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Call me Dean- Part 2

Short story By: LadyLovely

“Dean.” I said, and paused, wondering if it was still okay that I called him by his first name. When a muscle in his jaw jumped and his hands found my hips, I figured it was, and I continued. “Did you think about me at night?”

He nodded once, staring at me with a longing gaze. “Yes.”

“And did you ever find yourself unable to contain how much you wanted me, so much that it almost hurt?”

Again, he nodded.

“Now you know how I’ve felt since the day I entered your classroom.”

I traced my hands down his chest, and stopped to unbutton his shirt slowly, taking an agonizingly long time for the both of us. Dean took over, hurriedly finishing the task and then rolling the fabric from his shoulders, stopping only to see what I was going to do next. I wasn’t sure how I felt about being in control, but I’d be lying if I said a little part of me didn’t like it. I was setting the pace now, making him wait like he’d made me wait for so long.

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Part three to "Call me Dean" can be found here:http://www.booksie.com/erotica/short_story/ladylovely/call-me-dean-part-3

Part One to "Call Me Dean" can be found here: http://www.booksie.com/erotica/short_story/ladylovely/call-me-dean

As for those who have read it, I hope you all like this sequel I decided to make! The intro is a little long but I hope you find that it is worth it! Okay, enough of reading this! There's a perfectly good story down there!

PS- please give your thoughts in a comment. Good, bad, I like 'em all :)



I looked at the clock above Mrs. Gerard's head, my eyes narrowing on the seemingly frozen minute hand that had yet to move from its place on the eleven. It seemed that for an hour now there had been only five minutes left in class and I was positive that the clock was either frozen or playing cruel tricks on me. Either way, my heart began to pick up speed and I felt a cold sweat starting in the small of my back, both causing me to fidget nervously in my desk. The other students around me paid no attention, although a girl I talked to occasionally, Erin, cast me a curious glance before returning her attention to Mrs. Gerard. I knew I should have calmed myself but it had been two days since that English period when my whole life had been turned upside down, and now that it was Monday again, I could finally go back to his class.

My entire weekend was spent in my bedroom, locked away from my family with the curtains drawn shut and a pillow hugged tight against my chest. I'd closed my eyes, spread my legs and let the lower half of the pillow fall between them, just like Mr. McKinley had, but it really didn't feel the same. No matter how hard I imagined, it wasn't his body pressing down on mine and that was something I wanted more than anything else in the world. I was drunk with the thought of him, and determined to recreate that moment we'd shared on Friday, if only once more to satisfy this unyielding need inside of me.

"Remember your assignments for tomorrow." Mrs. Gerard was saying, and I felt a twinge of guilt, realizing that I'd forgotten to do it. I'd been otherwise preoccupied that weekend, and something as insignificant as a research essay on the American Revolution wasn't about to pull me from my bedroom. I'm sure my parents worried about me, especially when I skipped meals and refused to let them inside of my room when they knocked. I can say most confidently that I wasn't going to keep up that behaviour. All I needed was one more time, one more moment of bliss, and I'd be satisfied. Now, if only the goddamn clock would move.

"Kate." I turned my head to the side to meet Erin's anxious gaze. "Are you alright?"

I forced a smile. "Yeah, why wouldn't I be?"

Around us, the class had risen from their seats to go socialize with friends, and although this was usually when Erin and I spoke about our other classes, I really didn't feel like having a conversation. My eyes began to wander back in the direction of the clock, but even from that awkward angle I could see the hand had only moved an inch, if that. I let out an irritated sigh. "Is it just me, or is this class especially dragging on today?"

Erin narrowed her eyes, and shrugged one shoulder. "I haven't really noticed."

Someone came up behind her then, a girl I'd never spoke to, and Erin's attention was drawn away from me. Exhaling, I looked down at my binder, sitting closed on my desk, and began picking at the spine, thinking about Mr. McKinley. I thought about his hands on my inner thighs, spreading my legs gently so that he could bow his head between them, and also about his face, so close to mine, as he pushed himself into me...

My teeth snagged onto my lower lip as I suppressed a moan, crossing my legs over each other to try and ignore the sudden warmth down there.

