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The room is almost completely dark except for the candle light. The only sounds are the music playing in the background and their breathing.

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The room is almost completely dark except for the candle light. The only sounds are the music playing in the background and their breathing.
He's sitting down in a chair and she's standing in front of him in one of those outfits that she long ago picked out with his help, swaying her hips to the music. He's reaching out to touch her, but she keeps slapping his hands away as she giggles and playfully tells him, "No, not yet." and "No touching, baby. If you touch, you won't get anything out of it."

She slowly turns around in front of him, undoing the top, letting it slide down and off very slowly. Throwing the top across the room, she then goes to the bottoms, hooking her thumbs in the band she slowly slides them down her hips , stopping only to look over her shoulder for a second before turning her attention back to what she's doing. He's watching intently. She slides them the rest of the way down her hips, legs, ankles, then feet kicking them across the room.

She turns back around, now completely naked and giggling at him, cause he wants to touch but knows he'll get into trouble if he does. And, he's still dressed, too, which makes her giggle even more. She slides onto his lap, facing him, she kisses him passionately. Mmm, she loves his kisses, so soft, so sweet, so delicious.

She starts "dancing" against him, she can feel him harden through his jeans. Her pussy is rubbing against him, making her hotter than she is and wet, too! She grinds against him and he's fighting the urge to touch her, she can see it in his eyes and the fact he keeps lifting and lowering his arms when he remembers he can't touch. She takes pity on him, she grabs his hands and places them on her hips.

He's looking at her all kinds of happy now that he can touch his baby. And, touch her he does, he molests her breasts and then her ass. Grabbing, groping, rubbing, caressing. Then, he starts licking, kissing, biting.

She's still grinding against him, she can't take much more and he is moving his hips against, tormenting her even more than she already is. Finally, she can't take anymore she slides off him, grabs his hand, and "drags" him to the bedroom where she strips him as fast as she can before pushing him to the bed. She straddles him and he goes in her soaking wet pussy easily.

She rides him hard, so fucking hard. She's giving him everything she has and he's doing the same. Harder, harder, and harder she rides. Her pussy fills like it's going to rip in half, but she doesn't care all she wants is him, right here, right now. Nothing else matters.

She's growling, groaning, moaning, grunting, and screaming in pleasure. It doesn't take much for her to cum this time, she drenches him and still keeps going until she feels him cumming then she slows to a stop. Leaning down to kiss him and before moving off him to lay beside him, she whispers, "I love you, baby!"

Both are panting hard, but soon both are fast asleep. In each other's arms right where they belong.


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