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A quick session of an awesome long session.

Submitted:Sep 14, 2010    Reads: 201    Comments: 0    Likes: 0   

"For the love of god please just fuck me!"

"You're not interested in foreplay, are you?"

"Fisting is foreplay."

But, it doesn't take him long before he has his cock hard and moving to penetrate me.


I wrap my legs around his as he starts thrusting in and out, in and out. I thrust up as he thrusts down, more friction causes more pleasure and more pleasure is GOOD! He fucks me slow and steady then fucks me hard and fast and slows back down again. I love how he fucks me!

I'm so wet, so horny, and desperately in need of him to continue, but like always I don't say a word. Often I wonder why I'm a silent lover. Sure I moan, grunt, and growl. But, other than that, I don't tell him what I want and maybe I should. Then again, I love it when he fucks me without my words.


He's half laying on me by now and my feet are planted on the backs of his, using him as support as I fuck him in return. Which makes him moan. My eyes are closed as I enjoy my ride and rider. His cock feels so good thrusting in and out of my puss. He is by far the best lover I have ever had and I am sure he has heard it all before. Words, just words to him, but I actually mean it.

I'm clutching his shoulder blades with my left hand as I stroke his side with my right, doing kegels which causes him to moan even more. Nice, little hugs from my puss walls. Unfortunately, it'll also make him cum faster. But, it doesn't matter as all I want is him to be inside me, fucking me. I could easily slide my hand down between us, to my clit, but I don't.

I don't want to cum. That makes me different, at least partly. That physical connection with my lover, my love, my best friend, and my husband is all I ever truly want most of the time. Sure, cumming is great but that connection is what's more important to me over my own release. I LOVE it when he cums, though!

"Mmm, this feels so good."

"Yes, it does."

It really does and this proves to be his undoing as he fucks me as fast as he can and as he cums he slows down. Laying on top of me for a moment before rolling off me.

I'm satisfied. Yet, extremely horny, as I always am.

"Next time you're cold, let me know and I'll gladly get on top.", I say as I am getting ready to leave the bedroom.
And, I mean it.


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