That was when the bell rang. Usually I lingered back, waiting until the class was empty before leaving myself, but on that particular day, I was the first one at the door, ignoring Erin completely. I felt bad, and told myself that I would make it up to her, but at that moment, I had other things on my mind. The hallways were crowded, students walking all too slow, and so I really made an effort to push my way past them rather than waiting for them to hurry up, like I usually did. I received some annoyed mutters in response. As if I cared.

I should have gone to my locker to get my English text book, but I was far too excited, and found myself at Mr. McKinley's door almost instantly, still holding my history notes. All of a sudden, my confidence began to fade away and I began to feel extremely shy, wondering what would happen. Maybe he wouldn't be as thrilled to see me as I was him. Maybe he would be embarrassed about Friday, or even ashamed, and would refuse to even lay eyes on me the entire period. Still standing outside the door, my face fell, and I clutched my binder closer to my chest, debating whether or not I should go inside.

Someone knocked into my shoulder, a boy who sat at the back of the class and was prone to making jokes the entire period. He didn't even apologize as he walked inside, but before the door had met the frame again, he cheered, and called out, "Yes! Substitute!"

I heard a few more cheers come from the other students who'd arrived before me, but I could not have been in a more reluctant mood to celebrate.

Was Mr. McKinley avoiding me?


After school I had volleyball practice. I wasn't at my best game, and so I pretty much made an idiot of myself, letting the ball hit me several times in the face and falling to my knees when trying to save it from going out of court. A couple of the girls snickered whilst others, the kinder ones, asked me if there was something wrong, if I was sick. I couldn't very well tell them the truth, so I just blamed my behaviour on a headache. Coach told me to sit out the rest of the practice and rest, which I thought was about as humiliating as the fact I'd been so confident things between me and Mr. McKinley would be different.

I knew almost instantly that it was because of me he wasn't at school. Why else would he skip my English period? The other students in my class had a good time, joking with the female substitute and convincing her that Mr. McKinley never gave us homework on Mondays so we didn't get any from her, either. I'd remained a statue the entire period, my eyes glued to his desk top where he'd laid me down, and exposed me to him, kissing me softly in a place I'd never imagined to be kissed and sending me higher than all the stars in the sky. The thought made my heart ache, especially when my eyes moved to the floor beside his desk, and I was taken aback by the sudden surge of images; him bowing overtop of me, balancing his weight on his palms as he pushed, entered, cracked me wide and took something that I'd been more than willing to give him.

When practice was over, I followed the girls back into the change room, although I made no move to hurry. I felt like I was being a real downer, especially when I remained pouting on the bench by the lockers, refusing to speak to any of the girls as they tried to cheer me up. It wasn't long before they'd given up completely and gone back to shower. I don't think I even moved at all, not when they were in there, when they came back and got dressed, or when I found myself suddenly alone, not another soul in the change room.

I was ashamed of myself, for thinking that I could ever love someone like Mr. McKinley and have him love me back. Friday was a moment of weakness for him, I decided. All those things he'd said, about wanting me for so long and about how much he loved me, was all nothing. It meant nothing to him and I knew I should start believing that it no longer meant anything to me, either. With a shuddering sigh, I stood from the bench and stripped down out of my practice uniform, shoving it inside of my locker before grabbing a towel and heading back to the empty showers.

The cold water was like a wakeup call. I stood upright underneath the shower head, setting my determined gaze on the tiled wall. I wouldn't be that pathetic girl, clinging onto him and begging him to come back to me. I would not stoop that low. If he didn't want me, then I didn't want him. No point chasing someone who isn't about to stop and let me catch them.

The sudden feel of a hand on my shoulder caused me to gasp out loud and turn, my feet slipping on the wet floor. I flailed my arms wildly, trying to catch myself but a pair of strong, familiar arms did for me. My body was still slick from the water, continuing to pour down on me, and I struggled without avail to free myself from whoever held me. That is, until I looked up with an angered expression and met the face of Mr. McKinley, his dark hair hanging in wet strands on his forehead, and white dress shirt soaked with water.

For a moment, I stilled, blinking at him and ignoring the way my heart had skipped when I realized it was his arms around me, holding me against his torso. I studied his face, the expressionless stare it wore, and the way his lips were parted, driving me crazy. And then, I remembered how I'd felt all day, and grew angry, thrashing against him and demanding he let go of me.

He did, almost instantly. "Kate, can we talk?"

