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The cop was keeping up with her effortlessly; he didn't seem to be as tired as she was. In fact, he was gaining on her, closing the gap between them at a frightening pace. It wouldn't be long before he caught up with her, and then what?

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He was by far the hottest cop she had ever seen.

And he was chasing her.

Wynonna had never been one for kinky games, mainly because she couldn't see the appeal. Well, until now any way. As she ran, her dress hitched up high on her thighs to ensure longer strides, she couldn't help but throw curious glances over her shoulder. The cop was keeping up with her effortlessly; he didn't seem to be as tired as she was. In fact, he was gaining on her, closing the gap between them at a frightening pace. It wouldn't be long before he caught up with her, and then what?

Something in her lower abdomen stirred excitedly at the thought. Jesus, this was so strange. A night of firsts, for sure: her first party, her first drink, her first bust, her first on-foot cop chase and her first time feeling fully aroused by the latter. If only her cousin Robyn could see her now. She was the one who had dragged her to the field party that night on the argument that Wynonna never did "anything remotely exciting or dangerous". Well, was this exciting and dangerous enough for her?

"Stop!" The cop called out from behind her, and her knees immediately felt weak from the husky drawl in his voice. God that was sexy.

It wasn't just the excitement that made her keep running, though. She was actually a little afraid about what her parents would say when they were called to the police station. First off all, they thought she and Robyn were going to spend the night in her bedroom watching movies and playing "would you rather?" (Which, to be fair, Wynonna had thought they were going to be doing, too.)

Second, her parents had this insane amount of trust and respect for her. That came from her severe lack of parties and drinking and socializing in general, really. So when they discovered she'd basically done all three in a heavy amount in one night, there goes the trust and respect.

Dread began to weigh heavy in Wynonna's limbs. They would kill her. No, worse; they would torture her with their disappointment and "I-thought-you-were-better-than-this" talks. That was something she most definitely did not want. And so, keeping this in mind, she began to run faster, even kicking off both her flip flops in an effort to gain more speed.

Her bare feet helped a little, although now she was more vulnerable to the dew-soaked grass, the litter of twigs everywhere and tree roots poking up from the ground. Why had she picked the woods when looking for a direction to run to? Why had she not followed Robyn and her friends when they all took off towards the road? Now she was practically running blind. It was dark and she was trying to maze her way through a mess of large tree trunks at full speed. How brilliant of her.

The sounds of twigs snapped aggressively behind her let Wynonna know the cop had yet to give up. He was close too. She could hear the fabric of his forest-green windbreaker rubbing together as he worked his arms back and forth. He must have been a runner in school. That, or he just stayed in incredibly fantastic shape.

It was while Wynonna was contemplating this that she felt her right arm being jerked backwards. Startled, she lost her footing and gave out a loud, surprised yelp as she tumbled to the ground, taking the cop with her in an uncoordinated cartwheel of limbs. They landed with her on the bottom and his large body covering hers, his chest pressed into her back and face against the hair at her neck.

They laid like that for what felt like an eternity. Wynonna listened to him gasp and struggle to catch his breath as he exhaled against the side of her face. His breath smelled like cinnamon candies. His body smelled like a strong cologne and sweat. She closed her eyes for a moment and revelled in the whirlwind of sensation he was causing in her body. She felt like she was on fire, but in all the right ways. It was incredible.

"You're under arrest." The cop finally said, and braced his hands on either side of Wynonna as he tried to lift himself off of her.

She felt like her ribs were being compressed into her spine. But even with his heavy weight pressing into her, she was still extremely aroused which was surprising but pleasing, nonetheless. She couldn't remember the last time she had felt so breathless and so excited and so turned on. Everything was heightening this; the feel of his pelvis pushing against her lower back, his grunts and groans as he tried to stand, and especially the fact that he immediately grabbed for her hands once he was upright and pulled her up to face him.

Holy shit.

Somehow, Wynonna hadn't gathered a good enough look of him back at the bonfire where he'd first started chasing her. There, he'd seemed very good looking. But Jesus, up-close he was positively gorgeous. And damn sexy. It felt like an undeserving privilege to have had him chase her and then tackle her to the ground.

He was tall, probably a good foot or so more than her, and had beautifully broad shoulders that Wynonna had the strongest desire to hold onto to. His hair was jet black and gelled into short spikes, some at the front more limp than the others and falling into his eyes. His eyes. They were so dark, so hard and cold, which would usually been seen as a turn off, but with them directed right into hers, Wynonna felt her entire body pooling at his feet. He had such a stern face with sharp features, his brows furrowed angrily and full lips parted as he continued to fight for his breath.

