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I play with my boyfriend until he tells me to fuck him.

Submitted:Jul 29, 2010    Reads: 951    Comments: 1    Likes: 3   

"Mmm, you smell like me..", I trail off as I focus more on what I'm doing. Which is trailing my fingers down his neck, chest, stomach, and groin and back up again.

"So I smell all sparkly?", he asks


"Ahh.." comes his reply when my tongue meets his left nipple.

My hand is now wrapping around his cock and I am slowly moving my hand up and down but picking up pace. It doesn't take him long to get hard. I slow my pace to a soft touch and he gets even harder.

"Fuck me.."

"I will."

I continue stroking him.

"Fuck me!"

"I will!"

"Now, he's too hard."

With that, I push the blanket, which had been covering us up, at least partially, off and I move to straddle him. And boy is he ever hard. Just the way I like it! Once he's buried inside me, I sit up, putting my hair up, but all the while I'm rocking him. I then lay down ontop of him. Which he REALLY likes. I full fledge fuck him, shoving my feet under his legs I scoot down some so my hands can be placed on his shoulders as I fuck him with some power behind it, using his legs as leverage.

All the while he's moaning, groaning, and trying to keep from cumming. He lifts his hips up which causes me to scream. Yes, I said scream. Since when did I become a screamer? Since I decided to let him have ALL of me, everything that I have to give, and it just keeps getting bettttttttttterr!
My nails are digging into his shoulders, but he doesn't care, in fact it really drives him.

Pretty soon though, my hip locks up and I am in dire need to slow down, so that's exactly what I do. Slooooooow down, but I don't completely stop. I just kinda rock against him, not moving my hips just my upper body and arms. The pressure off my hip makes it feel better after a few minutes, but by this time I'm ready to cummmmmm so I'm still working at it.

Rocking up and down. A little faster and a little harder all the while thinking, "he feels so good, he's going to make me cum, he's so big" over and over again. I'm tensing my legs, which is weird because that's the only way I can cum, that and I curl my toes too...all so I can cum. I'm one weird chick, I know.

But, he loves me and there's a lot to play with. Which he absolutely loves. Yet, I'm skinner than most of the women he's been in contact with and I can wear his clothes, which is like a turn on too (at least for me it is).

"I'm going to cum so hard. I'm not going to last long."

"What's keeping you from cumming?"

"I want to prolong this."


I'm having a hard time trying to move as my orgasm approaches, but at least he has his hands on my hips, which helps keep me moving. It's going to be a BIG one since I haven't orgasmed the other three times we had sex before this. I slow down when I start cumming but pick up my pace and I scream (or at least in my head I do but maybe I just grunted really loud?)

"If you can cum again then by all means do it."

"I can't , so cum for me."

"Oh my god, oh my god, oh my god."

I'm fucking him with all I have. Bringing him closer and closer. I know he's close and then he cums. YES!!!

He cums hard and I feel it. I lay on him for a bit, letting him relax some before I move off him and allowing my hip to unlock itself once again. I didn't notice that before as I was trying to get him to cum, which has ALL my attention.

I get off him and sit on the edge of the bed, lighting up a cigarette.

"WOW, What A Ride!"

was his reply, because apparently his brains turned into mush. Shortly after that he fell asleep and I came out to my computer, turned it on, and started writing.


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