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Caught in the Act

Short story By: lifeofrhyme

Alice is enjoying herself with the gardener when she is caught by her husband...

Submitted:Aug 14, 2011    Reads: 3,496    Comments: 1    Likes: 3   

Alice, an attractive forty something, was upstairs taking a cool shower to escape from the intense summer sunshine; She would often use these moments to herself to fantasize about the gardener... she sometimes imagined him running his rough hands through her shoulder length mousy brown hair that delicately curled away at her neck, or his piercing brown eyes staring deeply into hers while he slid his muscular torso rhythmically up and down her slender form. Alice would contort her body into various positions and dream of him taking her and helping her reach the heights that her tired husband left her short of during their weekend encounters; and in these moments her hands would find the softness of her own intimate areas and she would frantically frig herself to orgasm.

Mike, the gardener, had worked for her for over a year now. He was 23, born a Londoner; but moved to the West country to pursue his interest in landscape gardening and cultivation. He had run his own business now for 15 months and Alice andAndy were one of his first customers. He had sometimes sneaked a cheeky look at Alice as she bent over in the garden and wondered what she looked like naked; but had always acted in the most professional manner whilst carrying out his duties for all of his customers.He had also pictured in his minds eye, squeezing her pert breasts and sucking on her nipples which made him semi aroused and in turn also gave him a spring in his step as he went about his work. On this particularly hot day, he was digging an area for an Autumn rockery and had taken his shirt off to top up his already bronzed body, when he heard a loud panicked scream from inside the house. He dropped his shovel and ran to the back door. He went inside and called out to Alice."I'm up here" she yelled. He ran to the staircase and took the stairs three at a time to reach the top. "Where are you?" he asked. "In the shower" she replied. He walked toward the bedroom and entered. To his right a large bed fitted with crisp white sheets and duvet and littered with heavy multi coloured pillows... to his left, a doorway that led him to the en-suite bath and shower room. Mike pushed the door open to find Alice huddled in the corner, naked and wet and pointing directly back above his head. He turned, above the entrance was a tiny house spider! He let out a sarcastic laugh. "Don't laugh at me you wanker!" cried Alice. Mike took hold of one of it's legs and turned to mimick throwing it at her! Alice launched herself at him and tried to slap him with her right hand, which he easily stopped by taking hold of her wrist. Alice then tried to connect with her left hand on the side of his face; again, he expertly stopped this attempt with his free hand. Suddenly, Alice realised she was wide open and naked and felt extremely vulnerable. Mike leant in to force his mouth over the top of hers; she tried to resist but he was too strong. His tongue forced it's way between her teeth and into her inner mouth where it searched for her tongue and after just a few seconds, found it.

Her hands began to trace his thick veins which coursed his body like rivers running through a rocky and chiselled mountain range; she could feel her own juices engulf the flesh between her legs as he easily lifted her and turned her to place her knees on the edge of the bath. He released her and pushed her forwards so that her own hands fell against the white tiling of the bath surround. Mike traced his tongue from the softness of her neck to her slender shoulders and down her spine tantalisingly stopping as he reached her arse; She jutted out herbackside in expectation, he knelt down and took her cheeks in his big hands, squeezing and spreading them as he did so to expose her arsehole and pussy. His nose hovvered within centimetres of them and she could hear him breathing in her aroma. He paused for what felt like an eternity as he took in the visual delight of her before him. With no warning, he buried his face into her cunt. His long tongue circled her holes before entering them and collecting the nectar inside. He took long and lingering licks of her slit from one end to it's extremity. Alice marvelled at this, she found it dirty and naughty, yet was something she had always dreamed her husband do but had never attempted. It wasn't long before his mouth found her rigid and exposed clitoris. He clamped over the top of it and sucked at it, drawing it in through his teeth and giving her an experience she had never felt which made her cum; Mike raised his right leg to the edge of the bath and let his thick tool hang ever so close to her pussy while skilfully putting his Wedding Ring finger into her and making a beckoning motion with it; as he did so. his right hand smacked her little bum over and over, he fingered her faster and faster until she felt a wave of excitement rise from her ankles to her head and back down to her loins, causing her to cum again.

Mike wasted no time, he pulled the hair on the back of her head and forced her to follow him to the toilet bowl where again he turned her and shoved her forward quite aggressively; Before her hands reached the cistern, he had forced his hard on into her from behind and was fucking her with a fierceness she had not encountered... it was kind of painful; but so exhilerating she had no time to complain as she could not catch her breath nor muster the words to ask him to stop; she wanted him to stop, he had no intention of stopping, his hardness delving deeper and deeper into her and her orgasm was approaching.

CRASH!! the bathroom door flew open and banged against the inner wall. It was Andy, her husband! "Fuck!" cried Mike. "Fuck indeed!" said Andy. "Get out of my wife and my house you bastard!" Mike withdrew from the tight clamping pussy and gathered his shorts from the bathroom floor. As he did so, Andy was removing his sizeable erection from his trousers and as Mike hurried from the room, he heard Alice moan with pleasure as her husband entered her.

Andy put one hand over her mouth and the other reached around underneath her and gripped her neck; He raised her head slightly as she arched her back and felt her mans' tip almost mining her cunt irrepressibly; she shut her eyes, she pictured herself heading along a runway, gathering momentum with each thrust and approaching take off with considerable ease. Her husbands' persistent and relentless pounding against her butt cheeks created a gulf of squashed air and the noise aroused her further, she had never felt his power like this before; He had never screwed his wife so angrily and with so much passion and intensity.

Alice could now see the end of the runway, she could feel emotions and stirrings inside her that had never expressed themselves during sex with her husband. He fucked and fucked and fucked her until finally with one last long and manful thrust of his engine... she took off! Alice let out a shuddering ear splitting scream as her orgasm reached it's peak and she could feel herself leave the 'tarmac' and soar higher and higher on wave after wave of ecstacy, before finally reaching the clouds and falling, falling gently back to Earth and landing in a soft, satisfied heap on the floorbeing held closely in Andy's long arms. They covered each other in soft, meaningful, delicate kisses and strokes of sexual happiness and togetherness. For both of them, it was the pinnacle of their sex lives. As the pair fell to sleep in each other's arms, they knew they had found happiness and contentment.

Mike never returned to finish the rockery, so they searched far and wide for a gardener with the same qualities; finally they found Martin, a 25 year old with a mop of blonde hair and piercing blue eyes... he occassionally imagined himself taking out his stiffness and sliding into Alice's throat. Alice, still took showers while the gardener was around and imagined herself gasping for air as the gardeners' hard -on searched her throat; all the while keeping an eye open for spiders!


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