"What's your name?" He asked suddenly, and Wynonna hurriedly looked away from his mouth back up to his eyes. A bad decision, really, as it all made her do was forget what her name was.

"Wynona." She said after a long, embarrassing pause. "My name is Wynonna. But everyone calls me Winnie."

He didn't look as amused as she had figured he would be at that. "Well Wynona, you are charged with underage drinking and resisting arrest."

The blissful haze she had been swimming in suddenly evaporated at that. "You're arresting me?" She asked, already imagining her parents' faces when they showed up at the police department. Oh God, that couldn't happen. She wouldn't let that happen.

"Shouldn't have run." The cop stated matter-of-factly as he turned Wynonna around and forced her hands behind her back. She heard the sound of metal against metal and immediately knew he was retrieving handcuffs from his belt. Her entire body stilled as her wrists were cuffed. It was all so real and so scary…and, shamefully, still arousing. What was wrong with her? She was facing arrest and was getting turned on?!

"I wasn't drinking." She hurriedly tried to explain as the cuffs were locked in place. "I mean, I had half of Robyn's wine cooler but that was only because she was making fun of me for not drinking at a party. I don't do this. Like, ever." God, the handcuffs were so cold. How many other people's wrists had been locked in them? "And," Wynonna continued, feeling panic rising and swelling in her throat, "I'm from Canada and there the legal drinking age is 19, not 21, so technically I wasn't drinking underage; I was just drinking."

"You're not from Canada." The cop faced her again, and she was surprised to see the corners of his perfect mouth twitching, like he was fighting an oncoming smile. "But good try."

Did this man have any idea of the effect he was having on her? Even being as scared as she was, Wynonna began to fidget on the spot, trying to do something, anything, about the growing heat in her lower half. The cop's eyes flickered down at her movement, and he surveyed her body slowly, taking in her green sundress (half the hem of which having being tucked into the waist band of her panties at some point during the chase), her heaving chest and long, mussed blond hair that stopped just below her shoulder blades. When his eyes reached hers again, they actually looked amused.

"You may want to fix your dress." He said, nodding towards her exposed left leg.

Wynonna's cheeks rouged. "I can't. You handcuffed me, remember?" she jiggled the chains behind her back to prove this.

For a moment he just stared at her, his beautiful brown eyes boring holes through her green ones. How she was keeping eye contact with him was beyond her. She was usually terrible at that sort of thing but seemed to be having no problem with doing it now. As if that weren't bold enough for her already, Wynonna's mouth decided to detach itself entirely from her brain. Still holding his gaze, she quietly murmured, "I don't really want to walk into the police station with my underwear showing. Mind fixing it for me?"

The cop looked taken aback by her request. For the first time since their chase, he faltered.

"Please?" Wynona added when he didn't move. "I'd do it myself but…well you know." She jiggled the chains again.

His face returned to its usual, stern expression as he shook his head. "That's not appropriate."

"Neither is a young girl going into a police station full of adult men being this exposed." Wynona's counter argument surprised them both.

The cop stared at her for a long time, his jaw working and a muscle inside of it twitching as he thought. Finally, he sighed and dropped to his knees in front of her. Immediately, Wynonna's teeth snagged onto her lower lip. He was so close to the front of her panties. She could feel his hot breath on the fabric. If her legs weren't shaking before, they definitely were now. She just hoped he couldn't smell her arousal from there.

He could have easily stayed standing and just lifted her dress from her waist band. It could have been that simple. But he'd chosen to get on his knees, and now he was choosing to run his hands up the length of her exposed thigh, his calloused fingers leaving a hot trail of flames in their wake. Wynonna's entire body began to tremble, and she didn't bother fighting it. Maybe that's what the officer wanted; to make her shake. Well, it was working.

His hands reached her bunched dress and slowly worked to free it from her waist band. At one point, his knuckles brushed the front of Wynonna's underwear and she let out a small gasp before she could swallow it. This made him his hands freeze against her dress, his chest rising and falling as he took a breath. She worried he was going to stop what he was doing all together, but a moment later, the cop continued his efforts and managed to free her hem. As he brought it down to cover her leg again, his free hand smoothed out the fabric, running down the length of her thigh.