"Get out of here!" I searched for my towel, and spotted it hanging up on a hook beside the shower head. As I wrapped it around me, I was aware of Mr. McKinley still standing in front of me, unmoved. I looked at him again, my eyes hard. "Do you realize how much trouble you'll get in, being in here with a student?"

"I don't care."

"Well I do." I tucked the corner of the towel against my breasts to it would stay, and then turned to shut off the shower.

Mr. McKinley's hand closed overtop of mine, turning the knob with me. He pressed his front against my back, and I froze, flustered from the beating heart I could feel in my shoulder blade. I should have tried to push him off again, but it was as if everything inside of me shut down. I just wanted to stand there like that, his face by my ear and his warm breath tickling my neck.

"Kate." He said, and he lifted his hand from the shower knob, taking mine with it. I was turned around to face him, looking up at his eyes cautiously. "Can you please let me explain myself?"

I said nothing, too stunned to speak.

"I skipped our class because I'm worried." He shook his head, almost as if in awe, and gave a short, humorless laugh. "I'm such a coward, avoiding you like we are in preschool. But you have to understand." His other hand caught my chin, and tipped it back slowly, staring down at my eyes with such a soft gaze that my knees felt like they might give out. "I can't see you without wanting you, and that's not good."

"It's not?" I asked automatically, breathlessly, and he just smiled.

"I can't…control myself around you. You've been on my mind since Friday, and I don't want you to get in trouble, so I have to do what I can to keep myself from doing something I'll regret."

My brain was working hard to process this, although all it was registering was the fact that Mr. McKinley was admitting that he wanted me as much as I wanted him. All thoughts of that day, the pain I'd felt and the embarrassment, just disappeared. I lowered my eyes to the wet shower floor beneath us, closing them for a second as I swallowed tightly. Mr. McKinley waited patiently for me to speak. I did so slowly.

"I don't want you to control yourself around me."


"And I know you don't, either." Finally raising my eyes again, I stared at him squarely, and then reached up, brushing my hand across his cheek, tracing the hard shape of his jaw and feeling the tickle of the stubble there. "So why bother trying?"

There was something in his eyes, a sort of weakness that made me feel like I was winning this fight occurring inside of him. "You need to think about yourself."

"I am." My hand cupped his face, and I got up on my tip toes, daringly pressing my lips on the tip of his chin. "I want you just as much as you want me."

Mr. McKinley didn't speak, his eye lids heavy and breath coming out in erratic, choppy gasps. I was feeling more confident that I ever had, especially when I felt a hardness in his pleated pants pressing against my torso. I swallowed any nervous feelings that were holding me back, and then braced both of my hands on his shoulders, pushing him backwards. He complied, still silent even when I pressed him against the wall of the shower, looking up at his face with a hungry expression. I spread my fingers wide, and then gave his shoulders a squeeze, never leaving his gaze.

"Dean." I said, and paused, wondering if it was still okay that I called him by his first name. When a muscle in his jaw jumped and his hands found my hips, I figured it was, and I continued. "Did you think about me at night?"

He nodded once, staring at me with a longing gaze. "Yes."

"And did you ever find yourself unable to contain how much you wanted me, so much that it almost hurt?"

Again, he nodded.

"Now you know how I've felt since the day I entered your classroom."

I traced my hands down his chest, and stopped to unbutton his shirt slowly, taking an agonizingly long time for the both of us. Dean took over, hurriedly finishing the task and then rolling the fabric from his shoulders, stopping only to see what I was going to do next. I wasn't sure how I felt about being in control, but I'd be lying if I said a little part of me didn't like it. I was setting the pace now, making him wait like he'd made me wait for so long.

Once his shirt was lying in a puddle of water on the ground, I pressed my lips against his collarbone, nipping at the flesh there until I felt him shudder, his hold on my hips tightening. Slowly, I made my way up his neck, across his jaw, until my mouth was right on the corner of his, our breath mingling and bodies flattened against each other. I wondered if he could feel the strain on the towel where my breasts were growing hard. Lifting myself up, and making sure he was secured against the wall with both of my hands against his chest, I kissed him. It was soft, practically just a brush of lips, but it was enough to make Dean growl, and push his face forward, trying to meet my mouth completely. I pulled back in a teasing manor, enjoying the groan of frustration he gave.

