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She wakes up and decides she wants to fuck her husband

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She wakes with a start, looking around their home, she sees nothing out of place, and looks at her husband after she lies back down. She rolls to her right side and pushes herself against his body. She starts grinding her ass against him, urging him to harden, and is quite successful after a time. She continues grinding before she lifts her leg and gasps as he penetrates her.

She lowers her leg and shoves both legs between his, to make herself tighter as well as to hold him in place. She scoots back to push him even further inside her and starts moving her hips back and forth. He grabs her hip and starts fucking her back. She reaches down with her left hand, putting her hand over is, she pushes it down as an indication to push her harder against him, and he listens to the silent 'command'.

Removing her hand from his, she moves it to her left breast which she squeezes it hard, moaning; she moves her hips even faster and harder. She listens to him moan and feels him move his hand which takes the place of her hand upon her breast; he starts squeezing then starts playing with her nipple, twisting it. Her nipples are sensitive, she slaps his hand, and he starts squeezing her breast again. She moans.

Lifting herself up with her left arm, she backs into him, making sure her ass is pressed firmly against him. She hears his moans and he starts fucking her even harder, he moves his hands, and places them on her shoulders, pounding her harder and faster. Tightening and loosening her muscles drives him insane and he fucks her even harder than before. She lies down, grabs his left hand, and places it upon her throat where he growls and proceeds to choke her.

He squeezes harder, she squeaks, and they continue fucking as hard and fast as they possibly can. She can hear him panting, but they aren't finished yet. She grabs his hand that is choking her, places it upon their bed, and starts to roll over. "Oh god", comes the voice of her husband, because he knows what she's doing and he's fully awake now.

He follows her when she rolls over, laying on her back before sitting up to grab her hips to start fucking her. Spreading her legs, lifting her ass, he falls in and begins to fuck her with a savagery that's only known to them. She feels his hands move to her ass, he spanks her, she moans, he starts rubbing her ass just a bit before pressing down. She 'collapses' onto her stomach, her legs are spread, and her hips are still arched, and he is enjoying himself.

Panting, moaning, and growling are the only sounds you hear in their bedroom. Once again, she starts tightening and loosening her muscles, lifting and lowering her hips trying her hardest to fuck him back when he's got her pinned to the bed. They're breathing heavily, he lies on top of her, his hands on her hips and he rides her. She knows he's going to cum and she is not disappointed.

He cums and she's now definitely pinned to the bed as he's lying on top of her, catching his breath before sitting up and pulling out of her. She rolls on to her back and sighs.


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