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A night of Fantasy 2

Short story By: livinfree

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to have a stranger in your home, with the intent of seduction? In this story, the couple live out another fantasy in the bedroom.

Submitted:Nov 8, 2007    Reads: 1,838    Comments: 2    Likes: 1   

"What the Hell?" I muttered to myself, as my bedroom went suddenly dark. Frowning, I flipped the unresponsive light switch on and off. Or was that off and on? Regardless, the damn thing wasn't doing its job. So, here I am, in a bra and undies, fumbling in the dark, trying to feel for my robe. I wasn't a shy person, but damned if I was going to go outside practically naked to check the breaker box.
After a jammed finger and a stubbed toe, I finally slid my arms into my silky flowered robe, tied it loosely, and headed to the kitchen for a flashlight, cursing my husband and brother-in-law the whole way.
"Why did he pick tonight, of all nights, to get too drunk to drive home?" I complained to myself as I flicked on the light, illuminating my way to the back door. "He knew the kids were on a sleepover, finally giving Neal and I an evening to ourselves. Couldn't he have called someone else- anyone else?" I slammed the door open. "But no! He had to call Neal, and of course, Neal just had to be the one to go pick him up from whichever dive bar he had crawled into." I stomped my way down the stairs, using the f-bomb more than once, wincing as my bare feet seemed to find every sharp rock in the vicinity.
"I knew I should have turned off the phones. Then he would have had to call someone else!" I strong armed the door to the breaker box, shined the light on the breakers, and found the main breaker switch on the off position. Still pissed and bitching to myself, I thought nothing of it, and switched it back to the on position. I nodded hard as the porch light went on. My job was done.
"If he thinks he is going to come home and get some, he's got another thing coming." Still talking aloud to myself, I stomped back up the stairs and slammed the door behind me. "Hell no am I coming second to a drunk brother!" I returned the flashlight to its proper place and headed back to my bedroom.
Having talked myself into a nice frenzy, I completely missed the fact that my room was still dark, and shouldn't have been. While I had switched the main room switch on and off, the bathroom light had been on.
I ripped off my robe, throwing it in the direction of the hook it usually hung on, and still muttering, started for the bathroom.
When I stubbed another toe on my bedpost, I screamed through clenched teeth. Could the night get any worse? I bent down to hold my toe, as if that would make the pain suddenly go away, and cursed my husband, again. When the pain retreated to a dull throb, I stood up.
Suddenly, a strong pair of arms wrapped around me from behind, just under my breasts, effectively trapping my arms to my sides, and I was pulled up against a hard body so tightly, I could feel an erection pressing against my ass.
"Fight me, woman," said a whispery voice against my ear, "and you won't get hurt."
I struggled within the man's grasp, trying to dislodge the hold he had on me. His hold tightened even more, restricting my breathing. As I continued to struggle, the man shifted his hold so that he held me with only one arm. Anger burned through my veins, as the panic of being trapped filled me. Before I knew what was happening, in one swift move, my bra was ripped from my body, exposing my naked breasts. Next, the man ripped off my thong underwear, leaving me completely naked. Suddenly, I was released.
I didn't need to be told twice. In a heartbeat I was out the door. I wasn't sure which way to go…the kitchen for a knife? To the garage for my car?
I made it to the end of the hallway before my decision was made for me. A hand wrapped around my hair and yanked, effectively stopping me mid-run. Tears formed as it felt like half of my head of hair was being pulled out.
The hand kept a tight hold, while he pulled me back against his body. We were both breathing heavy, me from anger and my pathetic attempt at escape, and he, undoubtedly from excitement. If possible, the cock pushing against the small of my back felt bigger, and rock hard.
Without my permission, my pussy clenched and my opening grew wet. As if he could sense my arousal, the man reached around and pinched my nipple, tugging until it stood out painfully. I moaned and started to struggle again. I didn't want to be turned on. I didn't!
Where was my husband?
Why wasn't I screaming like a maniac?
