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My New Apartment (Chapter 5)

Short story By: LLPP

Bethany's job takes an interesting twist and Autumn surprises her!

Submitted:Dec 6, 2009    Reads: 3,043    Comments: 7    Likes: 5   

Days went by andI hadn't heard from Autumn.I went to work everyday, dressing more and more sexy, hoping I'd come home to find Autumn, waiting for me...nothing.

It was Friday... one week from the first time I'd seen Autumn from her Apartment window. One week from the first time,I'd had sex with a man. One week from the first time I'd kissed another woman. It seemed like a lifetime. I sat at my teller window, dreaming of how she gently licked my pussy. I was so horny. I stopped wearing panties under my skirt and once in awhile I'd go into a private closet and gently slip my fingers under my skirt and relieve my desire. I was looking forward to my bosses party on Saturday.

I looked up at my next customer. It was her. Autumn's long auburn hair was tied back and her big green eyes smiled, but she was all business.

"I need to put something in my safety deposit box." her expression was blank.

"Yes." I was nervous. I smiled and could barely open my drawer to get the keys. "This way." I led her back into the safety deposit room and locked the door behind us.

"I want you to open my box." She still kept cold and calculating.

I smirked at the comment.

"Here's the key. Please open number 627" She handed me a small key and I turn to find it, wondering what was happening. I was hurt and confused.

I found the number, it was at the very bottom, near the floor.

"Bend over and open the box." she demanded.

I bended at my waist, as the back of my skirt rose, to reveal my long legs. As I reached for the safety deposit box, I felt her behind me. Her fingers found my bare lips and she stroked then gently.

"Don't forget to visit E.She has something for you." She plunged two fingers into my wet box. "Now get up, give me my key back and walk out."

I was breathing heavily as I stood up and turned around.

"What are you looking at? Walk out." She demanded.

I did as I was told, but I wanted more. She stirred every raw emotion inside of me and now I had to act like nothing happened. I straightened my skirt and walked into the lobby. I felt like everyone was watching me and knew I was just finger fucked in the Safety Deposit Box Room. When I got back to my teller window and turned, she was gone. Thelast hour of my shift was torturous. I was horny and confused and excited to see what E had for me.

"Bethany." My boss called me as I was counting out my drawer. The bank was closed and the tellers were all leaving. "Come into my office, I need to audit your drawer."

I picked up my drawer and walked into his office.

"Close the door. This may take awhile and I don't want any interuptions." He looked serious, his eyes dark and piercing.

I closed the door and sat down at his large desk. It was cleared off for the day. I put down the cash drawer and started organizing it for the audit.

"I need to show you something Bethany. Please come over here." He started typing on his keyboard, as I nervously got up and went around to his side of the desk. I sat in his chair and he stood behind me. An image appeared on his screen. It was security footage of The safety deposit room. I watched the screen as I saw my image walking in, with Autumn behind me. I looked over at Kent, embarrissed.

"I can explain," I quickly tried to get him to stop the tape.

"You could be fired for this." He was whispering in my ear. His hands came around and started massaging my firm breasts. I watched her stroking me on the screen as his strong hands started unbuttening my blouse. "You don't want to get fired, do you?" He kissed my earlobe as he finished unbuttoning and my huge breasts heaved through my red silk demi bra.

"No..." I had fantasized about my boss, but never thought I'd ever be here, in his office... wanting more and begging for my job. "what can I do to keep my job? It won't happen again."

"Get up." I obeyed, stood up and finished taking my shirt off. He grabbed the clasp of my bra and it released easily. My breast bounced with freedom. I turned to him, I could see his approval rising in his pants. I looked up at him, shyly and reached down to lightly stroke him through his pants.

"Let me take care of this." I unbuckled his belt, took down his pants and unleashed his big cock. It was smooth as I stroked him. It grew harder. I knelt down and started sucking just his tip, as I stroked him... I moved my hands to play with his balls as I took him in deeper, my tongue playfully teasing him. I sucked harder and deeper.

"Get up and bend over." I looked up at him and smiled. His body was trim and tan. I couldn't wait to feel his hot spear piercing my soul.

I bent overhis desk and spread my legs. He grabbed my skirt and pulled it down. He rubbed my ass as I felt his dick move between my legs. His hands grabbed my hips as he placed his dick at the opening of clit. I could barely stand, waiting to feel him inside me...

He pulled my hips into him slowly... he was so big, every thrust went deeper. I moaned in pleasure as one of his hands moved up and worked my tits, which were bouncing with each thrust.

"Your pussy is so tight." his cock plunged deeper and harder... faster....

"Fuck me..." I managed to demand as my breathing became heavier....

He fucked me faster....as I came I could feel my juices flowing down his still hard cock....

"I want to taste you.... "

He pulled out just in time for me to turn around and take him deep down my throat. His cum slid down my throat as I swallowed every drop. "You taste so good."

I stood up, hoping he wouldn't turn me in for letting Autumn get me off earlier.

"Bethany." he leaned over and took one of my tits in his mouth, sucking it, while reaching down to stroke my wet clit. "you're going to be my wife's present on Saturday Night."


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