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Alone With You

Short story By: Love Reaper

Sex on the beach anyone?...

Submitted:Nov 4, 2009    Reads: 2,493    Comments: 7    Likes: 10   

I Inhale the warm winter breeze as I twirl in circles on the tip of my toes, feeling the sand, as smooth as crystal, soft as a teddy bear."It feels great out here! Thanks for taking me to the beach." I say looking at Jean passionately, flashing my dark sea blue eyes, grinning into his.. such a beautiful Ivy green."No problem." he says with his hands in his pockets, smiling at me,"anything for my girl" he continues to say as he wraps his arm around my shoulder and squeezes me firmly. It was our fifth year anniversary and so far it felt like it was our first day together where everything is full of excitement, full of adventurous love.
I run around jumping and dancing like a little child who had just received their favorite type of candy, so happy to be alive, and definitely happy to be alive with the love of my life. Jean laughs his deep alpha male laugh, the kind of laugh that makes my knees weak, so full of confidence turns me on."What are you doing?" he says."Oh nothing just being happy. " I say smiling wider than I can handle."So what are we going to do on this wonderful cold night?" I say."Well.." he says grabbing me, guiding me very close to him. I giggle at the fact that I can feel his very extended hard on and I now further get why he has a long black thick blanket over his shoulder that I'm just now noticing.
"I was thinking, we could wrap ourselves in this cozy blanket and see what happens." he says smiling that devilish smile that tells me his intentions aren't too innocent. I love that smile, it glows this special aurora seeping into my veins, making my blood boil only to disintegrate into cool chills through my spine. As he lays out the blanket, he sits down and pats the blanket next to him, motioning for me to sit, I shake my head and smile, sitting very close to him. As we lay down and look at the stars I lay on his chest, listening to his heartbeat, feeling his body heat. The warmth he gives off begins to radiate between my thighs.
Being this close to him creates an addict within my body to which I can not control, yearning for his touch. As if he's reading my mind and body, he begins to rub my inner thighs. Then he begins to ride up my skirt, steadily clawing and massaging his way up to my panties."You're so warm." he whispers in my ear, only leaving me to moan in response. I begin to bite my lower lip and softly whimper as he slowly strokes my clit from the outside of my panties. I go under his shirt and caress his stomach, moving towards his pelvis in approval as to what he was doing. To keep from losing myself I begin to dig my nails into his skin as he rubs my clit faster and harder.
Before I could reach my climax he stops, pulling my panties down. I help take them off as he pulls me on top of him. He leans up to take off my shirt revealing my firm perky breasts and hard nipples. While he puts one in his hands, grabbing it and the other in his mouth, I arch my back forward softly moaning, wanting more. I tremble as he goes under my skirt, lifting it up and harshly rubbing my ass. I unzip his pants, pull out his thick member, and begin to grind my hot clit on it. He moans and grabs my hips, making me grind harder on him. As he takes one hand off of my hip, he grabs the back of my head and pulls me in for a lustful kiss.
Kissing back, I nibble on his bottom lip, aching for him to go inside me."Please..." I begged, moaning."Please what?" Jean says, grinding on me slow and hard."I want you inside me, please." I say moaning loudly. He smiles, finally sliding into me with ease. As he enters me, my warm juices escape from me, all over him, making him smile more. As Jean thrusts harder and harder into me, I hug him tighter and tighter until my breasts no longer bounce against his chest. The more he pumps into me, the harder he gets, making me moan and breathe uncontrollably.
He suddenly stop, puts me on my knees, and enters me from behind. He then grabs my hips again and pounds himself into me, hard enough to where I hear the sounds of our bodies colliding together over the sounds of the waving ocean. I soon become more and more consumed with each and every thrust sending me to a rushing sensation of little vibration throughout my body, making me no longer breathe but become paralyzed in great pleasure, losing sense all over my body. After shocks reside and grow stronger within my body I soon feel Jean's cream hot against my back. As I become overwhelmed with exhaustion I am filled with surprise when Jean lays me on my back, gets on top of me with a grin on his face and asks,"Ready for some more?"


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