I finally realized my hands were free, and I turned on the man with every intention on gouging his eyes out. Before I could do more than turn my body, I was being forced to the floor. My back landed hard on the carpet, and a heavy body landed on top of me, forcing the air out of my lungs. Before I could even think of fighting, my wrists were caught by strong hands and forced above my head. The man nudged his knee between my legs, effectively forcing my thighs to open. I was completely exposed.
I bucked my body, trying to dislodge the weight on top of me. I could feel his hard cock digging into my thigh as I tried to free myself. In a smooth movement, both of my wrists were being held by a large hand. With his now free hand, the man ran a finger down my arm with a whisper light touch. I sobbed as he reached my breast, flicking and pinching my nipple to attention. I continued to struggle as his finger traced an abstract pattern down my stomach to the neat strip of hair that did little to cover my exposed wet pussy. Simultaneously, a mouth clamped on to my nipple, while fingers penetrated my pussy roughly. I gasped at the dual sensations. The soft, warm mouth sucking, licking, and nipping at my sensitive breast, and the rough in and out of his fingers as he fucked my pussy. I stilled and bit my lip to stop the unwelcome sigh that wanted to come out.
"I knew you were a slut under all that mothering exterior." I stilled, trying to place the whispering voice. In the dark, all I could see was a hazy outline of a man. Obviously it was someone I knew, and that pissed me off even more. The thick fingers withdrew, only to come up to eye level. "Look at that." He brought his fingers closer, rubbing a thumb across the moistness. "You're wet for me. Tsk. Tsk. What would your husband think of you now? All hot and waiting to be fucked…I might even film it for him so he doesn't miss a thing."
Before I could scream, a sweet smelling cloth was pressed against my nose and mouth. I only had seconds to struggle before my world went black.
Pleasure/pain was what woke me from my drug-induced slumber. Slowly, I became aware that I was immobile, spread eagle. My wrists and ankles were tied to what I assumed were the corners of my four-poster bed, and I couldn't see a thing. I could feel cloth covering my eyes, and there was something stuffed in my mouth, although not too much as to hurt my jaw. Feeling as if I were in a bad dream, I tested the strength of my bonds. While they weren't tight, the soft fabric dug into my skin uncomfortably as I tried to pull my arms and ankles free. Even with my attempt to escape, the bonds held firmly.
I was beyond anger and starting to panic now. My heart was beating frantically in my chest, and I could feel each beat pounding in all of my pulse points throughout my body. Cool air caressed down my back and ass, which was way too exposed for my comfort level. I stilled, trying to listen for any signs of who attacked me and tied me to my own bed like a virgin waiting to be sacrificed. At that thought, a thrill of fear went through me. How many stories have I heard about women being brutally raped and tortured in their own home? By someone they knew? Way, way too many.
I sobbed at the possibility of becoming another statistic, and started struggling for real. The bonds continued to hold, and in fact, tightened. Thoughts raced each other around in my head, confusing me. I was horrified by the thought that my husband would come home and walk unknowingly into a dangerous situation. I was terrified that my cozy, safe life would never be the same. I thanked all the Gods and Goddesses I could think of that the kids weren't home. I cursed my brother-in-law -again- for calling. Would this have happened if my husband weren't gone? Somehow I didn't think so.
Shame filled me as I felt myself grow aroused, my nipples rubbing against the sheets as I struggled. My husband and I had played the bondage game before, and I had loved it. Being that vulnerable with someone I loved was like nothing I had ever experienced before. With him, the wondering had been an aphrodisiac. When and where would he touch? How hard? How soft? Would he tease me senseless, or fuck me like I were a nameless, faceless hooker?
Now, though, the waiting and wondering was creating a paralyzing fear. Where was the person who did this? Who was watching me?
At the thought, I stilled. I realized I could hear labored breathing coming from somewhere in the room. I couldn't help the whimper that escaped around my gag, and the rush of fluids that filled my pussy. I had never thought of myself as an exhibitionist, but the thought of some stranger watching me in all my naked glory was strangely arousing.
The longer the stranger watched me, the more convinced I became that my initial fear of rape and torture would not be forthcoming. Chances are that if that were the stranger's intent, he wouldn't just be standing there, watching me struggle. Unless…no. I refused to go there.
