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Chocolate and Strawberry

Short story By: larcegirl10

Tags: Sex

Anna goes home and finds a visiter

Submitted:Sep 22, 2010    Reads: 5,075    Comments: 12    Likes: 6   

I had just got to my brother house I have to take care of it for a few weeks just got back from work and I was dog tired all I wanted to do was go take a nice bubble bath and go to bed naked.
Soon as I got in the door my hands were grabbed and tied and a scarf was tied around my head and before I screamed hands covered my mouth. He got close to my ear and said
"Shhhh it ok be good and I won't hurt you" I started to get scared "If I move my hand and you scream I'll find something to stuff your pretty little mouth whit'' he said grinding into me harder and harder this man felt so good but it was so wrong of me to think like that he let my mouth go and started to guide me where he wanted me. I was starting to like this a little too much he made me sit down on the living room floor " Now don't you move ok" I shook my head yes I could not see anything but I can hear him go into the kitchen and into the refrigerator and grab something's. I was horny and scared at
the same time I can still hear him in the kitchen I put my hands on the scarf that was tied around my face and lifted it a little over my eyes to see who it was I could not believe my eyes it was my brother best friend Lewis he been trying to get whit me for years but my brother would not let him I pulled the scarf off and stared at him he had something whipped up from me now I have something for him. I got up and started to walk slowly upstairs I so glad he did not see me I walked into my room as fast as I could and striped
till I was in my panties and bra nice green color. I can hear him running up the stairs and into my room I ran into him from behind and tide his hands up I helped him up and sat him on the bed I stood back and he looked up and then put his head back down I love it when this man was shy "So your the one that tried to scare the living hell out of me" I walked up to him and kissed his soft lips he responded soon as our lips touch I bite down on his bottom lip hard and pulled away I started to walk to my bedroom door " I'll be right back
"I said as I left the room I heard him groin and fall back on his back. I started to giggle and I started to go down the steps when I got to the kitchen I see he had a big bowl strawberry and two small bowls of melted chocolate two of my favorite things I picked everything up whit out dropping it and started to walk upstairs when I got to the door I could not open it the door and ended up dropping both bowls of chocolate all over me.
Damn it I started to walk to the hallway bathroom but I just got another idea I took a strawberry in one hand and the bowl in the other I opened the door and walked in when I made eye contact and said "Will you eat me all up baby" the chocolate had slid all over my body from shoulders to my legs and I know I looked good, I did not know he got the loss and when he did I was pulled onto his lap and he started to lick my shoulders I started to pull away " I'll get you dirty" he pulled me harder into him " I don't give a fuck" he ripped my bra off and started to suck the fuck out of my breast
" Damn baby you taste so good" I moaning my head off he started to pull me onto my bed " Wait I'll dirty my bed" "Damn it woman'' he stood up and carried me to my dresser and set me on it. Chocolate was all over me I can even fill it in between my legs I started to pull his shirt off and that body was just amazing like always I was dying for him to touch me. His hands slid down to my ass and grabbed it hard " I always wanted to grab this ass you were such a tease when you were younger and now I'm about to fuck the shit out of you" I was about to cum whit out this man even touching me he got down on his knees and pulled my panties off my pussy was covered in chocolate I never did no shit like this in my life " Baby you're a mess I need to clean that sweet pussy" he pushed my legs as far as they could go and started off making little circles around my clit
"Ahhhhhhhh…….. Fuck….. That shit fill good" then he started to suck harder and harder. I was about to cum till he pulled away " Damn it what you do that for" " Your too loud not in a bad way but I don't won't people to hear and they call your brother"
Oh hell no I jumped off the dresser and pushed him onto the bed and got on top of him " So I'm too loud then why don't I find something to stuff my mouth whit" I leaned over and kissed his lips softly and started to kiss down his neck and then down his chest till I got to the edge on his boxers. He was very hard that when I touch it he moaned I laughed a little I had never had anyone as big as he was I pulled down his boxers and boy was I amazed I never seen anything so big "Damn" that is all I could say I slid my finger from the base to the tip of his dick I'm about to Have some fun I stuck out my tough and touch the tip and he moan louder I started to lick as if it was a blow pop I looked up at him as I was doing it and it upset him he pushed me till my butt hit the floor then he climbed on top of me " You such a fuck tease and baby I don't liked to be teased'' I slowly opened my legs and he slid into me inch by inch the more he was in me the more I could not control my body " Holy…….Shit baby……Ohhhhhhh yeah I won't it …….like that" this man was hitting spots I have not even know of. He was speeding up and I started to scream
"Shit baby I love the way you fill around my cock" he was fucking me so hard that we started to slid on the carpet I could not breath every time he slammed into me "Lewis……fuck me…….fasted………I won't more" he slammed me so had I thought my heart stopped "Oh fuck….Oh fuck….. Holy shirt Lewis baby……….I'm about to……….cccccccuuuuuuuuuuuummmmmmm'' we both hit out climax at the same time I was so shocked from my climax my body would not move. Lewis rolled of me and pulled me onto him I looked into his eyes and said "We better tell my brother" He laughs and said "I know"


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