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A great journey begins, cum and see for yourself.

Submitted:Sep 26, 2010    Reads: 1,501    Comments: 3    Likes: 2   

College, what a waste. I spent most of my time drawing, thinking of ways to better my poetry, and still would ace my tests. Everything about college was boring. The people were average, stereotypical future alcoholics with stereotypical sluts who slept with the professors to get good grades because they were too busy getting drunk with their friends on the weekdays to remember to do their homework. Same professors who try to act like they're so strict, when really they have nothing better to do with their lives. But... there is ONE thing that keeps me going.


She's the most fascinating specimen I've seen throughout this whole town. She has gorgeous long and wavy yet so unique dark brown/red hair. Her eyes are as if she possesses you with this mystery she contains. She has a very light caramel smooth skin that radiates this glow that you always wonder the meaning about. Her body is as a classic pin up, hour glass shaped body with a juicy ass yet, she wears no belt, or anything else for that matter to get her figure.

I love to watch her walk, especially in a dress, her long lean legs only tend to compliment her, make her incapably more desirable, not only to me, but men as well. Too bad our fantasies only stay as that. She's sadly taken. Now no, I'm not completely without hope. She's bi, which is great. And I know this because of the first time we met.

I had got a new haircut, she was the only one who noticed. I remember her leaning over, tapping me on the shoulder and I turned around, god her breasts were so beautiful, I could already imagine them on the cold counter, bare, while the nipples slowly grew hard. I remember her sexy matured slur as she said, "Did you get a new hairdo? I love it." And it just took on from there. Anyhow, back to her lover.


He was a handsome man, very outspoken, well groomed and built. His mystery only added on to Anas. He seemed smart, but I never really notice him. They look great together as a couple. I just wish I could be a part of their equation.

I'm sitting down reading a book for class in the library while I watch Ana rub David's muscular arm, she's looking at me like she wants something from me. I get confused, but I blush, so I go back to reading thinking I'm crazy. It's so hard to concentrate, so I look up again, but this time Ana's walking over to me. She sits down and asks what I'm reading and I tell her and she stares at me. I ask her what she's staring at and she just gives this lustful smile, simply saying, "Nothing." as if it were the truth.

She reaches over and starts to touch my hands and I'm already soaking, throbbing like I've never have before. Her touch is way better than from in my dreams. "What are you doing?" I ask her. "Relax Mickey, I'm just feeling you out. I have this thing where I like to read peoples vibes by their hands." She says. "Well does it really work?" I say, "Usually." she replies in a small sing tone voice. I watch her fingers trace over my lines, black nail polish isn't sexy on other people, but her, I'd devour her if I could.

"Come with me Mickey." she says as she takes my hand. I'm feeling as if I'm in a dream. I have no idea what she wants with me but I like it. We walk a ways and end up in her dorm. She locks the door. As soon as she does this she pins me to the wall, caressing my large breasts and everywhere else. I open my mouth, wanting to ask her what she's doing but my throat is blocked with libido and only pleasure sounds come from out of me. She slowly lifts my shirt over my head and sucks all over my neck. Taking her time, swirling her tongue while pulling my hair.

The only thing I can do is smile on the inside while rubbing her back. She lowers herself and begins to lick my stomach which tickles a little. I can feel her smile on my stomach while she pulls my pants down. She turns me around facing the wall and spreads my legs apart. After a while of rubbing my ass she starts to tease me with her mouth by kissing the insides of my thighs and ass. She does this for about two minutes that feel like twenty and she digs her face into my sex. She rubs her nose against my clit, smelling me, but making me wet with the tingle she presents. To make matters greatly worse she begins to lick me. Its a great feel since my panties are still on, but soon she satisfies my need by taking them off with her teeth.

Ana un-snaps my bra and rubs my breasts as we walk over to the bed. She saddles me and I take off her tank top, her nipples are so hard. I lick her all over while she hikes her skirt. She grinds on me and that takes me by complete shock but with great endearment.. she isn't wearing panties, yet her juices begin to mix with mine. Ana lays me down and all of a sudden I hear the doorknob. She smiles with pleasure as David walks through the door. It's till only then do I realize I'm naked and I feel embarrassed. For some strange reason though, I didn't get the vibe that David was suppose to be angry. Actually he was only hard and thick... very thick.

Ana kisses David while taking off his belt and pants. Watching them go through foreplay makes me forget about being naked again and I can't control myself so I start to finger my clit. David notices and he whispers something in Ana's ear. Ana turns to me and says, "Don't be a bad girl Mickey, you will get what you need." She walks over to me, opens my legs wide and begins to eat me out. Her hot tongue turns me inside out with greed. I need more.

I only become surprisingly even more turned on when David hovers over me and makes me take him inside of my mouth ever so violently. I feel like such a whore, but I can't help but to enjoy something so big in my mouth, I don't care, I want him inside of me. As if he were reading my mind, Ana and him switch. Ana sits on my face, harshly grinding into me while David eases his way inside of me. I'm so wet it's like a finger sliding into a mouth, his member immediately is filled with my wetness. While Ana begins to grind faster I grab her hips pushing her further into me. I gasp and moan when David begins to pound me hard and fast. My legs open wider as he bangs me harder, deeper, giving me all he has.

The harder he bangs me, the thicker he becomes and I can't help but to moan into Ana, literally. His lower body is banging into me so hard that he tampers with my clit which makes the pleasure a hundred times better. I'm trying not to moan so loud, but soon my moans cover the volume of Ana and the headboard banging against the wall. Ana seems to be loving my moaning because every time I go louder, she bounces on me harder. David is filling me up so well I can't help but moan his name and go into this complete state of pleasure where nothing matters but more of him inside me. I need to swallow him up with everything in me. To my disadvantage I unknowingly climax spilling out myself all over Ana's bed.

I'm blushing again because I didn't mean for that to happen but I realize that it wouldn't matter because Ana's a squirter too. Her juices taste of lemon with a sweet sugar like taste. I loved every second of it. I embrace the fact that this is the best day ever as I watch David enter Ana from behind. I go up to Ana and kiss her, than I bite on her nipples. Ana begins to eat me out as I rub her clit while David is still banging her from behind. Ana moans back and forth, my name to David's, to mine again and it easily makes me orgasm again. David pulls out of Ana and makes us swallow all of his hot juices which were as sweet as honey.

We all lay down silently, with me in the middle when suddenly David says,"Later can we do this again?" We all laugh. I was just thinking the same.


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