I was unprepared for the stinging slap on my ass cheek. I was just as unprepared for the rise in my arousal at the sting. Unconsciously, I raised my ass in the air, begging for more. When none was forthcoming, I waited.
"You'd like that wouldn't you?" A horse voice whispered in my ear. "To get your ass spanked like the bad girl you are."
Strong hands grabbed both ass cheeks, spreading them almost painfully, and lifting my hips higher into the air. "Look at that ass." The whisper-soft voice groaned. "I'm going to fuck you there and make you cum so hard you'll be begging me for more."
The words triggered a memory, one I had forgotten. I heard my husbands voice in my head saying, "One day, I will fuck you in the ass" which until this moment had been taboo for me. It dawned on me then that the phone call had been a set-up.
I groaned in excitement, realizing the truth of the situation. I felt my pussy clench in response, and wiggled my totally exposed ass. Fingers dug into my skin, spreading my cheeks even wider. I jumped as a warm tongue touched my slick, swollen lips, following the line to my clit. Lips clamped down, sucking strongly. I almost came then and there, but forced myself to relax against the face behind me. The second I relaxed, the mouth and hands were gone, making me groan again.
For what felt like forever I waited, my breath somewhere between my lungs and throat. I wiggled my ass again, as if in invitation. I jumped when a pair of hands lifted my hips, sliding a pillow beneath my stomach, making my pose more comfortable. Endless seconds later, I felt something warm and sticky drip between my ass cheeks. I clenched my ass as the warm fluid caressed my sphincter and dripped lower, mingling with the wetness of my pussy.
Playing my part to the hilt, I started struggling again, trying to shift away from the fluid that was still dripping, now onto my thighs. A hand slapped down on my lower back, pushing me into the bed. I had no choice but to stop my futile struggling, and wait for what was to come next.
"You can pretend all you want that you don't want to be here. Bound, blindfolded, and gagged. Your sweet pussy is telling me a whole other story. Look how you clench your folds together, over and over, as if to find release…or trying to keep me out." A soft chuckle filled the room. "I will fuck that ass." The statement confirmed my suspicions of the situation. I felt residual fear slide away, and the excitement of the 'stranger game' fill me. "But first…I want to fuck that pussy…watch my cock slide in and out of those swollen lips."
I squirmed at the picture he was drawing with his words, imagining the feel of his cock pounding into me, touching my womb before withdrawing completely, only to do it again. And again. And again.
So caught up in my fantasy, I didn't realize I was humping the pillow, straining to feel something, anything against my throbbing clit. I groaned as his fingers traced circles in the sticky fluid on my thighs, slowly working his way closer to my pussy. A tongue joined his fingers, licking his way up my thighs. The first touch of his tongue on my lips almost made me scream, but I clenched my teeth instead. He licked, then sucked his way up one outer lip, completely bypassing my clit, and worked his way down the other side. When he got to my anus, he traced the outer edge with his tongue, then used fingers to spread me wide.
"Ummm. Does your husband do this to you?" His tongue flicked out, licking the center of my hole. I jumped again, uncomfortable and more than a little turned on at the feel. "I think not." He flicked his tongue out again. "I have to give the guy some credit though. He left it alone for me to be the first one to slide my dick into that tight little hole. All tight and grasping." He squeezed my cheeks and released his hold.
I could feel his hot breath on my ass as he started to play with my pussy, slowly tracing the opening. He played like that for a while, his fingers slick with my juices, never penetrating me or touching my throbbing clit. I was on the verge of an orgasm anyway when he pulled away. I could help but groan in frustration.
Damn the man and his teasing!
Without warning, I felt the head of his cock teasing opening, then sliding down to press on my clit. I clenched in response, tugging at my restraints.
"Fight me." He said in my ear, reminding me that we were indeed playing a game.
I responded instantly, bucking my body and pulling on my bound wrists and ankles. I heard him hiss, "Yesssss" through clenched teeth. Sounds came from deep in my throat, as if I were trying to beg, or demand, to be released.
I gasped as he filled me in one thrust, balls deep in my saturated pussy. Still I fought, trying to twist and buck. He grabbed my hips in a strong grip and forced my ass to tilt up even more.