He stood up slowly once he was finished, taking in her body for the second time as he did. His face was close to hers when he was fully upright. They were barely a breath apart. She peeked up at his eyes through her lowered lashes. "Thanks."

Wynonna wasn't sure, but it looked like he was blushing. "No problem." He replied quietly, and then he reached behind her and braced his hand on the small of her back.

As intimate as the act was, Wynonna wasn't able to put too much thought into it; the cop began leading her away from the woods and towards the slowly dying bonfire where his cruiser was parked. The blue and red lights fell across her face and the reality of that moment was brought to her attention. She could relish in the memory of his touch all she wanted; she was still going to the police station.

"You're going to call my parents, aren't you?" she whispered, her face drained of its colour.


"Is…is there any way you could just kind of skip that part?"

For the second time that night, the cop seemed to be fighting a smile. "No, I can't skip it."

Wynonna's body deflated. Fantastic. She wondered just how awkward the car ride home was going to be, sandwiched between her parents in the front seat of their pickup. The radio would be off. That was her father's favourite tactic when he was mad at her; radio off, windows up, conversation nonexistent. It was intended to make her feel the harsh consequence of her actions. And it worked. Every single time, she felt close to tears from the unbearable silence. It was often worse than anything else her parents could do.

There were no other kids around. They must have all gotten away, Wynonna reasoned sadly. That would have been nice. The chase was exciting and all but this part certainly wasn't. She especially didn't like the feel of the handcuffs cutting into the skin on her wrists. She felt like a real criminal and that was scary.

"Are the handcuffs necessary?" she asked.


"I promise I won't run if you take them off. We've already established you'd have no problem catching me."

The cop turned his head towards her, and studied her face before he answered. "I don't feel like chasing you again."

Not that she would mind at all, of course. Wynonna mentally demanded her body calm down already. This whole thing shouldn't have been turning her on the way it was. Even being lead towards the cruiser, she felt herself growing needier and needier of him. She thought about the way it had felt to be pined down by his body. She could feel his heart beating against her shoulder blade when he did. Remembering made her cheeks flush and lower body stir. What she would give to have him do that again…

If she thought the handcuffs were scary, they were nothing compared to sitting in the back seat of the police car, a metal grate separating her and the cop. Her chest began to rise and fall erratically as he pulled away from the field and began driving down the dirt road he had come from. It was real. She was going to the station where she'd probably be put in a cell with a metal toilet and a dirty bunk bed and some prostitute for a cellmate.

Wynonna tried to focus her mind elsewhere. She was seated awkwardly, unable to lean back against the cushion with her hands being cuffed behind her. Her left shoulder was pressed into the back of the cop's seat, her knees pointed at an angle towards the passenger side. From this position, she could smell his cologne again. It assaulted her nose and forced her eyes shut. Maybe it wasn't cologne. Maybe it was a body wash that he rubbed over his body in the shower; over his biceps, across the planes of his abs…

She began to fidget again, rubbing her pelvis against the seat underneath her. It wasn't enough. She needed some sort of release from these intense waves of pleasure balancing right there, out of her reach. If only her hands were cuffed in front of her rather than behind her back. Maybe…if she pulled them underneath her…

It was painful and hard to do. She had to stop every so often, the cuffs stuck underneath the curve of her ass or her thighs, and try to reposition herself to make it easier. By the time she pulled the cuffs out from under her, they'd dug into her skin to the point where they'd drawn blood. But at least now her hands were in her lap. Checking to make sure the cop wasn't watching, Wynonna began to rub slow circles across the crotch of her panties, her head tipped back against the seat at the pleasure it brought. It was good, but she needed more.

Her eyes closed, Wynonna brought her hand underneath her dress and down her panties. As soon as her fingers touched her sex, she had to bite back a moan from the intensity. Had she ever been this aroused before? She doubted it. This sort of need was something alien to her, and the anticipation of the orgasm it would bring her was intoxicating.

When she noticed they'd stopped moving, it was too late.

Wynonna withdrew her hands from underneath her dress immediately, looking first out the window at the still landscape, and then, slowly, up at the rear view mirror. She was met with the dark gaze of the cop as he stared right back at her, unblinking, emotionless. He'd caught her. The man had caught her masturbating in the back of his car. How fucking dumb was she?!

"Why….why did we stop?" she asked, her voice trembling.

He said nothing, which only added to her shame.

She lowered her gaze onto her lap and decided she was done talking, too. What had made her think it was O.K to do…that in the back of a goddamn police cruiser? Now the cop was going to have to tell her parents. Oh God, her parents. How could she possibly face them when they found out what she had been doing? She wanted to cry.

