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Call Me Dean- Part 3

Short story By: LadyLovely

Third and final part to the "Call Me Dean" series: Kate and her teacher Mr. Dean McKinley continue their love affair, but what's next for these two now that Kate has graduated?

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And here is part two:http://www.booksie.com/erotica/short_story/ladylovely/call-me-dean-part-2


I tossed my graduation cap into the passenger seat as I climbed in, pausing only briefly to ball up the hem of my gown and sit on it to ensure it didn't get caught in the door. When I looked out the windshield, I could just barely see my parents across the school parking lot, getting into their own car. Mom turned as if sensing my stare, and we locked gazes. She was still wearing the digital camera on a strap around her neck like she was some sort of tourist. Seeing that made me recall about twenty minutes before, when I'd been walking across a creaky wooden stage to retrieve my diploma from Principal Brake. Both of my parents had jumped to their feet, hollering and clapping louder than the other parents and snapping photos of me. What surprised me, though, was that I wasn't embarrassed, as I usually would have been. In fact, I'd thrown my head back and laughed, stopping to hold my diploma up and grin so they'd have a good picture.

Now, mom stared at me with a half-smile on her mouth, and slowly brought her hand up to wave. When I waved back, her smile widened, and she blew me a kiss before opening her door and climbing into the car with my father. They were both going home with the belief I was on my way to the community center for the after party, and then to my friend Emerson's for the night. That had been my initial plan, too, but I'd realized something after my diploma was pressed into my hand, and Principal Brake congratulated me on graduating. The after party was going to the have to wait; I was making a stop first.

As I drove, I unzipped the front of my gown, but only so much that my neck could finally breathe. I wanted it to remain on my shoulders, feeling like a heavy blanket with wide sleeves and a meaning far beyond me being past my high school years. Or at least that's how I saw it. This was the start of something amazing, something without boundaries and laws and school codes. This gown on me symbolized freedom, and I knew exactly where I was going to find exactly who I was looking for to share it with.


Dean answered the door with one hand pushing through his dark hair, the other adjusting a grey shirt I assumed he threw on when I knocked. For a moment, we stood in silence, taking in one another. I'm sure he wasn't expecting to see me standing in his apartment hall, especially not wearing a graduation gown. But the initial shock wore off, and then he grinned, leaning against the door frame with a smile. "Should I even ask how you know where I live?"

My cheeks flush, and I recalled a few days before when we went for coffee on a Sunday morning. I'd gotten caught up in the conversation, and decided that it was as good a time as any to confess my deep obsession for him. He seemed thoroughly entertained, making me stop at some points and explain myself further, insisting on detail. He was most amused, I noted, with the fact that he'd been my sole crush throughout my entire high school career. It was such a shock for him to hear I hadn't even looked at any other guys in my grade, although he wouldn't believe me when I said none of them even came close to being slightly comparable to him.

Back in the hallway, I gave a hesitant, shy smile. "I sort of looked you up in the yellow pages one day."

"Ah." Despite how embarrassing my confession was, Dean was still smiling, and he moved aside, beckoning me with one hand. "Please, come in."

I did so almost too eagerly, having often wondered just what Dean McKinley's apartment might look like. For the most part, I figured it would be modern with dark colors and tall windows, lights hanging from the ceilings with retro shades and paintings on the walls by artists I'd never even heard of. But I was pleasantly surprised to be proven wrong.

The entire main floor of his apartment was covered in books. Stacks and stacks took up every inch, some even blocking the moonlight that tried to pour in through a few windows. The walls were a plain, beige color and were left practically bare except for the odd bookshelf or mirror. I could see a soft looking couch sitting in front of a television set, and there was a small, open kitchen just off of this as well. Aside from that, the rest of his apartment was hidden in an adjoining hallway where three closed doors were located.

"Wow." I turned in a slow circle, taking in the entire room. "There are so many books."

"I'm kind of a collector." Dean shrugged, picking up one off the top of a nearby stack and flipping open the cover. "I can never find it in myself to throw any away though, so they just keep piling up."