He started to move his hips, grinding his cock as deep into my pussy as it would go, then pulled out until only the very tip was still inside. He held the position for endless moments before slamming home again. Only to do over and over until I thought I would scream in frustration.
With each teasing withdrawal I tried to hold his cock inside, squeezing my vaginal muscles. He groaned in pleasure, but continued to tease and fuck me the way HE wanted.
I listened to the sounds we were making- of flesh slapping flesh, and his labored breathing, which was getting faster and heavier with each thrust.
I was caught by surprise when he reached around rubbed my clit with a finger, pinching and rolling it while his thrusts quickened and became more shallow. On the verge of orgasm myself, I ground my clit against his fingers.
Without warning, he pulled out completely, only to rub his cock up and down between my cheeks, with his hand splayed between my legs to hold it in place. Slick from my juices, his cock slid easily, until with another groan, he came. His cum shot all over my ass and lower back, but still he played with my clit until I began to shutter, and he withdrew from touching me completely. I sobbed with my dissatisfaction, feeling incomplete while by body felt like it was on fire.
Moments later, I felt something rough wipe across my skin, cleaning the cum that slowly dripped down my heated flesh. Clean now, I waited with anticipation for what he would do next.
I jumped when I felt fingers at the back of my neck, fiddling with the cloth that gagged my mouth. As he pulled the cloth away, I worked my jaw and swallowed, trying to summon some saliva back onto my tongue. I still couldn't see, so I wasn't expecting the feel of lips touching mine. When liquid slowly seeped into my mouth from between his lips, I opened my mouth greedily, taking what he was offering. Twice more he let me drink from his lips, until I felt like my mouth was back to normal.
I could feel him position himself between the headboard and my head, and smiled when he demanded, "Suck me."
I lifted myself on my elbows, which was as far as my bonds would allow, and opened my mouth in invitation.
"Now that's a fuckable sight. Your mouth…that fuckable, luscious mouth. You want to suck my cock, don't you? You want it fill your mouth until it hits the back of your throat..." He grabbed a handful of hair on the back of my head, pulling it back until my throat arched painfully. "You want me to fuck your mouth, don't you? Don't you?" He repeated when I didn't answer.
"God, yes!" I sighed, already feeling the sensations of his cock sliding in and out of my mouth.
At that, he released his hold on my hair and I felt the flesh of his half-mast cock touch my lips. Eagerly, I opened my mouth wider, and hummed in my throat as he slid in, until I felt the tickle of pubic hair on my cheeks and the flesh of his balls hitting my chin. Situated how I was, I had no control over my movements, and could only go along for the ride as he fucked my mouth, slowly at first as his cock continued to grow in length and hardness. I sucked as he pulled out, and opened my throat as he slid in. Soon, he was fucking my mouth as if it were my pussy, fast and furious.
He pulled out completely, utterly silent, and withdrew from the bed. I turned my head to better hear the sounds he was making in the room. There was a rustling and the sound of something being opened. When I heard the pop of a lid, I squirmed. Was it something else edible he was going to lick and suck off my flesh? Was it lube?
Was he really going to-
My though was cut off as something soft, cold and wet touched my swollen, sensitive lips. I couldn't help but wonder what it was…and where he was going to put it.
Before long, I didn't care. He was rubbing it up and down my lips, then pressing it against my virgin hole, only to start over again. "Please," I whispered the over and over until I was chanting it, even though I didn't know what it was I was begging for.
With each round, the pressure on my anus was harder, until I realized that I secretly wished whatever it was in his hand was inside of me.
"Please…" I begged, needing more, harder.
"Please what?" He asked, sounding smug, his voice thick with arousal.
"Please…I need to-"
"You need to what?"
When I didn't -couldn't- answer, I arched my back, raising my ass in invitation.
For my effort I received a vicious spank, bring tears to my eyes and a lump in my throat. It hurt so good.
"I can't hear you." He spanked me again, even harder. The pleasure/pain effect had me ready to come. If only he would let me.
"Please, oh God please fuck me."
