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I Just Want a Taste

Short story By: LadyLovely

Just like any other time she was invited into Jensen's office, she felt a certain sense of excitement fluttering in her stomach. She couldn't help the thoughts that littered her mind, all of which revolved around the idea of having her boss take her in his strong arms and make love to her on the ground. Or on his desk. Or anywhere, for that matter...

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Anna thumbed through the pages in the brown folder, her eyes quickly scanning the top of each in search of the proper form. Spotting it, she stopped flipping and gently pulled it from the rest. In front of her desk, Mr. Gates was waiting patiently, one hand tucked away in his suit jacket pocket while the other rested on the edge of her workspace. When she found the paper she was looking for, he straightened up and held out his free hand for it. Anna smiled at him as she gave it over. "Here you are, Mr. Gates."

His eye brows knitted together as he scanned the paper, nodding slowly to himself. "Thank you Anna."

"Will you be needing anything else tonight, sir?"

"No, this should do." He raised his eyes to look at her, and just like any other time, Anna was struck at the deep hazel that coloured them. "I'll be in my office. Please hold any calls."

"Yes, sir." She watched him retreat across the length of the floor, disappearing inside of his large office and closing the door in his wake. As soon as he was gone, her shoulders slumped and her smile fell, replaced by a frustrated purse of her lips. Two years she had been his personal secretary and in that time, they'd barely spoken about anything aside from work. She wanted so badly to have him sit down with her on nights like those, when they were the only two working late in the entire office, and have an actual one-on-one conversation with her. Was that honestly too much to ask?

Giving a gentle sigh, Anna reached down and opened the desk drawer she had retrieved the brown folder from so she could replace it again. As she straightened up, her eyes dragged across the length of the room to the closed office door separating her and Jensen Gates. He was such a fascinating creature, that man. Only a few years shy of thirty and already the head of one of largest publishing companies in the state. He was obviously one of those men who put their personal lives second to what they found to be far more important; their job and success. In the two years she had worked for him, Anna had seen him spend nearly all of his time in his office. She couldn't even remember ever seeing him take a vacation or a single sick day. The man was dedicated, that much was clear.

But Jensen was more than just his job, too. He donated children's books to charities. He read each and every manuscript that found its way onto his desk, most of which being from employees around the office that were hoping for a chance to get their name out there. He greeted every person in the building when he saw them and although he was a very busy man, he made it his business to know something personal about everyone. In Anna's case, he often asked her how her Dalmatian puppy, Charlie, was doing and if the ear medicine the vet had given her to use was working to rid him of the infection. Aside from that, their conversations revolved around work, strictly business.

The door to Jensen's office swung open suddenly and he poked his head out. "Anna?"

She sat up abruptly. "Yes, sir?"

"Could you come here for a moment? I need a second opinion on something."

"I'll be right in, sir."

"Thank you." He smiled briefly before disappearing inside of his office again.

Standing up, Anna ran her fingers through her thick blond ringlets, trying to make them as neat as possible. Just like any other time she was invited into Jensen's office, she felt a certain sense of excitement fluttering in her stomach. She couldn't help the thoughts that littered her mind, all of which revolved around the idea of having her boss take her in his strong arms and make love to her on the ground. Or on his desk. Or anywhere, for that matter.

It wasn't a mystery to anyone that Jensen Gates was absolutely gorgeous. Anna had noticed this almost right away the first day she was hired, when he came out to meet her at her desk and perched himself on the corner, crossing his arms over his chest and accenting the biceps hidden beneath his suit jacket sleeves. His hair was glossy and dark, cut neatly behind his ears and standing up a slightly at the front, practically inviting her fingers to get lost in his locks.

It was his eyes that were the best part of him though. Oh of course Anna could go on and on about his athletic body, his strong jaw, the stubble that accented it, and his sharp cheek bones. But the one part of Jensen that made her most crazy was his eyes. That beautiful hazel colour could lock her breath away in her throat for hours.

As she reached the door to his office, Anna adjusted the hem of her button-up blouse and then lightly pushed the door the rest of the way open, stepping inside. Jensen was standing at the far wall made up entirely of a glass window, his back to her as he stared out at the city below.

"Sir?" she asked quietly.

Jensen looked at her over his shoulder, his eye brows raised. "Ah, Anna. Just the girl I need. Come over here, will you?"

She stumbled forwards and then hurried to his side, nearly knocking her knee against the corner of his large mahogany desk in the process. When she reached him, Jensen turned to face her, the city lights through the window backing him beautifully. For a moment, he didn't say anything. He just stared at her, his lips pulled into a slight smile and hands tucked away in his pants pockets. It was oddly intimate, and Anna felt her cheeks colouring at the realization.

