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She wants his cock, but first wants him to "earn" it

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"I want your cock!" she says as she's grinding her ass against his cock, feeling him harden.

Her movements are making him hard; he grabs her hip and forces her back. Yes, he starts grinding his cock into her ass just as she's grinding against him! This makes her extremely happy, but she's not quite ready to let him thrust into her, yet. She pulls away, much to his dismay, and rolls over onto her back.

"But first, I want you to eat my pussy" she says as she's spreading her legs up at the same time he's moving over her, he kisses her lips sweetly before devouring her left nipple and doing the same to her right nipple, making them hard and sensitive. She grabs at his shoulders pushing him down to her waiting pussy.

He doesn't wait for any other 'commands' from her, he goes down, using his thumb and forefinger to spread her outer lips up and out before attacking her sweet, wet, warm pussy with his pierced tongue. Starting with her clit, he licks, sucks, and kisses her, making her even wetter. She's starting to move her body against his tongue, grinding her hips slightly. She's moaning and cooing her delight as he feasts upon her.

She places her hands on his head, grabbing his hair, and hearing a sound of approval she pushes his head down and grinds into his face harder, but trying desperately not to hurt him. She gets lost in her passion she just can't help it. He's tongue fucking her now and moving his thumb which causes her to moan loud.

"Oh yes!" she exclaims and moans when he continues

He can't take anymore, he wants to fuck her. She's such a sweet, sweet piece of meat. He often wonders why he's not diabetic. But, she's having none of it, won't let him up and he's trying to remove himself, and yet he ends up finding himself on his back with her sitting on his face and his tongue deep inside her. She's starting to ride his tongue, he finally gives up and maneuvers so he can free his arms and have them spread out on either side of his body.

Her juices are dripping out of her, down his chin, and it does not look like she's going to stop. He soon finds out he's wrong and she's off his face, on the bed, in between his legs with her mouth on his painfully hard cock. Her warm, wet, expert mouth is making him begging.

"Fuck me" he begs

She doesn't pull of his cock and answer him, she continues with her attack to his cock. Sliding her mouth up and down, hard and fast, and sucking him hard into her mouth. Deep throating him a couple of times before moving her head back up so he falls out of her mouth.

"Fuck me" he once again begs

"I will" is her response

"Now" he pleads

"Not yet" she says and goes back to sucking his cock

By now she's soaking wet and he's reeling in both his pain and pleasure. He REALLY wants to fuck her and she's not giving it and yet he knows she will, eventually. Suddenly she's mounting him, tilting so he'll go straight into her soaking wet pussy. Her hair is falling over onto his face, but neither care at this point, she's sliding down, down, and further down onto his aching cock. She tightens her muscles as she sits up, grabbing both his chest and the wall for support, she starts to ride slowly at first and picks up the pace. Both are moaning and you can tell she's wet as you can hear her wetness as he thrusts up as she comes down.

Every thrust, every moan, every groan and growl she moves faster and harder. Leaning down she kisses him before she reaches for, grabs, and pins his hands above his head and starts to fuck him as hard as she possibly can, he lays there enjoying the feel of her body against him, her pussy tightening and loosening as she slides up and down his cock. She releases his hands, much to his dismay, moving her hands to either side of him, she pounds him even harder. Her breasts bouncing, he can't resist to touch, squeeze, and pull on her sensitive nipples. Causing her to jerk and tighten her pussy hard. She smiles down at him but he has his eyes close.

She scoots down on his cock even more, moving so she can nip and lick his nipples before going to his neck where she bites him, he moans and she bites him again.

"I want your cum" she pleads

She rotates her hips, urging him, and finally he grips her hips hard and starts fucking upward. She lays down, at an angle she knows he'll cum. After a few moments of him fucking her, he cums hard.


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