My eyes wandered along the spines, recognizing many titles while others went unheard of. I noticed a lamp on the far side of the room where the couch was, an indent in the cushion and a book laying open there telling me he had been indulging in a story before I'd interrupted. That was when I remembered my news, and turned excitedly to face him, my arms spread wide. "Notice anything different about me?" I sashayed slowly, making the gown twirl around my legs and hug against my thighs.

Dean reached out one hand, and touched my blond locks resting on the side of my face, his fingers brushing my cheek lightly. "Unless I am the most unobservant man in the world, I'll have to go with the fact that you're wearing a graduation gown tonight."

"Do you know what that means?"

His eyes found mine, and he smiled widely, raising one eye brow. "I'm assuming the obvious reason being you're no longer a high school student isn't the right answer here."

"No, it's not." I took a step forward, and wrapped my arms around his waist, my head tipped back so I could look at him fully. "It means I'm not your student anymore."

"Mhmm." His fingers pushed my hair behind my ears, his eyes wandering my face with a light smile.

"And so," I continued quietly, "There's nothing really between us now. No rules, no laws…"

"Which didn't exactly stop us before." Dean pointed out.

"You're ruining this symbolic moment."

"Sorry." He bit his lip to keep from grinning. "Please, continue."

"Too late; the moment's gone."

Dean laughed, and gathered me his chest. I turned my head to the side, and closed my eyes, listening to the beat of his steady heart beside my ear. For a moment we remained that way, our bodies pressed together and arms wrapped around each other, so tight as if afraid someone might try and pry us apart for whatever reason. What reason could they possibly have now, though? I was of legal age, and he was no longer my teacher. There was literally nothing stopping us.

"Isn't there a dance you should be going to?" Dean asked, but I noticed he made no move to let go of me.

I nodded. "Yes."

"I take it you aren't going?"

"Do you want me to?"

"No, definitely not."

"Well good, because I'm not."

"So I have you all to myself then?"

"All night."

He gently loosened his hold, and pulled back to look down at my face with a puzzled expression. "All night?"

"I told my parents I was going to a friend's house after the dance." I looked down at the ground shyly for a moment, my nervousness making my stomach tie into a knot. A proposition I'd been holding back on for weeks sat heavy on my tongue. Ever since that day in the change room shower, Dean vowed not to make love to me again until I'd graduated. I was perfectly fine with this, since our secret dates were always enough to satisfy my hunger for him. But now, standing in the middle of his apartment with his bedroom just feet away…

"Do you remember what you said, that day in the change room shower?" I asked hesitantly, my eyes still lowered.

Dean captured my hair between his fingers, twirling it with an absent expression. "I said a lot of things."

"Yes, but afterwards, you said you weren't going to make love to me until I graduated."

"I remember."

"So…" I trailed off, swallowing anxiously. "I'm here right now, no longer a student."

Dean's fingers gently raised my chin so we were looking at each other again. He stared down at me with a heavy lidded gaze, his lips parted slightly into a half smirk. "Well, you only just graduated." He teased me gently. "Maybe we should wait twenty-four hours until its official."

"Maybe." I amended, my hands gliding up the length of his back, across the prominent dip and over each shoulder blade until they rested on top of his shoulders, my thumbs tracing the sides of his neck lightly. "Or, maybe you could take me to your bedroom and fulfill your second promise about making love to me in an actual bed."

"That does sound like a better deal." He murmured.

"I thought so too."

"Shall we?" he jerked his head in the direction of the hallway, his eyes never leaving mine.

I nodded wordlessly.

He led me across the length of his apartment, our hands gripped tight together and pace almost teasingly slow. I couldn't contain the excitement that resonated inside of me. Every time we had been together, be it getting coffee or just taking a walk in the park, I'd wanted to feel that passion I'd felt the previous times that we had made loved at least once more. But Dean was a gentleman, and true to his word. Each date ended with a lingering kiss; nothing more, nothing less. I admired him greatly, but even on our last few days in class, I would find myself sitting in my desk, staring at his back while he wrote on the chalkboard and begging time to go faster so I could graduate already. His kisses left me wanting so much more, and knowing I only had to survive the last week or so of my school career to get it was maddening.

