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My Kinda Rainy Night

Short story By: Lavendersilk

A memory of a rainy night. The best rainy night I ever had.

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I awake slowly not wanting to wake but having to scratch that itch! I find it difficult to reach and I realise that yet again you have fallen asleep half on top of me. Your leg over mine and your arms keeping me close to you and tight. It then comes to me why I am itching. It's hot and I can feel the sweat dripping between my naked breasts and between my legs. You move and I realise that I have woken you and you look at me in the dark. I can feel those eyes and I know your smiling but wait for your expression to change "God it's bloody hot in here?" you say after a pause. I smile at my thoughts. Exactly how I would have said it. "Think I'll open a window" you mutter moving off the bed.

I watch you as you stumble across the room. Not seeing you clearly until you open the curtains and the moon shines in. Oh my! Do you look beautiful! I watch as the moonlight glistens against your hot damp body. Your dark skin almost reflecting the moon like a mirror and highlighting every muscle in my view. I watch those muscles strain as you try to open the old, large sash window that goes from almost the top to almost the bottom of the room. Enjoying the extra view as you bend down, trying to push the window up, your butt showing itself to me. I giggle and you turn to me, your plaited dreads swinging about your shoulders "what you giggling at?" you say breathlessly as you continue to struggle with the window. "Oh nothing" I reply slowly "Just appreciating the view". You look behind you and smile "you could help you know" you say as you struggle again. I laugh and move towards you "how can I help sir?" I ask running my hand over that butt, moving down towards the back of your balls and give then a squeeze "Not like that!" You yelp jumping up, the old window giving a load bang as suddenly it decides to release itself.

We stand holding each other as the cool breeze pours in. "let's move the mattress near the window. Will be better to sleep" I whisper "Good idea" you answer pulling away from me, reaching over and throwing the single mattress in one swoop onto the floor just below the window. Falling on top of the mattress you pull me on top of you laughing.

God I love your laugh. I love everything about you. I did from the first moment I saw you staring at me from across the dance floor watching me dancing and laughing silly with the girls. I loved those long plaits, a weakness of mine on a man. Those still, dark eyes. Your full lips that I wanted to kiss straight away. Your facial hair completing the look of a man I love. Exactly my type.

"What you thinking about?" I hear you say breaking into my memories. "You" I reply. You smile again but say nothing just start kissing my cheek, then my neck, moving down to my collarbone. You shift over me and continue your kissing trail, stopping along the way to suckle on one breast then the other. Moving further down over my stomach you reach your goal pushing your lips again my pussy. You breathe in, and I smile because I know that you love the smell of me and knowing what's coming I start arching my back pushing myself towards you more. Grabbing hold of my hips you push your tongue deep inside me then out around my clit and back in again, out around and back in again over and over. I grab hold of your plaits, wanting to push and pull you but resisting because you know how to please me and I don't want to distract you from the skill you have.

As you push your fingers inside me I can feel that wonderful, sweet, sharp feeling building up inside me. It will not be long till I cum and I know it will not be the first one. You sense I am close and you push your fingers in further, moving them in and out forcefully all the while continuing to circle my clit with your tongue. I feel the build up and start gasping and groaning louder and louder. Gasping and crying. Fidgeting and moving. "its coming, its coming!" I shriek. You take hold my hips tightly as you continue to work on me with your tongue. "Oh fuuuck!" I cry as the waves of cum pours out of me. Pulsating over and over. You groan and I feel you sucking up everything I have to give till slowly I calm down, relaxing back against the mattress.

I lay there waiting for you, knowing that once you have cleaned me up you will want yours. I hear a rumble in the distance and a flash of light streaks across the sky. The breeze suddenly gets cooler. You move over me and I can feel your warmth. Kissing me deeply I wrap first my arms around your neck then my legs around your waist. You don't wait; you lean up and push your satisfying dick deep inside me, slowly; then slowly out again. You know how I love it when it first goes in so you take your time. In slowly, then out slowly. I start forcing my hips more against you and you recognise the sign to speed up. You duly comply sliding in and out of me in a steady rhythm. You move your hand over one of my breasts, squeezing firmly, tweaking the nipples a little too sharply almost making me want you to stop. Almost. Another rumble sounds and another streak of lightning flashes across the sky.

I start crying and moaning again as your dick continues stroking in out and out of my pussy. The slow, firmer build up in my stomach begins. Again you recognise the sign of my need. You shift yourself a bit, steadying yourself more. You find that one place inside me. Just to the left, halfway in you find my G-spot and you start stroking your dick against it. Holding yourself up arms either side of me you continue over that one spot and I run my nails gently against your stomach. You contract and I know it will not be long for you either.

I do not notice the first spots of rain coming in from the window. I only know I am about to cum again and wanting to wait for you. You suddenly drop down on top of me and start kissing me hard and I realise you are in your own zone. No longer worrying about me as you push harder and faster inside me, slowing down then harder and faster again. You start groaning but I can hardly hear you crying loudly myself. I do feel the wall above my head though as you push in and out of me so firmly and I reach up to hold myself away. The act holding me firmer for you to push into, you start pushing ever harder and faster groaning and crying more almost like we are in competition with each other.

The rain comes in faster but still we both do not notice. I start to cum and I want to take you over. I start forcing myself up and down your dick crying and screaming the whole time. Taking as much as I can and still wanting more. I wrap my legs tighter and bounce so strongly I lift you up. You don't care; too busy fighting back and you push against me using the bounce to your advantage. I start screaming "I love you, I love you, oh fuck, oh god how I love you, please, please, more, more ohhhhhhh!""Ohhhhhh!" "Yeeeesss!". I cum, a tidal wave of strength pulsating within me over and over. You cry back in that Caribbean language I have never understood but loving the sound and the accent which always turned me on. Feeling you squirt your hot sperm deep inside me you suddenly stop, holding yourself up. You go quiet as you thrust in out with each squirt, your eyes closed in ecstasy. I don't want it to stop but after a time you fall back on top of me. Both of our hearts racing we lay still, not taking any notice of the rain as that too slows down.

Suddenly we awake. Not realising we had fallen asleep until we feel the cold and we realise that we are both soaked through. No sleeping on the mattress tonight and you grab your winter quilt off the wardrobe and wrap us both inside lying on top of the base of the bed. I want you again. And I know you want me too because I feel your dick jump. But we both need sleep. We have been at it all day and have not left the house. But I don't mind really. Laying here next to you is all I will ever want. I hear you start to snore in your funny choo choo way and a cock crow in the distance. The rain has almost stopped and I relax, curling up against you ready for sleep. Soon it will be breakfast and I know exactly what I'm having and getting.


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