He leaned in until his mouth touched my ear. "Fuck you? Here?" He slammed two fingers in my pussy, then withdrew. "Or here?" He rimmed my other hole with a finger, pushing, pressing until the tip slipped inside. I was shocked when I felt no pain, only pleasure as his finger slid in as far as it could go.
I made a sound of pleasure, but couldn't bring myself to speak.
He withdrew his finger, and I felt a wave of disappointment. Until the pressure of the soft, wet toy replaced his finger.
Slowly, he inserted the toy. I tried to hold still but I couldn't. It took me a moment to realize the toy was gradually getting larger, with indents between each increasing size. It dawned on me that he was using anal beads, and the thought of my husband…I mean the stranger…going into an adult store to buy a toy for me took me higher than I ever thought possible.
Soon, the sensation of my ass stretching to accommodate the toy made me feel full, and more turned on than I had ever been in my life. When the insertion was complete, he spanked me again and said, "That is for being the naughty, wicked woman you are." His hand came down again, this time slapping my pussy. "I knew you would love having your ass filled." Using his fingers, he slapped at my lips and clit until I was begging, again.
"You think this feels good? The feel of my cock sliding in and out of that tight hole is going to feel so much better."
I had a feeling he was right.
Slowly, torturously, he pulled the beads out. When I was empty again, he inserted a finger, then two, stretching me more than the beads did. I almost wept when I felt the head of his cock against my pussy, then slowly sink in.
The feeling of his cock and fingers inside of me at the same time was unlike anything I had ever felt before. I felt so full, so complete- yet still wanting. Wanting more. When he inserted a third finger, my want rapidly turned to need. The need to feel full to bursting, and to fall over the edge and into ecstasy.
He pumped his cock and fingers in tandem, bringing me ever closer to my elusive orgasm. I gave as good as I got, grinding myself against him, to feel him as deeply and as completely as I could. Soon, his movements become sharper, and his breathing uneven. I was in the same state, so close to coming my pussy clenched rapidly, as if trying to milk him for every drop of cum he had.
I moaned when his cock and fingers slipped out, feeling more empty than I was prepared for. I held my breath in anticipation when I heard the pop of something open -again-, and reveled in the butterflies that were dancing in my stomach at the thought of what was to come. The drips of lube warmed instantly, running slowly from my ass to my pussy, mingling with my already drenched and swollen lips. With his fingers, he swirled the lube around, then finger-fucked my ass until his digits slid in and out as easily as his cock in my pussy.
Suddenly, his cock replaced his fingers, stretching my anus to its limit. The pleasure/pain feeling of him slowly sinking into my ass had me whimpering. When he was completely inside, he spanked me, making me clench around him. He groaned at the feel, and spanked me again, harder.
"You are so tight." He said between clenched teeth. "The feel of you…God, the feel of that gorgeous ass clenching around my cock…"
He started pumping, slowly at first. He grabbed my hips, controlling the pace that had quickened, until our flesh slapped together in perfect harmony.
"I'm going to cum…empty myself into your ass." He said in a horse whisper. At the same time, he reached down between my legs with one hand and pressed a palm against my clit. At the contact I flew apart.
Dimly, I heard him growl low in his throat, and felt his cock grow even harder inside me. I squeezed my inner muscles, making his breath catch. His palm pressed harder on my clit, and two fingers slipped into my pussy, the tips pressing against my g-spot.
Even though I was still feeling the effects of my long awaited orgasm, the pressure on my clit and g-spot made me cum again, this time making me scream in pleasure. I smiled through my haze of sensation as he ejaculated inside of me, just as he said he would.
Still inside of me, he kissed my neck then my shoulder, and whispered in my ear, "That was definitely worth the wait." He ground his hips against me again. "I don't care what you say- you are my number one M.I.L.F."
Even after all we had just done, I blushed. Being anyone's number one Mother I'd Like to Fuck was flattering and embarrassing, even for me.
He was gentle as he slid out of me and released my bonds and blindfold. As we lay there, still naked and panting, I thought back over the night.
We had played out another fantasy, one we both shared. The next time we do so, I resolved, it would be on my terms!


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