Dean's bedroom was much neater than the rest of his apartment. In it, he had a single king sized bed and a dresser covered with a stereo system and CD cases, blinds pulled down over his window to hide the night from our view. He flipped on a bedside lamp as we entered, and then let go of my hand to walk over to his dresser, thumbing through his collection of discs. As he did this, I sat down gingerly on his bed, sinking into the soft mattress and smiling to myself. When he turned around again, I'd already taken off my sandals, relieved my hair from its ponytail restraint, and shaken it out so it lay on my shoulders. I hoped I looked at least a little bit sexy, and judging from the way Dean's adam's apple bobbed, I guessed I had done all of the right things.

"What's that?" I asked quietly, nodding at the disc he held in his hand.

He smiled, and put it into his stereo. A moment later, soft piano music filled the room, and he walked over to me slowly, running a hand through his hair. "It's Yiruma. I don't know if you like him but I just thought that it would sound-"

"It's perfect." I assured him gently, and stood up to meet him halfway to the bed. "Everything is just perfect."

My hands gripped the hem of his tee shirt, and I slowly raised it over top of his head, dropping it onto the ground beside us. His broad chest heaved slightly, and he made a quiet noise in the back of his throat as I bent forward, placing a light kiss on his bare collarbone. I turned my face to the side, my nose trailing the length of his skin, and I inhaled, taking in his cologne and the smell of something sweet on his body. When I raised my face, Dean dipped his and pressed his lips over top of mine, hungrily taking possession. His hand found the zipper of my gown, and pulled it down the rest of the way until the fabric fell from my shoulders into a pool on the ground.

I felt his arm move underneath me, and a moment later, he scooped me up off my feet, never breaking the kiss. My hands gripped the back of his neck and my kisses grew feverish. I didn't even realize he had walked us both over to the bed until I felt myself being laid onto my back, pressing into the soft blankets of his mattress. He broke our kiss, only to continue it across my jaw and down my neck, his fingers slipping beneath my tank top and brushing against my skin. I shuddered involuntarily, and writhed beneath him, my head tipped back and eyes closing blissfully.

My top was off in the next moment, leaving me in the lace bra I was so thankful I'd chosen to wear, and my jeans. Dean kissed the top of each mound, visible above the cups of the bra, and then thumbed my hardened nipples through the thin fabric, blowing lightly on them as well. He reached behind my body and unhooked my bra, pulling it out from beneath me and tossing it into the pile of our discarded clothing. As soon as my breasts were free, he lowered his mouth onto the right one, capturing the budded nipple between his teeth and flicking his tongue against it while his other hand massaged my left one.

I felt that now easily recognizable warmth in my stomach going south, and I crossed my legs anxiously as it made its presence far more noticeable. My fingers twirled in Dean's hair, keeping his mouth exactly where I wanted it, and I turned my head to the side, letting out a gasp as a wave of pleasure rocked through me. He smiled against my breast, and then dragged his mouth between the valley of the two before closing it over top of my left one and continuing the process.

One of his hands slid down the length of my abdomen and stopped just above the button of my jeans. I rolled my hips upwards, encouraging him to continue. He popped the button, and then slid my jeans down my legs, his hands travelling back up to rest against my thigh as he removed his mouth from my breast, and kissed my mouth, long and deep. I felt dizzy and excited, and when his knuckles brushed against the thin fabric of my underwear, I gave a low moan and parted my lips, allowing his tongue to slip in and twirl with mine. I'd forgotten just how good he tasted.

His fingers slipped beneath my underwear, teasing my begging lips for a moment before gliding between the slick folds, rubbing against my clit. He encircled it teasingly, his teeth nipping at my lower lip until I moaned, and then he pressed his fingers against my opening. He pushed one inside of me, pumping it in and out slowly. I could feel my arousal lubricating his entry. He added another finger and another until I was shaking against his hand, overcome with the pleasure of it all.

