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Her passions were so elemental that sometimes i wasn't sure if she was even human...

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She was an elemental sort of girl.

I took her to the beach, just to see what would happen.

You know that scene at the end of Planet of the Apes? The one where he damns them all to Hell? Imagine, just before they found the Statue of Liberty, that Chuck Heston and the chick got down off that horse of theirs and the chick threw off all her clothes and went absolutely fucking crazy, running around on the rocks and sand. And that then they had wild monkey (ape?) sex lying in a mess of scratchy, smelly seaweed while the horse watched on, confused. And that then the chick jumped up, dripping jizz and wearing half the seaweed they'd just been fucking on, and ran around batshit crazy for a while longer.

It was like that, our day at the beach.

Except for the horse. There was no horse involved, not the way we did it.

I watched her running about like that, post-coital, draped in the seaweed, leaping off rocks, and i started thinking how much i liked the way that her arse looked. I took it into my head that it might be nice to fuck her again, what with that arse of hers and all.


So i stood up, brushed the sand off my arms and legs, and started trotting after her.

She saw me coming, and let out a sort of joyous grunt. She grinned fit to split her cheeks, but i wasn't sure if it was a human grin, the sort that we use to show enjoyment, or the sort of grin that all our primate cousins use when they want to indicate they're about to tear someone's throat out.

I had her penned, with only rocks and cliff behind her, and the foaming ocean cutting off her side escape. She turned to face me, and hunkered down on bent knees like a gridiron player about to charge right through me. I put my arms out, to encompass anywhere she might try to dodge.

We stood like that for a full minute, both of us panting: she from her frenzied running around, me from fucking her a few moments earlier.

Then, without so much as a muscle twinge as warning, she bolted.

I had no idea what her plan was, or even if there was a plan. I easily grabbed her as she sprinted to my left, padding along the top of the wet concrete sand. I felt her skin soft and smooth and slippery under my fingers as i laid hold of her. I had her, i congratulated myself, but then she twisted like a bath-shy dog and slid away from my hands.

I pounded after her, my erect cock swinging up and down painfully as i ran. She didn't even look over her shoulder to see where i was, whether i was gaining or not. I wasn't, but then she took time out of her flight to launch herself off another one of those boulders, and when she hit the sand i was right on her. I slapped my hand in the middle of her naked back and she lost her balance and went down.

The sand had very little give in it, and she hit it hard. She seemed winded, but she was already starting to get up off all fours to continue her flight. I pounced, grabbing her around the middle with one arm and pushing her forward, my other arm keeping us both up a bit off the wet sand.

She made growling noises, like a trapped animal, and without looking i jabbed at her arse cleft with my cock, seeking a point of entry. It refused to go in, and her squirming wasn't helping. Despite my efforts to keep her up on her knees, she managed to drop flat onto the sand. She clawed at the sand, seeking out half-buried rocks as purchase to pull herself out from under me. I kept jabbing my cock into her soft, round, sandy folds until, finally, it snagged and went in.

She snarled like a cat dropped in water. I had no idea if i was in her cunt or her shitter, but at that point it didn't matter. I wanted to be gripped by this snarling, spitting she-beast, and grip she did. It was quite an effort to both stay her flailing arms as she tried to crawl away from me and to maintain a fucking thrust rhythm, but i had a lot of incentive, so i managed it.

I came with an almighty cock-long sting into whatever orifice i had lodged in, and the last thrusts i punched into her felt like i was going to detach my own balls with the snapping back and forth i was generating on the high of that orgasm.

I was so absorbed by the stabbing shocks of joy-pain that i found myself not caring if i lost my balls or not. All i was about right then was that one moment of release.

She kept squirming beneath me, even as i came into her, and then, when the moment started to fade and i relaxed my grip and focus, she scrambled up and away.

I watched her running down the beach away from me, my ejaculate somewhere inside her. Two doses, in fact.

I lay flat on my back on the hard sand and looked up at the sky.

My cock twitched, proudly.

A wave slapped at me, spitting salt into my mouth and eyes. The tide was coming in.

I stood up, looked for her. She was nowhere to be seen.

I went back to the little pile of clothes we'd abandoned the moment we'd arrived at the shoreline. I pulled mine on, and pocketed hers.

With one last look up and down the deserted mid-winter beach, i started the climb up to the car in the carpark.

She was sitting in the passenger seat, door open, painting her nails.

'Can we have fish and chips for tea?' she asked, without looking up.


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