When the silence was nearly at the point of being unbearable, Jensen spoke.

"Could you read a manuscript for me and tell me what you think?"

Anna could only stare at him. That was it? That was the reason she had been called into his office? She felt her entire body deflating slowly. Giving her opinion about some manuscript was most definitely not what she had been expecting. Shamefully, she'd wanted him to assault her with his mouth, take her on the floor, and admit a great passion for her in a husky voice against her ear as their hips met over and over again.

"Anna?" he frowned at her, his eye brows pulling together. "Are you listening?"

She forced herself to nod and buried her disappointment deep inside of her. "Yes, sir."

"Well, this is the manuscript." He brushed past her to stand at his desk, searching through a stack of papers that littered it before finding the right one and holding it out to her. "It's rather short, so you might as well just read it right now and then tell me what you think."

Taking the papers from him, Anna nodded and sank into a chair sitting opposite his desk. As she took in the title, -The Secretary-, Jensen perched himself on the corner of his desk, watching her intently while her eyes scanned the page. He clasped his hands together between his legs and waited, smiling slightly, ensuring his gaze stayed set on the young woman sitting before him. He watched her lips mouth over the words she read, keeping track of where she was with her, and sat up eagerly as she got to the part he most wanted her to read.

Instantly, Anna's eyes flew up from the page and to her boss's face, reeling from the words she had just come across. There was something dancing behind his gaze, something that caused realization to dawn on her. It was no accident that the girl in the short story, Amelia, was so much like herself, and that her boss, Mr. Garrett, was so much like Jensen; or that they worked at a publishing company, the best in the state, where Amelia was a shy secretary.

But those were not the parts that sent a warm sensation pooling in the middle of her spine. No, it was the fact that in the story, young Amelia came into Mr. Garrett's office, just like Anna had, and then found herself being laid across his brown leather couch, just like the one sitting in the corner of Jensen's room, as Mr. Garrett made passionate love to her.

"What do you think?" Jensen asked rather quietly, his face remaining serious and gaze unmoving.

Anna cleared her throat. "I…it's very well written."

"Yes, very."

"And the description is…vivid."

"I thought so, too."

Looking down at the papers in her hands again, Anna felt her face growing hot and forced the words that had been sitting heavy in her throat to pass between her lips. "Sir? May I ask who wrote this?"

"Well, I did." He answered simply. "It's something I've been working on for a while. Short, I know, but great things come in small packages, do they not?"

She could only nod, still staring at the pages.

"Anna? Will you look at me, please?"

Her teeth snagged onto her lower lip, and she slowly raised her chin so she was looking up at Jensen's face. As soon as their eyes met, everything inside of her came alive. She fidgeted uncomfortably in her seat as she fought to keep a calm composure while a staring contest ensued, neither of their gazes wavering. It was the longest she had ever kept eye-contact with him, or with anyone for that matter, and the longer she stared at him, the lighter she felt.

"You entice me, Anna MacLeod." Jensen began to shake his head back and forth slowly. "I've never met anyone who makes me feel as vulnerable as you do."

She made him vulnerable? Anna would have laughed at his words had not any means of speech or sound become foreign to her tongue. What he was admitting was completely outrageous. The mere idea of her making him anything along the lines of vulnerable was impossible. She was a twenty two year old university drop-out who bought her clothes online for fear of having to interact with people in stores. She had a Dalmatian puppy because her apartment was entirely too lonely for her to bear, especially at night time. The last time she had sex was with a man her sister had set her up with, and the sex was only because he had caught her off-guard while she was drunk and going on about how she'd lost her virginity during a thunderstorm in Jack Moore's pick up truck.

Anna was about as unsexy as they come.

"Sir," she began quietly, slowly rising from her chair, "I think-"

"Enough with this 'sir' nonsense. I want you to call me Jensen."

She stopped momentarily, caught off guard, and then continued to stand. "Jensen, I think you're confused. I should go finish up my work, and then I'll be heading home."

"Wait!" his hand caught hers as she turned to retreat back to her desk, and he lightly tugged her until she was forced to face him. "Please, don't go." Jensen stared at her face for a moment, his eyes searching hers, and then he spoke again, his voice quiet and thick with emotion. "Half the night I waste in sighs, half in dreams I sorrow after the delight of early skies; in a wakeful dose I sorrow, for the hand, the lips, the eyes, for the meeting of 'morrow."

Anna recognized the words almost immediately to be Tennyson's and wondered if he knew it was her favourite quote.

