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Not the Average Doctor Visit

Short story By: lauricula

Fairly new, and still young doctor, Aria has a knot in her neck this morning. Her first patient of the day, a handsome 27 year old, offers to give her a neck rub, things get pretty heated.
A/N: if you guys could just leave a comment saying whether I should write more or not, that would be much appreciated!

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Aria slipped into her office, gathering the paperwork for her first patient. She tried to ignore the knot in her neck as she glanced over the man's charts. Daniel. Age: 27. Hmm, he's not much older than me. She thought. But her conscious flashed the red light, reminding her relations with patients were strictly forbidden. Sighing, she walked to the first examination room where Daniel was waiting for her.

The young man had dark brown curls that bounced above his eyebrows. His eyes were a light gray, with yellow specks that shone in the fluorescent lighting. Aria smiled as she entered and shook his hand. "Hello, Daniel. Nice to meet you. I'm Dr. Watson. I see you're here for just a bi-annual check-up?" she asked, sitting down in her chair.

"Yes, ma'am! I like to stay healthy. I don't have time for illnesses." His low, burly voice sent shivers down her spine. Did his voice always sound like this?

Aria laughed lightly. "So what do you do for a living, Daniel?" filling out paperwork before getting started.

"Firefighter." He said, flashing a toothy smile.

Aria raised an eyebrow in approval. That explains the bulging muscles in his arms. She said to herself. Aria stood up and grabbed a stethoscope. "We'll begin, shall we?" her voice shook and she did her best to hide it.

She placed the stethoscope over Daniel's heart, listening for the lub-dub. She placed her hand on his back, and felt the warmth that radiated from his body. When all sounded normal, she moved to his lungs. "Breathe deeply for me." Daniel inhaled and exhaled six times, as Aria instructed.

She checked his ears, eye sight and throat; all seemed normal. They weighed him and took his height. She turned to Daniel and smiled, trying to ignore the slight flexing of his biceps. "All right Daniel, I think you're all set. Everything looks good and you seem perfectly healthy."

Aria turned her back to shuffle his paperwork in order, when she felt the tightening of her neck muscle. "Ouch!" she yelped, her hands slipping, causing the papers to scatter on the floor. Daniel stopped in his tracks, mid-way to the door, staring at her curiously.

"Are you okay, Dr. Watson?" he asked politely.

"I'm fine." She mumbled, bending down to gather the papers. She could feel his eyes watch her every movement, and a blush crept up her cheeks. "Just a knot in my neck is all."

"Do you want me to rub it for you? I used to give my mom neck massages all the time." He chuckled, walking towards her now.

She faced him, debating her options. It's just a neck rub…its innocent. One voice reasoned with her. Caving in to the voice in her head, she nodded slowly. Daniel smiled and jerked his head. "You need to turn around if you want me to rub your neck"

Ignoring the warm wave of arousal crashing through her body at the sound of his voice, she turned so her back was facing his front. She felt his presence behind her and willed her goose bumps to disappear as he started to gently rub circles on her neck. Aria closed her eyes in relief and bowed her slightly, succumbing to his touch.

Daniel's rough fingers felt gentle against her pale skin as they pressed slightly into her flesh. She moaned slightly, leaning her head back to rest on his chest. God, he could rub her neck all day if he wanted to. The thought dawned on her that she hadn't been touched by a man in years. She had been too busy earning her degree. A tug at the knot in her neck pulled her back to reality and she moaned in delight.

"Feeling better?" Daniel asked, not bothering to hide the seductive tone that slipped out of his lips.

"Mmmm." Was all she could muster.

Daniel's free hand slipped around her waist, pinning Aria's body to his. She felt his cock press against her ass, sending a pleasant shock through her body. Daniel chuckled, understanding that she had felt him. Daniel moved his hand away from her neck, replacing it with his soft, plump lips. Aria gasped, surprised by his boldness, but did not protest. A trail of wet, hot kisses formed down her neck and she felt her body fall limp, leaning onto Daniel for full support now.

He grabbed her hands and pulled them over their heads, draping them around his neck. "Don't move your hands." He said low in her ear.

Aria whimpered in compliance, and writhed beneath the touch of his lips. She had dreamed about a man touching her like this, but even when she used to date, none of the men seemed to know what they were doing. Daniel's hand wandered up her blouse, finding the underwire of her bra. His hand cupped her breast, and pulled her bra down, pinching her nipple. She yelped and squealed with delight at the pleasure that jolted through her body. Daniel's lips continued to make circles at the base of her ear, making Aria's eyes roll in the back of her head.

His hand worked his way to her other breast, pinching the nipple in the same manner. Both nipples now erect and ripe, waiting to feel the warmth of Daniel's mouth. The thought alone was enough to bring Aria close to orgasm. It has been far too long. She told herself. Daniel's other hand grasped her throat, gripping ever so slightly, causing Aria to smile in delight. "Do you like this?" he asked, kissing the base of her neck.

