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Touch me, please!

Short story By: lobsterpotmayhem

All he wanted was for her to touch him, just once...

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'Here she comes again!'

'You're just tormenting yourself, you know.'

'No, i'm not. I'm not! She's the one tormenting me.'

'I don't think she knows you even exist, actually.'

'But i do exist, and one day, she'll know it...'

'Look at her, and look at you. Why should she be even the slightest bit interested in you?'

'I have my charms! I'm... enticing.'

'Pfft! Hardly. Everything about you says "keep away!". Good luck attracting the attention of someone like her with your so-called "charms".'

'Well, one day, i will get her attention, you mark my words. One day, she will notice me. One day, she will touch me, and then she will never forget me.'

'One day, she will ignore you. One day, she will walk past you like you're not even there. One day, she will...oh, hang on. That's every day.'

'Shhht! She's coming!'

She'd risen late, showered, and then toweled off before returning to the bedroom to relax with a magazine while her hair dried. Then, after slowly and deliberately rubbing body butter into her long, supple legs and arms, and smoothing over her trim tummy and pert breasts with moisturiser, she'd stepped languorously into the sunlit room where her two admirers had an unobstructed view of her, her ringlets crinkling halfway down her back like autumn grapevines.

They waited breathlessly to see what she would do next.

She stretched into a yawn that reached from her toes to her fingertips, her arms way above her head, her legs longer than her torso. She was a petite little package, and the stretch made her seem all the smaller somehow, like a delicate miniature, exquisite in its detail.

'I mean, look at that. What chance do you have?'

'I have every chance that you have, bucko!'

'Well, i'm a realist. Down to earth, you might say. I know that a woman built like that would have nothing to do with me, so i'm not looking for any chances. You can have mine, if you wish. For free. Don't mention it.'

The girl was looking around the room, a little lost for something to do. She looked out toward the balcony, her hands on her naked hips.

'If she goes onto the balcony, that's when i'm gunna make my move...'

'Your move?'

'Yeah, that's when i'm gunna make my move. Declare myself. She'll find me irresistible.'

'A dumpy, rotund little podge like you? I'll bet you anything you like that she doesn't even register your move, let alone respond to it.'

'You'd have a better move than me, then? Mister i'm-too-cool-to-even-try?'

'Chicks prefer free-spirited souls. I'm more open. They dig that kind of thing. You know. If i were interested.'

'Which you're not?'

'Which i'm not.'

She clicked on the TV, flipped through some channels, then clicked it off again. Its old-fashioned CRT tube rang quietly, like a bell under water. She tossed the remote onto the couch.

'She's bored. She's looking for something to do!'

'Perfect time for you to make this move of yours. Entertain her.'

'Shut up! I can be entertaining, you know.'

'No, i do know, and you can't.'

She looked at the balcony again, squinting at the midsummer light blasting in.

'Shht! Do you think she sees us?'

Breathless seconds.

'No. No, i think we have gone undetected. I think we can safely continue to spy on her without her screaming and running and putting on a dressing gown and calling the police...'

'You mock, but you want her just as much as i do. Just admit it.'

'I know what i can have, and what i can't have. I know what i need, and what i want. I'm at peace with the deficit.'

'"I'm at peace with the deficit"! Is that an example of your famous knee-trembling expressiveness that the chicks all dig? Ooh, can i borrow that line? Make her all wet and needy with my uber-cool expressiveness...'

'I wouldn't have thought you'd have been that interested in getting her wet, someone with your appetites...'

'Well, it's not about me, is it? It's about the girl. Satisfying her wants and needs...'

'Yeah. A real gentle lover you'd be.'

'And you'd suggest what? I would have thought bending to her every whim would have been your modus operandi.'

The girl looked away from the balcony, walked over to the sideboard, glanced at some books, pulled out a volume, examining it like it were an archaeological find.

'See her interest in books? That's the sort of girl who would respond to someone expressive and flexible like me. Not someone who's so set in his ways, like you.'

'I thought you weren't interested.'

'I'm not. I'm just saying.'

She slid the book back into the bookcase and put her hands on her hips again. Then she left the room for the bedroom.


'Yeah, you almost had her.'

'She moves onto that balcony where i can make my move, bucko, and i will have her...'

She came back, still naked, carrying a tapered object a little larger than the remote control. She clicked it on as she walked to the couch, setting it buzzing.

'What's that?'

'You mean you don't know?'

'You're so smart, you tell me!'

She sat on the couch, made herself comfortable with some cushions, and opened her legs.

'I would have thought a ladies' man like yourself, with all your moves, you'd know all about things like that.'


The girl played it over her bush for a few moments, then slowly applied the tip of the buzzing thing to the lips of her vulva. She closed her eyes.


'Of course.'

'It's one of those.'

'Yes. Unusual design.'

'You think so? Don't they all look like that?'

She slid the tip inside the slit of her vulva, gradually digging the object deeper inside so that its pitch changed, like a bee dealing with a particularly pollen-rich flower.

'She's not likely to notice us now.'

'No. She does seem somewhat rapt.'

'It'd be nice to get closer...'

'Yes. That would be nice. Maybe we should just fly over there on our silver wings?'

She had buried half the buzzing rod inside of her, and she was now making little 'Muh!' noises from time to time. Her admirers were close enough to be able to hear each syllable as it gushed from her.

'She has such beautiful skin...'

"Yes, that's the first thing i noticed about her when she walked into the room stark naked. Her skin. All over her, it is...'

'But it is beautiful. I'd so love for her to touch me, to feel that skin... i bet it would be like...'

'Yes? Like what?'

The girl was rotating the rod around inside her, making her little 'Muh!' noises, and to all intents and purposes it looked like she were trying to dig a particularly large splinter out of her insides.


The 'Muh!' sisters were replaced by a long and hearty mother of a moan, and the girl started bucking like a worm that had been unearthed into the sunlight. The moan left the room and she thrashed in silence for a few more moments, and then the only sound was the buzzing.

A gossamer curtain lifted gently in the warm summer breeze.

She pulled the rod out of her with a quiet slurp and snapped it off. She tossed it onto the couch next to the remote.

'...like... sunlight...'


'Yeah, sunlight.'


The girl stood up after a few moments, then looked at the balcony door again.

'Oh... this is it!'

She walked across the room on tiptoe. She was blushed pink across her breasts and cheeks from her exertions with the rod.

'This is it!'

She trailed her fingertips along the flimsy curtain that some loopy designer had thought would make an excellent room divider. She seemed fascinated by the texture as it swooshed past.

'You're making your move? I mean, let me know; i wouldn't want to miss it.'

She touched the wall, the doorframe, in fact, she seemed to want to touch everything, drinking in the mosaic of feelings with her hungry skin.


He made himself as enticing as he could. He sent out signals that said, i am lovely to touch, you need to feel me! Run your fingers over me, and you will see how lovely i truly am...

She walked past, her back to him, onto the balcony, disappearing into the sunlight.

She was gone.

'Well, that worked well, your move. Good work. You should have tried to be more expressive...'

'Oh, shut up. What would you know about touch? You're only a stupid house plant,' said the cactus.


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