"I can't stop thinking about you." Jensen continued, using the hold he had on Anna's hand to pull her body closer to his, their chests very nearly touching. "You take up my every thought, my every dream, and when I open my mouth, it's your name that I want to say." He continued to pull her to him, and when their bodies finally pressed together, he released her hand and then captured her chin, tilting her head back so their gazes locked firmly. "I need to taste your lips, if only once."

As his face neared hers, Anna's eyes fluttered shut and despite every ounce of her being that was telling her this was all fake, a dream, she made absolutely no movie to stop Jensen's lips from pressing over her own.

Anna leaned into him, overcome by the sensations rippling throughout her body. She lost all sense of time and place and knew only one thing for certain, which was the feeling of Jensen's heart beating against her own. His hands found the sides of her face, holding her place as he continued to kiss her. When she moaned against his mouth, he slipped his tongue between her lips and sought out hers, their breath mingling and making her head grow foggy.

She wrapped her arms around his neck and began stumbling backwards until she felt the cushions of his leather couch pressing against her shins. Then she collapsed, pulling Jensen down with her. His body draped over hers like a blanket.

"Anna." He groaned, removing his mouth from hers and continuing his assault down her neck, his fingers working to free the buttons on her shirt. She hard him give a frustrated growl before simply ripping the fabric apart, discarding it onto the floor and pressing his mouth into the dip between her breasts.

His hands teased her through the thin fabric of her bra, thumbing the hardened nipples until she was writhing beneath him, silently begging for more. As if reading her mind, Jensen reached behind her back and released the fabric, barely having it off her before his mouth captured one budded nipple. Anna gasped loudly, her hands flying to his thick hair to hold him in place as his tongue flicked and tasted her sensitive peak. She could feel her lower abdomen growing warmer and warmer, not even the least bit surprised at how quickly aroused she had become.

Jensen sat up and quickly shrugged off his suit jacket, his eyes never leaving hers as he tossed it to the discarded pile of her clothing. She reached up with unsteady hands and worked to remove his tie, her fingers slipping and fumbling before she was finally able to pull it out from around his collar. Just as she was about to toss it away as well, a slow smile spread across Jensen's face and he retrieved it from her, offering up no explanation. Pocketing it, he continued to strip, rolling his white shirt from his shoulders and revealing his broad chest, speckled with dark hair that continued down his strong abdomen and disappeared beneath the top of his pants.

Anna traced a hand across the planes of his chest, marvelling at how strong it looked as he heaved gently. His hand dove into his pocket, pulling out the tie he'd stuffed in there and holding it up for her to see. Before Anna could question this, he wrapped the fabric around her head gently, covering her eyes and leaving the faint scent of cologne lingering right against her nose.

Jensen's lips were suddenly at her ear. "Your other sensations are greatly heightened with the absence of sight." He gently kissed beneath her lobe, sending intense shivers through her spine. She wanted to be able to see his face, or at least feel him, and blindly searched until her hands grazed slight stubble set over a hard jaw. She pulled him towards her lips and kissed him longingly, groaning against his mouth as his hands trailed down her hips, leaving goosebumps in their wake.

Anna felt his hair tickling her stomach as he slid down the length of her body, kissing every inch of skin he could see and hooking his fingers underneath the waist band of her skirt. His lips followed his hands while he slid her skirt off her legs, taking the pair of panties she'd been wearing with it. Suddenly exposed, Anna's cheeks coloured and she made to cover herself. Jensen's hands gently pried her legs open, kissing the insides of her thighs soothingly until her muscles had relaxed again.

She hated being blindfolded, wanting so badly to see what Jensen was doing. But just being able to feel him was quite the surreal experience, too. He'd been right; without being able to see him, her brain had to rely on her other senses. The cologne lingering on his tie assaulted her nose and made her dizzy. His heavy breaths and quiet groans were reverberating in her ears. And when his fingers touched the sensitive skin of her sex, Anna cried out, having not expected the tidal wave of pleasure that had hit her almost immediately.

"So wet for me already." He murmured, tracing her glistening clit with his finger.

She raised her hips to meet his hand, urging him to touch her further. But he wanted to tease Anna, to have her shaking with need and begging him for it. Still lightly touching her skin, he began to kiss around her mound, touching everywhere except for the one spot she so badly wanted him to. She began giving quiet moans of frustration and he simply smiled, enjoying the sight of her so vulnerable in front of him.

Just as it was becoming too much, his fingers slipped inside of her slick folds and Anna's back arched, her moans lost somewhere in her throat. As he pumped his digits in and out of her in an agonizingly slow pace, he licked and nipped at her sensitive nub, intoxicated with the whimpers coming out of Anna. Picking up speed with his fingers, Jensen flicked his tongue against her clit and let out hot gasps of breath. Her walls were tightening, and he knew she was getting close. Right before she came, he replaced his fingers with his tongue and lapped up her sweet juices, her cries increasing the already unbearable strain in his trousers.