"Oh yes. I like it a lot." She murmured. She pressed her ass against his erection again, and she felt his lips form a smile against her hot skin. "Touch me." She pleaded.

"Not yet." He said, taking turns pinching and pulling her nipples.

Aria whined, clamping her legs together as if that would stop the wetness from leaking through her underwear. His chuckled rolled through her blood as his hands explored her torso. He gripped her throat tighter, biting her neck. The torture went on for several minutes it felt like, until Daniel's hand slowly moved to the waist band of her dress pants. His hand slid over her pants, down to her crotch and smiled to himself, feeling the wetness seeping through. "Eager, are we?"

Aria nodded, praying he would touch her more. She needed him, badly. Blood was rushing to her breasts, and her cunt was beginning to throb against the lacey thong. "Please." She cried, relishing every stroke of his thumb over her pants.

Daniel said nothing, but slid his back to her waist band and unzipped her pants. His hand slid over her panties, torturing Aria in every way he could. His fingers rubbed over her thong, as the juices seeped out between her lips. She writhed against him, thrusting her hips. "Please. Please touch me." She pleaded, barely unable to take anymore torture.

His rough fingers pushed her thong aside, stroking her clit. Aria sighed in relief, grateful for flesh to flesh contact. Her juices coated his fingers in a matter of seconds. "You are so wet." He said softly, kissing her cheek.

"Wet for you." She replied, smiling.

She felt his fingers retreat and she whimpered in protest. His fingers met her lips, pushing his way into her mouth. She opened wide, willingly, proceeding to close her lips around his fingers, licking her own juices off, savoring the taste. She moaned and flicked her tongue on the tips of his fingers. Daniel pulled his fingers out of her mouth and shoved his hand back down her unzipped pants. He rubbed her clit gently at first, feeling every drop of juice trickle down his finger. His hand gripped her throat tighter, again, restricting her air intake, and Aria glowed with pleasure. His fingers were slick against her pink flesh and the sensation sent tidal waves of arousal through her entire body.

He slipped one finger inside, curving the tip upwards, and began to wiggle violently. Aria yelled in ecstasy, losing control of her mind and body. Two, three fingers were inside her now, wriggling, his wrist pumping in and out of her. He placed his thumb against her clit, rubbing fast, causing Aria's knees to nearly buckle. "Oh God." She cried, closing her eyes.

A couple more strokes and she would be there; she would climax. Daniel moved his from her throat to her breasts, twirling her nipples between his fingers. "Almost there." She breathed.

At those words, Daniel pulled out, ceasing all activity with her cunt. Aria let out a cry of protest, and Daniel slapped one of her breasts. "You don't want to come that quickly, do you?" his voice was low, and seductive, sending Aria a centimeter closer to orgasm. Her cunt continued to throb, and she pressed her ass against him once more. "I do. I do. I do." She whined, biting her bottom lip. "Please just let me come."

Daniel laughed at her weakness. "Not like this. Strip and lay on the table."

Aria did as she was told, yanking her pants down, and ripping her blouse off. She stood naked in front of Daniel, slightly embarrassed. She hadn't worked out in a few weeks. But the desire in his eyes didn't seem to notice. "Lay down." He repeated.

The coldness of the examining table brought the goose bumps back and she shivered. "You won't be cold for long." Daniel winked, kneeling in between her spread legs. Aria gasped, realizing what he was going to do. Good thing I keep it groomed. She said to herself. He kissed the inside of her thighs, his lips brushing against her skin lightly.

The tip of his tongue flicked her clit and Aria let out a moan. She felt his tongue lick every inch of her cunt; her lips, her labia. He nibbled and sucked, driving Aria crazy. His saliva mixed with juices, dribbling down her to her ass hole. His tongue slipped inside her, and he flicked the inside, making her scream. A few more flicks and Aria exploded around him, grabbing a fist full of his curls, arching her back. She squeezed her eyes, fireworks bursting behind her eyelids.

Daniel's tongue licked up her juices and licked her clit a few more times, make Aria jerk every time. She lay there, worn out and relieved. Her breasts rising and falling with every heavy breath. Her legs were still spread open, but she didn't care.

Finally, she sat up, gathering clothes and hastily putting them back on. Daniel pulled a slip of paper out of his wallet and grabbed the pen on her desk. He scribbled his phone number and handed it to Aria. "You can call me if you ever need another neck rub." He smirked and kissed her sweetly on the cheek before departing.

Aria straightened her blouse, and glanced at the slip of paper. She knew she shouldn't get involved. He was a patient and there were rules. But God did his tongue feel good! Making sure no one was walking down the hallway, she slipped the paper into her jacket, smiling to herself. As she walked down the hallway to get the next patient's paperwork, all she could feel was the wetness of thong, reminding her of Daniel. Not that she could ever forget him.


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