Dean slid down the length of my body, stopping to kiss beneath my breasts, my ribcage, and my naval before lifting his face to look at me, his fingers hooking the waistband of my underwear. As he slid them down, I bit onto my lower lip, practically shaking from the anticipation of what I had wanted for so long. When his mouth finally touched my sex, I bucked my hips to meet him anxiously, begging for him give me what I wanted. His fingers continued to pump in and out of me, and then he replaced them with his tongue, sending my senses into overdrive.

My fingers balled his bed sheets tightly, struggling to remain sane while the heat in my womb grew hotter and hotter the longer Dean pleasured me with his mouth. I drew my legs up so they were bent at the knees, and his hands gripped my calves lightly, holding me in place. He exhaled hot, short breaths against my vagina, his tongue still darting in and out of me in a continuous, steady rhythm. Licking all the way up to my clit, he raised his eyes to mine at the exact moment it all had become too much, and I gave into the heat inside of me. Every muscle in my body clenched tightly and I arched her back as my orgasm hit me like an enormous tidal wave, washing over my body in an immense burst of pleasure. I was left shaking on the back, lingering trembles of pleasure rocking through me.

I waited until the shocks had subsided before sitting up slowly, and bracing my hands on either side of Dean's face as I brought him back up with me. Our tongues danced together slowly and I moved so that we had switched positions, and he was sitting upright against the headboard of his bed. Breaking from the kiss, I made my way down to his chest, my tongue trailing a hot line in my wake. I gripped his biceps, squeezing them slightly, and rubbed my bare body against his track pants as I moved downwards, my mouth kissing every inch of him I could find.

When I reached his pants, I could see him straining against the fabric, begging to be released. Using one hand, I traced the length of him and heard him give a guttural moan, his head tipped back against the back of his bed. The sound reverberated in my head, and I felt heavy and liquid with the realization of what I was doing. It never ceased to shock me, the affect I had on this man. Could you honestly blame me though? Once upon a time, I believed I had the sexual appeal of a piece of wood, and yet there was one of the most beautiful men I'd even laid eyes on growing hard against the palm of my hand and making throaty noises.

Encouraged, I began to slide his track pants down his legs, taking his briefs with them. He lifted his hips from the bed immediately so I could finish pulling them over his legs, leaving him naked in front of me and waiting to see what my next move would be. Just like before, I felt a cluster of butterflies in my stomach at the thought of trying to pleasure him. I'd gone by instinct the previous time, and it had seemed to work well enough, but I still wondered if I wasn't as good as the other girls Dean had ever been with. Would he compare me to them as I tried my best? I forced these thoughts to the back of my mind as I gripped the base of his member in my hand, and stared at the size I had forgotten all about. If it weren't for our previous sexual encounters, I wouldn't have believed it could ever fit inside of me.

I began stroking the velvet skin, up and down his entire length, and then I squeezed him just below the rim. My finger nails grazed lightly against his manhood, and it seemed to quiver from the sensation. Lowering my head, I pulled my hair over to one side of my face to keep it out of the way, and licked at the tip of his penis, still slightly unsure about just what would make him feel the pleasure I'd so selfishly received. I wanted to return the favour, and then some.

I dragged my tongue across the rim, twirling it every so often and then dipping my mouth to enclose it over top of him, but only just barely before pulling back and starting over again. Dean's hands replaced mine, holding my hair back as he exhaled short, choppy breaths. When I looked at him, I was surprised to see a slick sheen of sweat on his chest and at his hairline, his eyes barely staying open to meet mine. I touched my hand to the underside of his member, giving it a light squeeze, and then took him into my mouth entirely, watching for his reaction as I pushed him as far as he would go without me gagging.

He gave out a low moan, his eyes closing fully and hands tightening in my hair, lowering my mouth, but only lightly so I could stop whenever I pleased. I took him in as far as I could, and then pulled him out again, although not all the way, before pushing him back in. I felt myself getting aroused the more I heard him moaning, and each time I felt his legs shifting anxiously underneath me, I felt the ache in my abdomen getting louder and louder. I needed him, now.