Turning my face, I kissed his shoulder, the hot, wet skin there, and then gradually returned to his mouth. I'd spent the weekend thinking about what I would do, and although I was embarrassed to do this, I really wanted to see what his reaction would be. So, still holding him, I leaned forward and traced the shape of his lips with my tongue.

Dean was suddenly yanking my towel from my body, his hands then finding either side of my face and pulling me towards him, capturing my lips with his. I leant into him as his lips forced mine open, our tongues meeting and dancing together. I felt everything inside of me coming alive, just like it had the last time we'd been together. My lower body was throbbing with anticipation, the warmth becoming that same raging fire it had before as well. Slowly, we sank down the wall and onto the ground, Dean adjusting me so that I was sitting right on his lap. I could feel him, hard and begging against the fabric of his pants, and the thought of how I'd done that to him made my cheeks flush with pride.

He broke off our kiss and dropped his mouth against my neck, tipping my head back to get better access. I closed my eyes, focusing on the feel of his hands, gripping my lower back tightly, and his lips moving across my chest towards my breasts. His captured one nipple between his teeth, and I gasped loudly, my hands finding his hair and holding him in place as he rolled his tongue over the sensitive peak. "Oh God, Dean."

His hands moved up my back and across my shoulders, gripping my upper arms for a moment before lowering down to my chest. Breaking away from my breast, he used both of his hands to knead and caress the mounds of flesh, sending me further into a hazy, blissful fog. With each moan, Dean only grew even more encouraged, cupping my breasts and massaging them. His fingers tweaked and pulled at my erect nipples, brushing his tongue across them every so often. I arched my back as one of his hands slid down my abdomen, stopping just above my begging sex. Slowly, I returned my gaze to his, and we locked eyes. Without breaking it, Dean's fingers moved further, sliding across my sensitive golden curls, and touching my clit.

I flinched and pressed my face into his neck, feeling my entire body weakening as he teased me.

Using his index finger, he traced my lips, his middle finger brushing against my entrance but never entering me, as I would have liked. I rolled my hips against his hand, begging for this. He touched his lips to my ear for a moment before speaking. "Not so fun being teased, is it?" When I said nothing, my mouth feeling like it was filled with sand, he brought up a finger to his mouth and moistened it before returning it down to my vagina, circling my clit and making me shiver involuntarily.

My hands clamped onto his shoulders, bracing myself as I spread my legs to give him better access. Every muscle inside of me clenched from the yearning and unbearable heat in my abdomen, and it wasn't helping that Dean was pushing me further, his finger probing at my entrance. As soon as he slipped it inside, I moaned, finding it a chore just to trying and keep my eyes opened.

One finger was pushed into my core, and then two, and then three. With each addition, Dean drove me insane until I was rolling away from him, deciding I shouldn't be the only one experiencing such pleasure. He gave me a confused expression to which I responded by pushing him onto his back, and straddling his hips with my naked legs on either side of him.

"My turn." I murmured, and then dipped my head to kiss him, long and deep.

I felt his hands plunging deep into the wet locks of hair on my head, thrusting his hips upward enthusiastically against mine. I could have just sat there and kissed him for hours, but we were both wanting more, and so reluctantly, I broke away from him, and began my descent downwards, dragging my naked body across his chest. I slipped, slid, making the muscles in his stomach glisten from the moisture. By the time I'd relaxed between his legs, Dean was breathing heavily, his head back against the floor and Adam's apple bobbing erratically as he swallowed.

I knelt down in front of him, my hands grabbing for the button of his pants and undoing them, pulling them down over his legs and feet. As soon as he was free of them, Dean turned his head to the side and reached out to grip the waistband of his underwear. I closed my own hands over his, stopping this.

"Let me." I said, my voice huskier than I'd anticipated.

Bending down at the waist, I touched my mouth to the outline of his hip bones, just barely visible above his underwear. I'd never done anything like this before, but the sounds coming from Dean's throat were encouraging me enough to make me go on despite how nervous I was. My hands gripped onto his naked thighs, holding my weight as I looked down at the hard bulge in his underwear. Smiling to myself, I kissed him there, and felt him twitch and hear him let out a hiss of breath between his teeth. I pulled down his underwear, and his manhood stood erect before me, bigger than I had remembered.

