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Is it cheating if it happens in a dream?

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'What if it isn't a dream?'

'Honey, I spend a whole bunch of time in a place called "Reality". I think I'd know if it wasn't a dream.'

'But you say that it's as real as if it were you and I, right?'

'Yes. Except that it's not you and me. It's me and some guy.'

'Start again. How does it begin?'

'Frankly, Jenny, I'm a little insulted that you keep asking me to describe this. It's like you're trying to catch me in a mistake. Like you think I'm making it up.'

'I've said I think we should investigate whether it's a dream or not. Doesn't that make you think I believe you?'

'I'm not sure what I think any more. But let me reassure you once again that I do know what it feels like to have a guy… have sex with me.'

'I never said you didn't.'

'You hinted it.'

'So how does this begin?'

'I'm in a room. All by myself. It's dark. I'm naked.'

'You said there was a window.'

'See? Trying to catch me out.'

'Just checking the facts. There's a window?'

'Yes, there's a window. But it's dark. There's a bedside lamp, but it's only a twenty-five watt globe or something. It's an unusual lamp, too, Sherlock. It has a hula girl on the base, and prints of palm trees on the shade.'

'Sounds hideous.'

'It's actually rather fetching.'

'And then the guy comes in?'

'Yes, and then the guy comes in.'

'And he's naked?'

'He's very naked.'

'How naked?'

'About eight inches naked.'


'Not yet. First he sings to me.'

'Yes, that's right. What does he sing?'

'Not sure. Something weird. Like a kids song or something like that. He hums it, so there's no words…"

'You said it was like being there?'

'Yeah, but do you always recognise songs when you hear them?'

'Good point. Then what.'

'Then he… you know.'

'No. What.'

'He fucks me.'

'He fucks you.'

'Well, you asked.'

'Does he just come right out and fuck you? Just mounts you and pounds away?'

'He's already out, so he doesn't have to come out. We kiss first. It's nice. He knows how to kiss.'


'Yes. Both sets of lips.'

'Ah! That's a new detail.'

'He knows where my clit is, and he seems to know what to do with it. Happy?'

'Overjoyed. So he eats you out?'

'Oh yeah.'


'My toes are still curled.'

'In the dream or in real life?'


'You're just doing that.'

'Then he fucks me.'

'Just like that?'

'Well, I'm as wet as a girl can get without the use of a hose. He just whips that huge cock of his around and into me, and he fucks me.'

'Are you on bottom or on top?'

'I start on bottom, but then we roll around and I'm on top.'



'Does he come inside you, or does he pull out?'

'Inside. Definitely inside.'

'And this happens every night? When you think you're asleep?'

'It happens every night, and I know I'm asleep. Except with him. With him I'm awake. But I'm really asleep…'

'Same every night?'

'Sometimes it's slightly different. It's like it's a routine, but one that we've worked out because we like it so much.'

'And you orgasm every time?'

'Mm-hm. Every time.'

'So what does he know that I don't know?'

'How to use an eight inch penis? I dunno. I'm not proud of the fact that I'm having these hetero fuck fantasies, you know.'

'So what if it's not a dream? What if he's some kind of incubus or something?'


'Yeah, a malevolent male spirit that comes in the night and fucks women.'

'But then wouldn't I just be here, in our room? Why am I in this strange room with the hula girl?'

'And his eight inch cock.'

'And his eight inch cock?'

'So, to get you to orgasm, does he do this?'

'No, he never has time to stroke my tummy. It's pussy munch, then it's cock in.'

'How about this? Does he ever do this?'

'Strangely no. He never makes much of a fuss over my boobs. He… Oh, yum… He sometimes sucks my nipples… Yes, like that! … But he only does it … Oooh… He never does … Aah! Mmmm…'

'And it feels as real as me doing this?'

'Oh, mmmm… Yes, just as… Oh, fuck!'

'And after you come for him, do you fall asleep like a kitten that's had its tummy rubbed too much, like you do for me?'

'Prrrrrrrr… Oh, yikes! Do that again! How are you even doing that?'


'Honey, have you seen my glasses?'

'You were wearing them after dinner. Have you lost them?'

'I dunno. Just… I was thinking of doing some reading, but I suppose that it's too dark in here anyway.'

'You don't want to tonight? I'm almost ready.'

'So I see. And I don't need glasses to help me see that.'

'Just lie back. I'll hum you a song instead of a story.'

'Ok, just not "Bananas in Pajamas" again. It's weird.'

'Mmm. Your pussy smells wonderful tonight. How is it weird? You always love that song.'

'Maybe. Ok. Oh, fuck! Yum! What are you doing? That's incredible!'

'Just the usual. Can I get on with this? I can't really talk and do this at the same time, you know. I can hum, though.'

'Ok… Mmmm… Yes… There…'


'Yes… Oh, fuck, yes! Right there…'

'Did you have that dream again last night?'

'What? Oh, yum… The dream?'

'Do you like this?'

'Oh! Oh! Oh! Fuck, yes! … The dream?'

'The lesbian dream, you know.'

'Um… Yeah, I think I did.'

'Did she do this?'

'Sort of… But she doesn't have a beard, so … Unh! It was… Different…'

'I was thinking…'

'Oh, fuck! Don't think now…'

'What if it's not a dream. What if it's a succubus.'

'Just… Oh, shitting fuck! I am sooooo wet! Just get inside me, now!'

'Ok. You want the light on?'

'I don't like it when Hula Sue watches… But… Leave it… Oh, yes! Oh, shit! Are you bigger tonight or something?'

'Yes, sure. I'm bigger tonight. Why not.'

'Are you close? You feel close…'

'I think I am… Yep, I'm close alright…'

'Let me get on top… I like being on top…'

'This'll be a short ride, I think…'

'Oh, merciful fuck! I can feel you on my ovaries!'

'Hold still… Just hold still a moment…'

'You that close?'

'Oh yeah.'


'Hey, you fall asleep straight after the way you always do, you ask that succubus if she's got any tips for me, Ok?'

'You just concentrate on how you're going to get me to come before you do, mister, and don't you be thinking about Jenny, Ok?'

'Jenny? She has a name now?'

'Stop thinking about my dream lesbian and fuck me, Ok?'

'Ok. But say hi to her for me, alright?'

'Shut up and fuck me!'




'The… um … The incubus says hi.'

'I can see this getting awkward.'

'You two aren't seeing each other when I'm awake, are you?'

'That doesn't even make sense. Do you know when you're awake and when you're asleep? Maybe we should take you to see a doctor…'

'Ok. But not tonight.'

'Just one thing. Do you have a job in this incubus world?'

'Yeah, I'm a secretary for a law firm.'

'And what's your job in this world?'

'I … '

'I think we have a problem.'


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