Dean must have been feeling the same way, because he gently pulled away from me, and gave me a heavy lidded look as he sat up. Before he could lay me onto the pillows though, I stopped him, my hands braced on his chest, and pushed him back down again. He stared up at my face with a puzzled expression, but it melted away as I straddled his hips, gliding myself over his length teasingly.

"I just want to try it once." I murmured, having thought about what it was like to be on top multiple times in the past few weeks.

Dean's hands found my lower back, and he rocked me back and forth so I could feel his entire member rubbing against my wet clit. "Just seeing you like that is making me hot, Kate." He murmured.

I began trembling with need, and then reached between us to grip him and guide him to my entrance. Leaning forward, I grabbed for his wrists and then pinned them on either side of his body as I slowly began to slide down onto his length. I took him in as far as I could, and then stopped, waiting for the slight twinge of pain from his size to recede before continuing. Still keeping his arms pinned to the bed, I began to rock back and forth.

Dean's arms flexed against my hold, but I could see how much he was enjoying me being in control as he stared at me through hooded eyes. I knew that if I work hard enough, I could find just the right angle to send me spiralling over the edge. I shifted my body slightly and lifted myself so that he was partially out of me before lowering down again. This time as he entered further inside of me, the tip of him touched the perfect spot and I let out a loud moan, my eye lashes fluttering as I repeated this move. My grip on his wrists loosened, and he freed his arms, moving to hold my lower back. Using this position, he helped to guide me, raising and lowering my body in a steady rhythm. I placed my hands over top of his and gave a loud moan, overcome with the immense pleasure this position was bringing.

He raised his hips to meet my movements with his own thrusts, groaning enthusiastically with his eye lids struggling to remain open. I stopped going up and down and began circling my hips, feeling every inch of him inside of me pressing against my walls in such a beautiful way. The heat in my sex became a loud, raging fire and I began to tremble, bracing my hands on Dean's chest to keep myself upright as my orgasm hit me. I threw my head back and gasped, shaking from the pleasure that threatened to knock me unconscious. I could barely keep my neck upright, my head suddenly feeling ten pounds heavier. Never had I experienced such a wonderful orgasm.

I was flipped onto my back, Dean hovering over me with a wide grin as his hands found my hips, pulling them closer to him. "My turn." He murmured, and began kissing my neck, pushing himself inside of me again. I grasped onto his shoulders with a sigh and closed my eyes, feeling him moving against my pelvis in a quick, steady pace that was sending me to that familiar edge all over again. My legs wrapped around his back and I squeezed him against my body, unable to get enough of all that was Dean McKinley.

"Kate." He groaned against my neck, picking up speed.

I knew he was getting close, and so I raised my hips upwards, letting him push even deeper inside of me. Dean bucked his hips against mine a moment longer, and then he let out a loud moan, his body trembling as he pulled out of me, finishing on my leg. He collapsed against me, fighting to catch his breath. I lightly traced the muscles on his back and held him close to me, waiting until he'd regained a normal breathing pattern to speak.

"You know," I said quietly, pausing to listen as the stereo switched tracks and another piano composition filled the room, "I think I like making love in a bed better than on the floor." He laughed, and then lifted the sheets from the mattress so we could crawl underneath them together. I was pulled close to his chest, his arms wrapping around me and face pressed against my cheek.

"So what do we do now?" I whispered, closing my eyes.

"We could shower."

"No, I mean, what now? I've graduated, so…what do we do?"

Dean was silent, and I opened my eyes to look at him, trying to decode the expression on his face. He was smiling though, and caught my gaze with raised eye brows. "I hope you're not implying we shouldn't stay together now that the risk of being caught is gone." He brought his lips to my ear, and whispered, "You can't get rid of me that easily."

I shivered. "Of course that's not what I mean. I'm just wondering if you…" I couldn't even finish, my cheeks coloring embarrassingly.

"Go on."

"Well, I'm not always sure what you see in me." I admitted shamefully. "I'm just some stupid girl who was in your English class. So now that we're not teacher and student, is the excitement gone? Have you realized how lame I am? I wouldn't blame you if you wanted to end things."


