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It Started with His Kiss

Novel By: LD13

Tags: Bondage, Anal

A deviant relationship between two friends that all started with his kiss.

Submitted:Feb 10, 2013    Reads: 3,846    Comments: 3    Likes: 1   

It started with a kiss. The open-mouthed, tongue exploring; hot and wet kiss that left us breathless and confused afterwards. It was the kind that could only lead to delicious and deviant behavior so we both pressed on. At first, I admit, I did not know what I was doing. I just did what felt right to me but I soon found out even that wrong. This was a game to be played by his rules and I enjoyed every minute of it. To this day I dream about every play date we had together.

Whenever he would call I was at the ready. And each play date would start with a kiss. I could always tell by that kiss how our time together would end up. If it was slow and sensual I knew I would be there a while. Quick and to the point? Well, even he had bad days… Deep, wet and controlled- ahh, my favorite dates of all.

One particularly deep and wet kiss day will never be forgotten. As soon as he entered the room I knew I was in for a real treat. The air just seemed electrified when he came in and grabbed me for a kiss. Deep, wet and controlled- YES! His hands came around and grabbed my ass; crushing me against him. It took my breath away and my nipples instantly got hard. I knew better than to touch him; that lesson was learned the hard way. The last time I touched him with asking permission I was spanked so hard I couldn't for two days. Oh, I still get spanked don't get me wrong. Apparently, I have a blatant disregard for his authority and I get off on being spanked for it, what can I say?

As he's kissing me he continues kneading one ass cheek with his hand while the other moves up to grab my hair. He yanks my head back sharply; painfully. He knows I like it rough. He looks me over- my lips, exposed neckline, down the v-neck of my t-shirt which he knows doesn't have a bra under it. When he sees my hard nipples he flashes me a smile so I know this is going to be an exquisite play date. He lets go of my hair and reaches around to lift my shirt up. Silently, I obey and lift my arms so he can pull my shirt off and he grabs my breasts. We've played together long enough so he knows what gets me wet and it's my nipples. First he bends down and begins slowly licking one nipple and then the other. It is all I can do not to moan out loud for I know punishment will follow and right now I just want to play. Then he somehow moves his hand down between my legs to find my wet pot. He plays with my clit and it felt so good that I must have moved. All of the sudden I feel this piercing pain on my right nipple and look down. Somehow he managed to put a clamp on my nipple! It hurt something fierce. He told me that was for being bad and moving without permission and then he went back to licking my other nipple and fingering me. His hand and tongue felt so good and it had been so long since we'd played that I let out a groan. Big mistake there! He quickly clamped my other nipple; the combination was excruciating and exciting. I was told not to move and not to make any more noise until he gave me permission; I laughed at him and said "c'mon it's one thing to play around but don't think that I need anyone's permission to get off." With that comment he grabbed my wrists, pulled me into my bedroom and tied my arms to the bedpost at the end of the bed.

He left me tied to the bedpost for quite a while. My back was to the door so I could not see what he was doing out in the house. Eventually he came back in and pressed himself against my back. Very quietly in my ear he said I was going to learn to behave or our play date would end. He came around and removed one nipple clamp; I wanted to scream because it hurt so bad but he quickly took my nipple in his mouth. Oh god, he was sucking on it so gently I almost came right then. But he wasn't done torturing me. He moved his finger into my opening and swirled it around. My knees got weak and I pushed down onto his hand. Wrong move without permission. He pulled his hand away, put the clamp back on and out of nowhere spanked my ass with what felt like a wooden kitchen spoon. Man, did that sting- son of a bitch! He said I just refused to learn and so he spanked my ass repeatedly with that spoon but I liked it. Each whack got me wetter, hornier and I ached to come. My nipple throbbed in the clamps and I really thought I would pass out from the torture. Then he stopped. He pulled my panties off so he could see the marks he'd left. I guess he felt guilty because he started to kiss my ass that he'd just beaten with a wooden spoon. This did not help my need to come.

He spun me around to face him which, because I was still tied up, caused my arms to twist and stick out my tits. With both hands he swiftly removed both nipple clamps and stepped back to watch me writhe in pain. How can something so painful feel so good? Then he grinned again and came back at me. Again with the tongue on my nipples and again his hand went down to feeling my dripping clit. Slowly, swirling, in and out, back and forth his fingers worked. I desperately wanted release but knew not to move this time. Maybe if I keep still he will let me orgasm. His mouth worked its way up to my ear so he could talk to me. He explained everything that would happen next. I was to spread my legs and turn back around to face the bed. So I did as I was told. He never let go of me but kept touching me somehow. His left hand came back around to my nipples to roll and squeeze it. I was given permission to squirm at this. And so he played with me for a few minutes until he knew I was getting close and then he let go. With his right hand he reached around and started working his fingers in and out of my vagina. Next thing I know he is telling me to get ready for more. He adds another finger so two are working in and out and it is heavenly. Then he adds a third and I think I am stretched as far as possible and just might explode when he abruptly stops. He pulls all of his fingers away and quickly shoves something in my ass! I have the smallest of orgasms because of the mix of sensations. He just laughs. At this he spanks me again for being a little deviant and liking it so much. I am left wet, tired, in pain and panting for more of whatever he has planned.

