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My New Apartment (Chapter 4)

Short story By: LLPP

Bethany goes to work and finds a new friend, when she gets home... Autumn has her for dinner...

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I woke up naked, alone in my bed. There were long chiffon curtains hanging from my ceiling, covering my windows and along the wall at the head of my bed. I sat up, wondering when those were put up… I didn't have much time to think about it, it was Sunday and I had to go into work.
I walked across my small apartment, feeling sexy and confident. I looked over at my table, there was a note.
"Let's stay in tonight."
I smiled and felt a wave of passion run through my body. I opened my closet and realized that none of my old clothes were there. They were replaced by new clothes. I quickly picked out a tight, low-cut, pink sweater with a black pencil skirt. I opened my lingerie drawer and saw lacy bras and g-string panties.
After dressing, I fixed my hair in a tight bun and paused to admire myself for a moment. My large breasts outlined perfectly, my hips curved and my long legs accented by my 3in black heels. I sprayed on the scent that was left on my dresser.
I walked out my front door, excited to show those girls at the bank what sexy really was.
I walked into work moments later. The looks were immediate. I could feel the caddy stares as well as the men wondering who I was and why hadn't they noticed me before. I was glowing inside. My stride was poised, my ass felt free in the black g-string I was wearing and my hips swung in perfect rhythm. My boss called me over as I received my money drawer for the day.
"Yes?" I walked into his office.
"Uh, yes, well I wanted to make sure you received the invitation to my party." He almost blushed. Karl, my boss, was in his early 30's, jet black hair and medium build. His green eyes always seemed to flirt with every girl at the bank, but I never heard of him straying from his wife.
"No, actually, I didn't." I was almost embarrassed for him.
"Oh, I'm sorry. It's my wife's birthday and I'm throwing a formal party. I thought I had given everyone an invitation. It's Saturday evening." He reached into his large cherry desk and pulled out an envelope. "Bring a guest if you'd like." He smiled as he handed me the invitation. I smiled back cordially. As I grabbed the invitation, I found myself leaning over and hoping he'd peak at my cleavage. My newly manicured fingers elongated my hands.
"Thank you, sir." I turned and started to walk out. "I'll be there, of course."
"Thank you, Bethany." He called out. "Please shut my door, as you leave."
I walked onto the floor, with the envelope in hand. I was already planning on bringing Autumn and hoping my new wardrobe included a formal dress.
The day ticked by and every moment drew me closer to a night alone with Autumn. I found myself leaning over more for my male clients. Flirting and smiling. The women at the bank seemed even chattier and the men seemed a bit more anxious to assist me.
6 p.m. and I went to the money cage to lock up my drawer. As I turned the key, Karl was standing right behind me. His thin lips drawn to a slight smile, "Don't forget about Saturday night."
I jumped back slightly, "no, of course not. Have a good evening." I quickly moved passed him with one thought in mind. Autumn.
I entered my apartment. Another note.
"I'll be there in 10 minutes. I'm bringing dinner and a movie. Wear something comfortable and wait for me on the bed."
I quickly peeled off my skirt and shirt and looked to see what I had that was "comfortable". I chose a white tank, which showed off my flat stomach and white cotton short pajama bottoms. I climbed onto my bed and arranged the pillows, to sit up against the wall, with the long chiffon curtains. I clicked on the TV, which was on the wall, to the foot of my bed.
Autumn let herself in, as I started to get up to help her in.
"Stay right there." She quickly said as she maneuvered the bags in her arms. Setting them on my table and walking over to me, my heart started beating faster.
"OK… Get up, let me see you." She took my hand and helped me off the bed. I stood in front of her, not knowing what to do with myself.
"I like your hair up in that bun." She stroked my neck, softly. "I'm going to teach you tonight." She moved close and wrapped her arms around my bare waist. I leaned up to kiss her. She met me with a rich, sultry kiss, pulling me into her tightly.