A friend of mine had told me how to do it, but I still wasn't one hundred percent sure how to, and I think Dean knew that. Propping himself up on his elbows once I'd freed him of his underwear, he gave me a heavy lidded, encouraging look. "Kate, you don't have to if you're not comfortable."

"I want to." Swallowing my nervousness, I gripped the base of his member with my hand, surprised at how hot it was. Too embarrassed to look at Dean, I focused on what I was doing, and began pumping up and down, remember how my friend had told me she'd driven her boyfriend nearly mad by doing this. I could hear Dean groaning, and sucking in a shuddering breath every so often. My hand moved faster and without even thinking, I dipped my face and dragged my tongue across the rim of his cock.

"Kate!" Dean flinched, and I looked up at him in alarm, figuring I'd done something wrong. "Oh God, you're driving me wild."

Again, pride welled inside of me at the thought of what I was doing to this man who had done so many things to me. Even more encouraged than before, I drew him inside of my mouth and flicked at his skin with my tongue. As I pulled him back, I let my teeth graze him, and then pushed him back inside, continuing this pattern whilst Dean writhed beneath me. What an incredible sight.

As soon as his hands balled into fists at his sides, Dean groaned and gently pulled away from me, beads of sweat dampening his hairline. "I need you, now." He said gruffly, and moved forward so that I lay backward, now flat against the shower ground with him over top of me. His hands held onto my sides, and I opened my legs for him so that his slick body could move right into mine with ease. I was more than ready for him, and when I felt him at my entrance, I tipped my head back, moaning with anticipation.

With one huge thrust, Dean pushed himself inside of me. The sudden pressure in my core made me gasp, but it was so good, even better than before, then I immediately wrapped my legs around his waist bad buried my face into his neck, murmuring for him to continue. I felt him pulling himself up so he could move inside of me freely, and my hands found his shoulder blades, trailing my way down to the small of his back as he began to pump in and out of me in a strong, fluid motion. I felt each thrust in the muscles of his back before they happened, and I used my legs, still locked around him, to guide him inside of mine encouragingly.

"You're so…tight!" Dean grunted above me, his eyes shut and head tipped up towards the ceiling with furrowed brows as he concentrated on what he was doing. "It feels amazing!"

Anything I was going to say was lost in my throat, shock and pleasure blocking my voice from escaping. He filled me completely, and with every thrust, I felt that special coil inside of me winding up again, readying itself to explode. My toes began to curl in anticipation, and when I looked up at Dean's face, I was surprised to see him gazing down at me, biting onto his lip. We remained like that for a while. He snaked one arm underneath my neck and anchored it so that I was looking right at him, eye to eye, and the intensity of it only made me even more crazy with pleasure.

I could feel it, the sensation that I'd grown to recognize, starting by my bellybutton and gradually making its way south. My fingers clawed at Dean's strong shoulders, nails scraping his skin. I tried to keep my eyes open but it was too much, and so I threw back my head, squeezed them shut, and cried out as my orgasm swept over me. My body convulsed erratically from the power of it.

Above me, Dean groaned, and pressed his face into the mass of semi-dry hair collected on my neck. A moment later, he gave one final, hard thrust, and then rolled away from me, finishing on the ground next to my shuddering body. We lay there together; shoulder to shoulder all the way down to our feet until we'd managed to catch our breaths. Then, I moved so that I was pressed up against his side, one arm wrapped around his strong chest and my face nuzzled into his skin. I felt his hand in my hair, stroking it gently as he swallowed loudly.

"That was-"

"Yeah." I said, and looked up at his smiling face with one of my own. "It was."

Dean sighed. "You know, one day I'll make love to you on a bed and not on the floor."

"I look forward to it."

A/N: Oh hey, me again :) I just wanted to quickly say that I appreciate the large response my first story recieved, and I definitely took in all the suggestions about a sequel, as evident from this sequel. More than anything, I wanted to show people what I thought would happen after the first segment, since I'm sure I would be curious as well had I not known. Obviously, Kate has become more comfortable in her relationship sexually and I'm glad I decided to make a sequel to show that. Now I'm not sure why there aren't allowed annonymous comments but I'm trying to figure it out. If anyone knows what I've done wrong, it'd would be a REALLY big help to tell me :) Thanks for all the support!



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