Anna lay spent underneath him, her brow damp and lips parted as she fought to catch her breath. Aftershocks from her orgasm rattled throughout her body. Had she ever experienced such a beautiful and intense release before? She couldn't remember. Everything in her mind had turned to mush. Soft fingers traced her face, and then the blind fold was pulled away, revealing the beautiful man in front of her.

Jensen lifted himself up and shed his pants and briefs, his member springing free from its restraints. Raising her head, Anna only just got a glimpse of his over-average anatomy before he collapsed over top of her, holding her weight in his forearms on either side of his body. The tip of him pressed against her opening, and Anna eagerly lifted her hips, wanting to feel Jensen Gates hot inside of her.

Hooking his arms underneath her knees, he lifted her legs up and over his shoulders. As he pushed himself into her, Anna felt every inch of him, hot and hard, filling her completely. Her mouth was open, lips parted in a silent moan, waiting for him to enter her fully. He pressed against her core, and then pulled back, almost all of the way out before pushing in again. His pace was slow but he was hitting the right spot each and every time, like an arrow meeting its target.

Rolling his hips towards hers, Jensen increased his speed, watching Anna's face contort with pleasure. Her fingers were grabbing at the leather cushions beneath her, desperate for something to hold onto. With each thrust, her moans grew louder, and finally she gave up trying to grasp the cushions and braced her hands on the couch arm behind her head, her body rocking in rhythm with his.

Jensen leaned down and pressed his forehead against hers, his eyes closing as he pounded harder into her sweet body. She could see beads of sweat gathering on his face, his cheeks rouging from the exertion of the act. He spread her legs so they could press their bodies closer together, her hardened nipples grazing the hair on his chest.

"Oh God, Jensen." Anna's forehead creased as she continued moaning his name, unable to stop like it were a rhythmic chant to increase her pleasure.

Each time she uttered his name, followed by a sweet gasp, Jensen smacked his hips harder against hers, unable to get enough of that beautiful sound in his ears. He buried his face into her neck and inhaled her scent deeply, giving out a loud groan as a his pleasure began to build in his lower body. He wasn't sure how much longer he could take before he would be sent into that euphoric release. It didn't help that she was clawing madly at his back, her fingernails dragging across his shoulder blades and down his spine.

"I'm going to…" she could barely force the words out, her eye lashes fluttering as she fought to keep her eyes open. "I'm going…"

"Say it." Jensen continued pounding inside of her relentlessly. "What are you going to do, baby?"

"C-come…Jensen!" Her eyes squeezed shut, and her back arched as her entire body tensed, waves of pleasure rolling through her every limb. She clung desperately to his shoulders, waiting until she could breathe again before collapsing back down against the couch cushions, a smile lingering on her lips.

Jensen came soon afterwards, tipping his head back and crying out as he released himself inside of her. His lips immediately sought possession of hers, kissing her deeply as he rode out the final tremors of his own orgasm. As he began to relax again, he gently pressed his mouth against her cheek, her eye lids and her forehead, unable to stop the wide smile that spread itself across his face. Taking hold of her hips, he rolled himself over onto his back and pulled her against his chest, hugging her tightly so he could feel her broken breaths against his chest.

"I'm sorry we didn't do this sooner." He whispered, pushing some of her damp locks away from her face as he grinned up at her.

Anna gave a quiet chuckle. "I am too."

His hand blindly searched the floor beside the couch until he found his suit jacket. Lifting it up, he draped it across Anna's body. She pressed herself closer to him and let out a content sigh. "So," she murmured, "what do we do now?"

Jensen smiled, tracing a finger down the length of her spine. "Well, if you hadn't stopped reading my manuscript so quickly, you'd know that Mr. Garrett and Amelia put their clothes back on and went back to his place for the night."

"Are you suggesting we do that too?"

"I'm saying I think it would be a good idea, yes."

"Well Mr. Garrett," Anna placed a chaste kiss on his mouth, her lips lingering. "Lead the way."

A/N: I cannot believe how long it has taken me to write this story. I started it so many times and then hated what I wrote. I've come back and changed it a hundred different ways and today finally I sat down, forced myself to sit at my computer and typed until I was actually pleased with what I wrote. Anyways, I hope everyone likes it :) I know the ending is REALLY cheesy but it's nearly 3am and I just really wanted to get this posted and go to sleep! So again, thanks for reading and commenting!

xoxo LadyLovely xoxo


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