"There will be more time for this later. We're watching a movie tonight and a special dinner. Sit back down; we'll watch the movie first." She removed her coat. Her long auburn hair tousled over her shoulders. She was wearing a black t-shirt and black cotton pajama pants. She reached into one of the brown bags and pulled out 2 glasses and a bottle of white wine. I tried to see as she put something in my freezer and poured the wine.
She handed me a glass and put the movie in. She pressed the play button and got on the bed next to me. "To an evening of just us." We clinked glasses and drank the wine. The movie started and she moved so she was leaning against the pillows and I sat between her legs and laid back on her. I felt comfortable, but a growing desire to be touched burned beneath my skin.
She whispered in my ear, "Are you comfortable?"
"Yes" I could barely speak.
"Do you like having my legs wrapped around you?" she nibbled my ear as she spoke.
"Yes" My body responded and my back arched, spilling her wine down the front of me. "Oh, shit." I sat up quickly.
"It's ok," Autumn got up. "I think it's time for dinner."
"I'm hungry, what are we eating?" I tried to wipe off the wine.
"Sit up against the wall." Autumn's tone changed a bit. I did what I was told. She straddled me and sat on my lap. I was ready for anything. Her fingers quickly went to work, stripping me of my wet tank top. My tits were already erect from the cold wine.
She took my right hand and held it up and pressed it against the wall, holding it. She did the same with my left. Pinning me against the wall. With one hand she wrapped the chiffon around my wrists, tying my hands over my head.
Smirking she got up and took her shirt off as she walked to the kitchen area, leaving me wanting more.
I watched as she reached into the refrigerator and pulled a few more items from her brown bag.
"I'm going to feed you your dinner, then…. Well," she smirked playfully, "then you'll provide me my dinner."
She picked up a plate of spaghetti and grabbed some with her hand, dangling it over my mouth. I tried to reach out with my tongue. As I did, she dropped it. Some fell in my mouth, other pieces landed on my body. As I worked my tongue to eat the strands in my mouth, Autumn leaned over and ate the rest off my neck and breasts.
My arms still tied over my head… I loved my dinner so far… another bunch of noodles. She put some wine to my lips.
"We need some bread with our spaghetti." She leaned over and took a small pitcher of olive oil and poured it down my neck and over my breasts. The olive oil dripped off my eraser sized tits. It felt cool and sensual.
Autumn broke off a small bit of baguette and ran it up my neck, putting the piece of bread in my mouth. As I took it, I felt her tongue start at the tip of my hard nipple and lick up my breast, up my neck and finish with a peck on my lips. She had a bite of bread.
She took the pitcher of olive oil and poured it over her chest. "I think you need some oil with your bread." She got up on her knees, so her big round breast was in front of my wet lips. I sucked and licked the oil as it dripped from her tit. She moaned in pleasure. I loved the feeling of our oily bodies rubbing against each other.
"It's time for your honeysuckle." She had a twinkle in her eye.
As she reached up to loosen the ties on my hands, I found myself reaching my tongue and lips out to kiss and lick her body. She released my hands so I could lay flat on the bed. She removed my bottoms as my clit started throbbing in anticipation. She removed her bottoms and reached down for another little pitcher. She poured the sticky substance down my belly and over my hot lips. It was thick.
"There's your honey, now I get to suckle it." She smiled, while the touch of her tongue ignited electricity through my body. I grabbed her hair as she started working her way lower, with her tongue. Her fingers crept up my thigh and started massaging my vulva. She started to lick and suck harder as her fingers stroked each petal of my wet pussy.
Her fingers penetrated me, slowly stroking inside me as her tongue and lips caressed and sucked… I was going crazy, pulling her hair tighter… pushing her to go deeper… suck harder … her fingers worked faster touching my magic button, deep inside…
I released my juices with a load moan of pleasure … she drank up every drop…. When she finished, she climbed up next to me… "you taste so sweet" our bodies still sticky from the oil and honey, we kissed and held each other while watching the end of the movie.
After the movie, I got up and turned the water for the shower on… "Now it's my turn…" I said as I lured Autumn into the shower….


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