The sound of the driver side door opening made Wynonna look up again. The cop was getting out. She turned her head towards her window just as he reached it and opened her own door. He didn't say anything; just reached in and took hold of her wrists, helping her out of the car and stand in front of him. She was tried to speak, but he shook his head when she opened her mouth, and quietly lead her around the car to the front. There, he turned her so they were facing each other, and then he lifted her up, setting her down again on top of the hood.

Wynonna wiggled against the cold metal, but didn't move much otherwise. She stared up at the cop's face as he stared back at her, his irises dark with something she was surprised to recognize as desire. As he drew closer to her, his knees pressed right up against the front bumper of his car, he lowered his head and pressed his lips against her exposed collarbone. Involuntarily, Wynonna gasped. She didn't know what he was doing but she really didn't care, especially when his hands found her calves and yanked her body towards his so the crotch of his pants was settled between her legs.

"Someone might see." Wynonna whispered, annoyed at herself for trying to stop what she wanted so badly to happen. "We're on the road."

The cop dragged his mouth up the length of her neck, across her jaw and then lifted his face to look at her. "We're out in the middle of the country." He explained in a husky voice that made Wynonna shiver. "It's also dark. We're all alone."

She should have stopped talking and let him continue his beautiful assault on her neck. But there was something bothering her. "What's your name?"

"Officer Wirenga." He answered as he began nibbling on her ear.

"Your first name."

He actually stopped then, hesitating. And then, he looked her in the eyes, and answered, "Ryan."

"Ryan." Wynonna repeated, barely whispering his name.

He gave a quiet moan and crushed his mouth over top of hers, taking possession immediately. Wynonna gave in to the kiss and leaned into him. His mouth was so hot, so alive; she felt the kiss everywhere in her body. Tentatively, she opened her mouth and his tongue sought out hers, dancing with it while Wynonna fought to keep up. She'd never been kissed like this. It was so new and so exciting. Her body was responding to him in ways she didn't recognize. The more he kissed her, the more she wanted him.

She drew her legs up and wrapped them around his waist, pulling him as close to her body as he would go. When he broke their kiss, she let her head fall back against the hood of the car. His hands were everywhere; running up and down the sides of her dress, rubbing at her begging breasts that strained against the thin fabric. When he thumbed the straps on her shoulders, Wynonna helped to wriggle the fabric below the curves of her breasts. The cool air bit at her skin and she gasped. Ryan captured one budded nipple between his teeth and began rolling the palm of his hand against the other one.

Her entire body was alive. Desire pooled in her every limb like a thick liquid, and the more Ryan touched her, the closer Wynonna felt to explosion. He continued to suck and nip at her breasts, his eyes on her face the entire time so as to see her features contorting with pleasure. When she felt one of his hands moving lower, rubbing over the crotch of her underwear, Wynonna's back arched and she let out a loud moan, silently begging him to touch her more. But he stopped all together; he drew back and stared down at her body, a smirk dancing across his lips.

"Touch yourself." He demanded as he shrugged off his windbreaker, revealing a button up tan police uniform shirt underneath.

Wynonna wriggled unhappily with his absence. "Please…"

"Touch yourself like you did in the back of my car." Ryan continued relentlessly. "I want to see it up close."

The handcuffs were going to pose a problem and she was aching for his fingers, but her own were going to have to do. Wynonna dragged her hands down the length of her torso, stopping briefly to cup her breasts and brush her thumbs over her begging nipples. When she reached her sex, she lifted her head and captured Ryan's gaze just as she slipped her fingers beneath the waistband of her panties. Her mouth drew into the shape of an O at the intense sensation. As nervous as she felt with him watching, her need was louder, and so she continued to stroke herself, moaning quietly as she did so.

Her hands were no amateurs when it came to pleasuring her body. She knew what to do to bring herself close to the edge, and even more so, to bring Ryan closer as well. Her fingernails scraped against her sensitive nub and Wynonna couldn't help but cry out, her eyes squeezing shut. When she opened them again, the sight of Ryan stroking his exposed cock caught her off guard. It was the hottest thing she'd ever seen.

"Don't stop." He growled when her hands stilled. "Don't you dare stop now."

