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When she wants to fuck outside..

Submitted:May 28, 2012    Reads: 2,407    Comments: 2    Likes: 2   

The night air is cool on her bare skin, but she doesn't care. She wants that as much as she wants his body. She waits until he joins her outside, on the porch. As soon as he does, she pins him against the cold stone of their house.

Kissing him hard as she runs her hands up and down his body, pulling back slightly and breaking off the kiss to rip his shirt out of his jeans and over his head before pinning him back against the stone. She scratches her nails down his chest, tugging on his chest hair as she does. Hearing his groan just spurs her on, she undoes his belt, button, and zipper before tugging them down along with his boxers. He fists her hair and pulls which causes her to moan out loud.

Maneuvering so he still has her hair in his fist, she turns around and presses her ass against him, grinding her hips, feeling him grow hard, she grinds harder. Leaning over, she braces herself on whatever is in front of her, spreading her legs before continuing her grinding, which causes him to thrust hard and fast inside her extremely wet pussy. She moans and groans as he starts thrusting, letting him set the pace, she fucks back.

She occasionally squeezes and relaxes her kegels. He fucks her hard, harder, fast, faster, hard, harder, and even harder still. She loves it and by the noises he's making, he does too! Spreading her legs even further apart and leaning down even more so he can go deeper. Grind, rotate, lift, fucking back. She can't take anymore, reaching down, she plays with her clit, and cums about the same time he does.

Letting their hearts and breath slow down before he pulls out, she feels his cum leak out of her. She loves that feeling! Staying where she is while he gets dressed again, she just lets it slide down for a little while longer before standing up straight. Turning around, she looks up and smiles.

She isn't done yet even though she "allowed" him to get dressed. Between the heat of her body and the cool air, she's insatiable and she's going to take advantage of it. She wants his hands upon her breasts and that's exactly where they are going. Reaching for his hands, she places them on her breasts, making him squeeze them...HARD! Moving his hands for him, she loosens and tightens his hands, she moans. He's enjoying it, too.

Letting his hands go, knowing he'll continue doing what she wants, she undoes his jeans again, dropping them down, turning around so she's against the stone this time, she pulls him even closer, which makes him release her breasts. That's fine with her, she reaches between them, playing with his dick, moving her hand slowly at first, than faster, until he's hard once again. Once he is, she lifts her leg, pulling him even closer, she guides him inside her once more.

Not much she can do, but he fucks her just like that. Hard, harder, fast, faster. Holding onto her waist, so he can fuck her without slipping out. It works. She's moaning, groaning, and growling LOUD. After awhile, he cums again. She squeezes her muscles again, he pulls out and once again enjoys the feeling of his cum sliding down. He backs up, gets dressed again, and starts moving towards the door to go in.

She stands there for a bit longer before following him inside.


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