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Movie Night With Her Husband

Short story By: laurasstories

husband and wife watch half a movie

Submitted:May 28, 2012    Reads: 1,284    Comments: 0    Likes: 0   

Finally the day has come to an end and they can hang out and watch movies. They turn on Netflix to see what movie interests them, he can't find anything and he's hungry, so he hands the controller over to her to find a movie while he's making something to eat. She browses, not really finding anything she wants to watch, but after seeing this movie pop up several times, she decides to watch it.

"What movie is this?" he asks

"The Perfect Host" she says

"What's it about?"

"A convict escapes, crashes a dinner party where he soon realizes he would've been better hiding someplace else"


"I've seen it come up so many times that I decided we should finally watch it"


They watch the movie but soon she plasters herself to his body and starts stroking his cock. She strokes his cock, licks and nips at his nipple, licks his side and down to his groin then back up again to his nipple. Sitting up, she still continues stroking him, she moves to straddle his leg, stops stroking him, and places both hands on either side of him she licks, nips his stomach, groin, thigh, balls, and cock. She does this for a while before she maneuvers so she can grab his cock with one hand and still have balance, grabbing his cock, she 'shoves' him into her mouth and he promptly gasps and groans.

Holding his cock, she goes to town sucking his cock, fast and faster still. Squeezing and sucking. She moans and hums, he slowly moves but she thinks he's more surprised at the fact she's actually sucking his cock since it's been such a long time. She hears, "give me your pussy" and she actually obeys.

Removing his cock from her mouth, she moves away from him, turning around so her backs to him, she straddles him, moving back, she places her pussy directly onto his mouth, and then she goes back to sucking his cock.
Sucking his cock and sliding her pussy up and down his tongue, she soon realizes something's wrong so she stops and dismounts.

"What's wrong?" she asks

"I don't know"

"Floating rib?"

"I don't know. Something like that"

Not wanting to hurt him, she lies down on her side, but he soon rolls over and shoves her nipple into his mouth. He sucks her nipple hard while he starts playing with her other breast. Rolling onto her back, she spreads her legs, he moves in between them, and goes back to eating her. She lies there, enjoying herself.

Grabbing his hair, pushing him down and moves her legs up onto his back and neck. He's still going to town, running his tongue up and down her pussy, licking up her juices. She drops her legs back onto the bed and pushes him away. "You taste so good!"

He gives her a look and goes back to licking before she really pushes him away so they can fuck. Moving up her body as she spreads her legs more, he shoves his cock into her.

"I should continue licking you"


"You're so wet"

He fucks her and he fucks her hard and fast. She fucks him back, she moves her right hand down, and starts playing with her clit. She is extremely wet and she loves it. He leans down to lick and suck her nipples while she's masturbating as he's fucking her.

She's soon cumming as she's being fucked and using her fingers on her clit. He comes soon after, knowing that she came. After he's down, he moves off her, lies down, and says, "I'm thirsty". But before either of them could get up, he's asleep.

She gets up, turns off the PS3, makes sure the door is locked, lies down, and is fast asleep before she realizes she's asleep.


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