: 1    Likes: 3   

I'm so nervous. I can't believe I'm actually here. I pull up on the sidewalk next to a house, pull out a piece of paper that reads 4284 Bury Kent Street and make sure I get the address right. I put the paper in the glove compartment and wipe my sweaty hands. I'm so anxious that my veins are pumping heavily and my heart is panicking with worry. I can't believe I'm about to do this. I snap out of my shyness by smiling in the mirror and telling myself I can do this.

After I close my door I check myself out. Black curly shoulder length hair, red tight v-neck silk dress that accentuates my hourglass figure and big bubble rump with black Stilettos and black bracelets, thick enough to cover the scars. I pull my bangs from my face and ring the doorbell. He opens the door and says my name.

I melt. The way he says my name rolls off his tongue so smoothly and mysteriously. Like he has a dark secret hidden between each letter of my name. I greet him with a hug and he invites me in. He goes in the kitchen to get us drinks while I check out the living room. I slowly walk around as I gather as much information as possible about this beautiful creature.

I eventually sit on the couch and he hands me my glass while sitting next to me. We talk like old best friends though we are simply strangers who accidentally met each other online just a year ago.

We chat about the bad times, the good times, the embarrassing things we did when we were young and the mistakes we were glad to have made. We're laughing and connecting when all of a sudden he looks at my wrists, grabs them, then looks at the scars. I become ashamed. I want to explain about everything but I can't find a proper way to begin a sentence.

While I'm left speechless he doesn't say anything. Just stares for a while, then studies my scars further, touching them lightly, rubbing over each line like they were Braille and he were blind. Tears escape my eyes as the dead memories become zombies and eat at my hot flesh.

He looks at me, his eyes no longer hiding his past but show understanding while his pupils dilate tender passion and care. I silently sob at the past pain and the old lies my demon has told me. How I was better off alone, dead, and a nobody. He grabs my face assuring me that I'll be fine under his protection without even saying a word.

He leaves for a while and I sit there wondering what is going on. Five minutes go by and I finally decide to go look for him. As I walk down the hall I hear water running. I follow the sound and I see him there turning the water off. I ask what he's doing but he doesn't say anything. Instead he walks over to me. Slowly taking off my jewelry and clothes.

He guides me and sets me in the tub. The water is hot but just about right. The kind of hot that keeps you warm on a winter night. He bathes me so sensually, purifying. After pouring water on my head he begins to run a wash cloth filled with sensational soap down my back, massaging me as he does it.

He then slides the cloth between and then on my breasts, caressing them roughly. He washes my neck and shoulders. He lifts me up, tells me to bend over and spread my legs. I do as instructed and he begins to wash my calves with his hands, slowly working his way up between my thighs and to my waist making me long for his fingers inside of me.

He rinses me off and I go sit on his bed with just a towel on. He then brings out lotion and slowly massages the lotion into my neck, back, calves, and thighs. We stare at each other and have the understanding that I'm thanking him because I needed this more than ever. He gets between my legs and begins to softly and patiently kiss my neck. As I wrap my legs around his waist his kisses become thirsty and lustful, getting rougher and harder.

I bite down on his thick muscular shoulder as he unwraps my towel like it's unique gift wrapping paper that he shall treasure forever. I pull him closer to me with my legs and kiss him unrelentingly as I become weak and wet at the sound of him unzipping his pants. As he leisurely goes inside of me I take off his shirt and dig my nails into his back.

He pumps into me very slow but hard making my insides overflow onto him and his bed. I moan for more, aching to feel his full potential, defusing the fact that I might not be able to take him. I stop him, get on my knees and taste my juices on his sweltering rock member.

I take off the rest of his clothes and lay on my back as he goes inside me once more. He slightly grabs my neck and face as I take him all in. He picks up the pace; strong and heavy. I grab his juicy bottom as he begins to devour me. Tenderizing my insides like thick steak.

My moans that were once whispers in his ear become loud panting. I want to do more but I'm paralyzed and relaxed by the rough pleasure being received.
My body tingles from the magic this man is giving me. I soon gain the strength to flip him over and pounce on him like a wild animal. He moans the word "fuck" more and more as we both get closer to a point of no return. As I get closer he grabs my waist tighter, making me slam into him harder.

I begin to reach my climax which leaves me convulsing. The pleasure opens my mind to a new brain wave of explosives. The feeling is so unbearable I want to stop so I don't moan too loudly but he has his hands so tight around my waist I can't move which has caused him to take over and go full speed.

I cry out as my body squirms in defeat, taken over by a merciless beast. I want more immediately. Feeling him get harder I get off of him and get on all fours, spreading my legs. I need him more than the last time. Before he enters me he decides to clean me with his tongue. I grind myself into his face making me gasp for more, making me want to climax sooner.

I grab the sheets as he bangs me like a hammer, nailing each spot as if he knew my walls inside and out. I bite my bottom lip as I get close to my second climax but before I do I'm taken by surprise when I'm turned around, picked up, and slammed into a wall.

He pulls my head back by my hair, giving it all he has while whispering in a cocky voice, "You like that don't you?" and as I don't answer the first time he smacks my rump and spanks me harder until I soak him with his answer by my climax. I tighten up and almost immediately he climaxes, suffocating my body by pressing himself into me.

We stay there panting and grinning at what just occurred. I have a feeling, tonight shall be long.


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