So she continued, rubbing her hand over her damp lips and then she slipped one, two, three fingers inside of her. She couldn't keep her head up anymore and let it fall back, her hair splayed across the hood. She thought of Ryan, pumping his much-bigger-than-average cock in his hand, and listened to the sounds of his broken breaths in front of her. She began to tremble, feeling herself about to roll off a cliff and into the sweet release of her orgasm at the bottom. Just as she was about to come, she felt her hands being pushed aside and her underwear being pulled down.

Ryan knelt between her legs and began hungrily kissing the folds of her sex, his tongue stroking her quivering entrance. As it darted inside, Wynonna plunged her fingers into Ryan's hair and held his head right where it was. She was so close…just a little bit…more…

"Ah!" she cried out, her entire body convulsing against Ryan's incredibly talented mouth.

She held him against her sex as the aftershocks rocked through her, her body shaking and writhing. When she finally calmed down, she tried to open her eyes but they felt like they were made of sand. She'd been right before in assuming it would be an intense orgasm; it was the most intense she had ever had.

Ryan lapped up her sweet juices before standing, his fully erect cock pressing against Wynonna's entrance. She felt him teasing her, tracing the length of her clit with the head of his member, and she began to whimper, begging for him to just take her already.

"What do you want?" he asked, continuing his torturous teasing. "Tell me."

"I…I want…" she could hardly speak; her orgasm had left her speechless.

"Come on, Winnie. You can do better than that." He pushed just the head inside of her and then pulled it out again. She gave a loud groan of frustration. "Use your words."

"I want you…to…"

"To what?"

She was tired of his games. "To fuck me!"

His hands grabbed onto her cuffed wrists and brought them up above her head as he plunged himself inside of her. Her mouth parted in a silent moan. Wynonna barely had time to get used to his size before he withdrew and then thrusted inside of her again, deeper this time. She raised her hips to meet his, encouraging his movements. He was pounding in her so fast, so hard, she felt her body sliding up the hood of his car. It was all just so good.

"Oh God!" Wynonna moaned, wanting so badly to grab for something, anything, but her hands were still locked above her head by his own. "Fuck!"

As if sensing this, Ryan let go off her cuffed wrists and she immediately brought them up and over his head, dragging his face down close to hers as he continued pounding inside her. She didn't kiss him; just rested her forehead against his and listened to his moans as they mingled with hers. Her inner walls squeezed and held him each time their bodies met. She could feel herself getting closer and closer to coming.

His hands planted on top of the hood, holding himself above her body as he thrusted. She had never stared someone in the eyes for so long, and felt herself shying away from the intense contact. As soon as she turned her head slightly, she felt her chin being gently directed back to where it was. Ryan's eyes bore deep into hers.

"I want you to look at me." He whispered, pausing as he let out a straggled groan before continuing. "Don't look away."

Wynonna nodded in understanding, and when he hit the perfect spot, she cried out and bucked her hips in response, begging for him to hit it again. Taking the hint, Ryan angled himself accordingly and watched her face contort as he pressed himself into her most sensitive spot. Her lips were parted in a permanent moan, hands clawing at the hair that touched the back of his neck. It was all becoming too much. She felt her toes curling in anticipation of her orgasm.

She was moaning unintelligibly, murmuring quiet chants for him to keep going, that she was close. When her orgasm collapsed over top of her, Wynonna arched her back and stilled, her entire body convulsing as an intense pleasure coursed throughout her. She had barely come back down from it when Ryan's thrusts increased in speed, so much to the point where she actually felt herself on the brink of a second orgasm. And then, he pulled out of her completely and fell over top of her body, letting out an almost animal-like growl as he came.

Wynonna lay spent on the hood, listening to the sounds of Ryan's chopping, erratic breaths as he pressed his face into her neck. She felt so heavy but so light at the same time. It was fascinating. As much as she wanted to stay like that though, she knew she needed to ask the obvious question.

"So," she began, and Ryan lifted his head to look at her, "does this mean I'm not arrested?"

This time, he let his smile spread all the way across his face. It brightened up his dark features. "Yes. You're free to go."

"But…I mean, I don't have to go right now." Wynonna reasoned hesitantly, her shoulders shrugging. "I could stay for a little while longer."

His smile widened. "I'd like that."

"Good…now take these handcuffs off me and let me show you what I can do."

A/N: hey guys! So just quickly, I wanted to apologize for my lack of stories. I've been super lazy lately and haven't written much of anything! Also, I just wanted to say that I've never really tried to write a "quick-sex" sort of story before (mine all involve love-making) so this was something new and I hope i did okay...maybe...? x) Anyways, thanks for reading!


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