"I'm serious." Sitting up, I looked down at him and gathered the sheet closer to conceal my naked body, my eye brows furrowing and throat tightening. "I bet you've been with loads of women who are so much better than me. I bet that you've been in love before with some beautiful person who was your age and who you could walk out in the daylight with and no have to worry about someone seeing you two together. We may not be teacher and student anymore," I looked down and swallowed, tears stinging my eyes, "but there's still the age difference. You should be with someone you won't be ashamed to be seen with."

Dean sat up as well, his smile gone and replaced with a hurt expression. "Kate, how could you say that? You have no idea what you mean to me. I've wanted to be with you for so long, from the time you stepped foot into my classroom your freshmen year and gave me such a shy smile I felt like I would die right then and there. You make me feel like I can't breathe when you look at me, and I spend every minute of every day wondering how I ever got so lucky to be with such an amazing girl." He shifted closer to me, touching a hand to my shoulder lightly. "You may not understand why I love you, and I doubt I'll ever be able to convince you, but just know this. I am in love with you, Kate, and there is no one I would rather be with. I am most definitely not ashamed of you, and…" he paused, turning his head to the side and looking at something across the room. "And I know how to prove it to you."

I gave him a curious look when he slid out from under the covers, and pulled on his track pants again. He walked over to his dresser, opened the top drawer and pulled something out from inside of it. He didn't turn around for a moment, staring at whatever it was he held. "I love you." He whispered, and looked over his shoulder at me, his smile shaking on his lips. "I want to know that you love me too."

"Of course I do." I tilted my head to the side, not following. "Dean, what's going on?"

Slowly, he turned to face me, his fist enclosed over what he was holding. He made his way back over to the bed and sat down in front of me, reaching for my hand. "Kate." He murmured, his hair falling over his face as he looked down at my fingers. "I… I've never done this before and it may seem rushed but I don't want you to feel pressured to say yes just yet. I want you to think about this before you say anything because you have your whole life ahead of you, but I really just wish to be a part of it with you."

My heart began to pick up, the butterflies returning to my stomach. "Dean…"

He opened his hand, revealing a plain gold band with a heart shaped diamond nested into his palm. My breath caught in my throat, and I just stared at it with wide eyes, not knowing what to say. Dean took my hand and gently slid the ring onto my finger. Perfect fit. "It was my mother's." He explained quietly, turning my hand over to examine it. "I think it looks fantastic on you."

"It's beautiful." I breathed.

"Beautiful ring for a beautiful girl." He looked up at my face, smiling lightly. "Kate, will you marry me?"

The first thing I thought of, the very first thing that clouded my vision and took me away from this moment in his bedroom, was the image of me sitting on his couch next to him, thumbing through one of his thousands of books with this ring on my finger. Each page turn would bring it up into the light sending a brilliant kaleidoscope of color from the diamond over the paper. Then, I saw an image of me leaning over the kitchen counter as Dean tried to cook something, each of us taking turns to revisit the events of our day. Lastly, I saw the image of the two of us walking hand in hand through the city and discussing our plans for the weekend. Was it possible for us to live a normal life? Well…why not?

"Yes." I whispered, my smile spread wide across my face as I began to bob up and down excitedly. "Oh my God, yes I will!"

Dean leaned forward and captured my lips with his own, hugging me tight against his body. When he pulled back, his face was absolutely lit up. "Now, we'll have to wait until you're done university."

"Of course!"

He stared at me for a moment, his eyes passing over my face with a wide smile. "My God, I can't believe this happening."

"Me neither." I looked down at the ring, feeling breathless.

"So I guess you know what comes next, right?"

I frowned at him. "No, what?"

He lifted my hand up to his mouth and kissed the ring, smiling against it. "Now we have to tell your parents."

A/N: So there you go. This is the last installment of the "Call me Dean" trilogy...if you can even call it that : ) I hope everyone enjoyed this part, and maybe the ending seems a bit rushed, or it finishes too quickly, but I've thought about this for a long time, and I really wanted the story to end this way. Thank you everyone for reading! I had so much fun writing this!


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