It is getting late and he is tired he tells me. So he prepares for bed while I stay tied up and waiting. He comes back over to whisper in my ear again. He tells me for being such a little deviant I am to stay like this all night and think about what I have done. "What the fuck? You expect me to stand here all night and watch you sleep?" He replied, "no, I expect you to watch me masturbate first and then I will go to sleep." At this point he crawls into my bed and lies down in front of me. His erection is huge and I desperately wish it was inside me. He grabs it and starts to jerk off. Watching him makes me start to rub my legs together. Any kind of contact with my clit will help but he sees me moving and stops. He said "by the way, make sure you don't drop the anal beads I have shoved up your ass. I expect them to still be there in the morning. You may move around as much as you need to attempt to find release while tied up there tonight; you have my permission." Then he goes back to jerking off. As he gets closer he tells me to turn around so he can see my ass and so I do. Since I'm not getting off he might as well so I bend over as much as I can and he squirts his jism all over my ass. God I wish that was inside me.

As he sleeps I become more and more agitated. My stupid mouth and actions got me tied to my own bedpost and teased without any gratification. During some time in the night I doze off. I am awakened with some glorious sucking on my nipple. As I wake up more I realize I have got to pee! When I ask to be untied to use the bathroom he just gives me a wicked, wicked grin and says no. His fingers get to work on my clit which is overly sensitive considering my need to pee. He moves around to check for the anal beads and they are still intact. This pleases him! With strict instructions on not to move he unties me from the bed. My shoulders ached from being stretched for so many hours. He rubs them for me, so tenderly, and it reminds me of why we have our play dates. Then he moves his hands around to my nipples and starts pinching, rolling and tugging on them. The feeling is exquisite. He grants me permission to enjoy this and I do! But before I completely enjoy myself he spins me around and moves back down to my clit. I spread my legs further apart and hope he makes me orgasm quickly. The pain from my bladder is radiating to my vagina and the pressure from the anal beads is not helping matters. Finally, he asks me what I want and I am caught off guard. He never asks what I want; he always shows me what I want but this must be the game changer. Now he wants me to play the dom and all I want is to come. He says I have been a wonderful submissive and now it's my turn to be fulfilled.

With that I force him down in front of me and make him lick me. I swear he has a magical tongue. He swirls it across my clit a few times and I feel my legs beginning to buckle but I have waited too long to end standing up. I pull his hair and head back so he stops and drag him over to my bed. His erection is standing tall and proud and gleaming with dew drops. I lean down and lick the head of it with long, slow licks. It bounces as I move so I know he wants more of my mouth. As I slip the head over my lips and down my throat I grab his balls. I pull the head out to almost my lips and squeeze his balls then quickly shove it back down my throat. Since I have no gag reflex this works well. He's starting to bounce again so I pull him completely out. I hear him draw a ragged breath and not he is not happy; oh well. I decide he should have to be tortured like I was. So close to finishing but left unfulfilled. I lay back on the bed and make him kneel in front of me between my legs inches away from my pussy. He sits watching me as I reach into my bedside table and pull out my vibrator. That's right; something has to take his place between play dates. I put it inside myself and turn it on; oh yeah that's what I have needed. I work it in and out of myself as he watches. His dick just keeps getting bigger and bigger and I lick my lips watching it. Finally I come on my own as he starts to play with his dick. Well, that is not allowed. So I toss my toy aside and swat his hand away. He did not ask permission to play and that's a no-no. I shove him backwards onto the bed and straddle him. Even though I just came I am still incredibly horny after last night's torture. Keep in mind I still have to pee and I am holding onto those anal beads.

I sit just below his penis so that the head rubs my clit. He is not allowed to touch me with his hands unless I tell him too. And so I lean forward to feed him one of my nipples. He licks at it quickly as if I were feeding him milk. Then I lean back and rub on his dick with my clit again; I love this kind of torture. Back and forth I work this until I can see he is about to release and I stop. I give him the wicked smile and turn around; he knows what this means. I get on all fours and he kneels behind me- it is time. I lean back as he grabs his dick and puts it in me; the feeling is out of this world. I slam back and forth onto him as hard as I can for as long as I can but I have to come; I need this orgasm desperately. As I get close he feels me starting to tighten on his dick. He reaches up and starts fingering my ass. He grabs the anal beads and tugs on them one by one until I start to climax then just that fast he rips them out, pulls out of me and shoves his dick in my ass. Oh god, oh god- yes, yes, YESSSSSSS!!! I come fast, hard and don't care who is in control because I need this. He shoots into me, filling me with his juices. I am left sweating, panting and completely spent. He rolls me over and smiles. I pull away and run to the bathroom. When I get back he is getting dressed to leave. Even though these are only play dates I still get a little sad when he leaves because I don't know when he will return. He reaches for me and we kiss; not that kind of kiss but the goodbye kind. Farewell my playmate until you call again.


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