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My Wish Is My Command

Short story By: laurasstories

A woman I know gets fucked in a futuristic hotel in modern times

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The futuristic hotel and restaurant was a bit odd in Modern times and out in the middle of nowhere. I'm sitting at a booth when I see someone I know, from a different town. She beckons to me and I ignore her but she's persistent so I finally scoot out of my booth and walk over to where she's seated.

"Since I think you're following me for a reason. This is what I want you to do. I want you to finish your dinner, go to your room, get naked and wait for me on the bed." Which is the first thing I say and I don't even wait for a response before walking back over to my booth, to my food and to the person I'm here with; my Mom.

"What did she want?"

"I don't know and I didn't give her a chance to say it before I gave her an order"

"An order?"

"Yes, an order"

We finish our food, pleasant conversation, and plan-making all while I'm keeping my eye on her. She's looking quite excited yet nervous and scared. After an hour, I see her practically run for the lobby to her room. I stay there, of course, with my Mom. Mom decides she's going to go shopping and will be gone for a few hours, leaving me to my own devices. I smile at her, we pay for our meal, and I watch as she drives off, to whatever town she's going to, to do her shopping. As soon as she's gone, I'm off in search of this woman, whom I know.

I locate her, because I know her so well, I open the door; which is unlocked and it slides open for me. Like I wanted, she's naked and in bed waiting for me.

"What a beautiful sight that lays before me. I knew you'd listen. You're a beautiful woman." I say as I undress in this small, yet spacious room. The room is mostly taken up by this bed. There's a bathroom to my left and a small desk to my right. I'm looking around the room before looking back at her.

Undressed, save for my bra and panties, which I don't take off when I fuck another woman. I crawl on to her bed.

"Spread your legs for me. I want to see that delicious pussy of yours."

She obeys and I look before running my fingers over her labia and her clit before sliding my middle finger in her, making her wet, extremely wet.

She gasps, confused, but this is what she wanted. She wants to see just how powerful I am. I start thrusting in and out, in and out, and in and out. Pretty soon, she's thrusting her hips against my finger, moaning for more. I insert two more fingers inside her now sopping pussy. She's rotating her hips, egging me on, and I don't disappoint either of us by stopping now.

Leaning down, I breathe on her before flicking my tongue on her clit. Making her jump off the bed in surprise, but quickly she lowers herself down again and moves against my tongue, which urges me on. Tongue stiff on her clit and three fingers pumping in and out of her has her quickly cumming. How do I know? She's screaming it.


Continuing my pumping and licking, riding her orgasm out with her. Once she's done, I remove my fingers and tongue from her person. I slide up her body, kissing my way up to her breasts. Once there, I start licking around her right nipple before sucking it into my mouth and then I move to her left nipple, repeating what I had down to her right. She's arching her back, moaning and grinding against me. Wanting more.

"You want more?"


I get off the bed and I hear her start to complain, but I shoot her a look and she stops. I walk over to where I had dropped a bag, which I had picked up from my room on my search for her. I unzip it; pulling out a couple pairs of handcuffs and my strap-on. I walk back over to the bed, handcuff her right wrist to the headboard, walking over I do the same to her left, and I end up to the foot of the bed admiring my handy work. God, she looks good like that. I pull the strap-on, on and I crawl back on to her bed, pulling her legs apart gently, moving up her body, I run the head of my cock up and down her incredibly wet pussy and slide it inside her as she groans.

Sitting up, I grab her hips and start pounding her hard and fast, slow and hard and I keep rotating and repeating. She's going nuts, lifting her lips, meeting my thrusts one after another. I then lay on her, not much but enough to make my cock go in deeper and I pound her as hard and fast as I possibly can. After a few minutes of this, I'm sitting back up with my hands on her hips, pumping her. She's cumming again, her body is visibly shaking. I pull out and get off the bed to uncuff her, she's free again and I'm back on the bed and inside her, rolling over so she's on top, my right hand is on her hip while my left hand is rolling her nipple gently before squeezing slightly.

I have both hands on her now and I'm fucking upwards as I'm pushing her down by her hips. Again she cums and passes out.

I gently roll her over, quietly get off the bed, dress, pack my bag up, and walk out the door.


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