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Short story By: Lasvin


Submitted:Jun 22, 2014    Reads: 714    Comments: 3    Likes: 2   

Her monaning only made him thust into her harder and faster, her cunt was hot,tight and so wet he didn't even need lubrication. As his cock moved back in to her tight hot cunt she let out a wimper of pleasure,and called out to God,not the first time this evening shes done so. He reached forward and lightly grabbing a handful of hair on the back of her head, and carefully pulled her head back.He contiued to thrust into her enjoying the wet slapping sound his cock made as it reentered her cunt again and again.Letting go of her hair he ran his fingers claw like across her back, and down to her ass.Timing it correctly when he thrust his cock dripping with her juices back in to her his hand made contact with her ass, turing a whimper in to a moan of pleasure. Inbetween breaths she ask him to smack her ass harder,so as is cock thrust all the way in to her dripping cunt his hand again make contact with her ass, and again a nice long moan come form deep within her.He slowed down his thrusting so he could watch his 7 inch cock slowly disappear into her,He stoped for a moment with is cock fully inside of her,savoring the tight warmth of her cunt. He slowly pulled out of her and enjoyed seeing her juices fall to his bed sheets. he slowly entered her again enjoying all 7 inchs of his cock beeing swalloed by her cunt. he would have continued this had it not been for her moaning for him to go faster and harder, and he obliged her if only to enjoy listeing to her moan. He loved her moaning and would have done almost anything to make her moan. He loved the facted tthat his cock was makeing her fill good. he closed his eyes and fucked her harder then he had been.Her moaning increased,and she started letting out long fuuucck yyees moans. opening his eyes he noticed that her left hand was pinching one of her nipples,and she kept begging to be fucked harder. at this point she was no longer morning but screaming, her right hand had a death grip on a pillow, and it was then he realized she was about to orgasm. He didn't know if he hang on that long, he was at the point of popping himself. but was not going to disappint, his cock had never given a woman a penetrated orgasm befor and that truned him on even more.He colsed his eyes again and continued to fuck her, her cunt was dipping like crazy at this point and the slapping sound of his cock grow louder.How long he been at this he could not say ,finally she let out a scream of fuuuuuuuuuucccccccccccckkk that wake up the whole complex and he felt her entire body shak. He continued to shove is cock in and out of her cunt as she orgasmed. Amazed that he did not nut he pulled out of her, and ask if she could finish him off with her mouth.He was not sure if she would being that her juices where dipping off his cock,but to his amazement still on all fours she trund around grabed his cock and put it into her mouth. His cock was not even half way in her mouth when he exploded, she must have expected this for he felt her swallowing, This lasted for a few secconds when he finally looked down she was pulling his cock out of her mouth.She did good job swallowing only haveing a little bit dribble out. Still holding his cock she pulled back to front milking him for what little bit of cum was left.and using her tongue to catch the last little bits. It was then that he collapsed on the bed, represented himself so that his chest was against her back, He laid an arm over her and gently squeezed one of her nipples till she grabbed his hand and interlocked her fingers with his.


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