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The Day - My Babe Outdid Herself!

Short story By: Lady Jewells

Tags: Babe, Bj

Today, my Lady gave me the best head job ever. In less than 30 minutes – She had me screaming and creaming!

Submitted:Jan 5, 2013    Reads: 1,815    Comments: 3    Likes: 4   

The Day - My Babe Outdid Herself!

On any given day - there's a kind of double action going on; there's the feelings I feel on the top of my skin and then, there's the feeling I get when the loose skin slides over the glands and veins along my shaft. It's that friction and all those sensations that have to come together, in order for me to blow my load. Today, my Lady gave me the best head job ever. In less than 30 minutes - She had me screaming and creaming!

The early alarm went off. I hit the snooze button, rolled over towards my Lady and smiled. The alarm sounded off again - this time I reached over, shut it off, and pulled her body closer to me. I like snuggling with her. I like the way my cock feels nestled in the crack of her ass. It was a lazy Saturday morning and we had nowhere to be for a few hours. So, I reached around and traced the outline of her breast and nipple. Ummmm! She moaned in pleasure, as I pinched that nipple. She pushed her ass back against my pee hard-on and smiled sheepishly. "Trust me?" She whispered over her shoulder." I chuckled quietly and thought, I better - she was too damn close to my raging hard-on to start doubting her now. I knew her request was more for her, anyway. I sighed and wondered what thrill she had in her mind to try. She loves to give me head in the morning and she's always trying to outdo herself. Today would be no exception.

I still had my morning pee hard-on and it was throbbing in anticipation as I watched her scoot down under the covers. Next thing I felt was her grasping my hard cock. She held it firmly - I swallowed involuntarily - knowing was coming. I moaned as I felt her warm breath - her open mouth - on my cock. I figured she'd just lazily suck on the head for awhile and then get into it, but I was wrong!

I closed my eyes, as I felt my dick enter her mouth - ummm. When she didn't stop at the head - I rose up as if I could somehow see her under the covers. What-the F---! My cock just kept going - deeper and deeper down her throat! I moaned deeply and leaned back against the pillows, mumbling - Oh Babe! - Talk to Daddy! When I felt her tongue play at the base of my shaft - I moaned even louder - Ahhhhh F---!

I wasn't surprised to feel her gag-reflex kick-in, I was in DEEP! She tightened her lips around my shaft and withdrew. As she steadily withdrew more of my cock from her mouth - her tongue swirled and danced all over the underside. I sighed loudly the whole time - Ahhhhhhhh!

I expected her to return to normal. To do it, like always - slow. Wrong!

She paused just long enough to swirl her tongue around the head and tighten her grip at the base of my shaft - thus pulling the skin taunt. I sucked in my breath! A deep moan escaped my lips as she pushed my cock down her throat again and then further; each time she'd go a little deeper and stay a little longer. Oh God, Ohh God, Ohhhh GOD! Each time she'd withdraw - She'd turn her head slightly - so her tongue would torture a different set of veins! Ohhh Babe! - What sweet torture it was - Ummmm!

It was one thing to feel it, but I wanted to watch her do it. I had to! So, I flipped back the covers and watched my woman in action. Oh God! What a F--king sight. My babe was in to it - her pouty red lips circled my shaft at the top and her fire red nails held my shaft at the base. She was working it. I watched as she swallowed my shaft deeply and then withdrew it - painting my dick with her spit. Over and over - Oh F--- Yeah! Make it wet babe, make it wet!

It felt soooo Good! Too good, I had to make it last. So, I leaned down and played with her tits. My babe's always talking about some sort of orgasmic connection she gets when my dick is in her throat and I'm pinching her nipples; so my hand cupped her breast and my fingers pinched those nipples - hard! My babe moaned deeply and started grinding her wet pussy against my leg. Ooh Sh$#!! - in response to what I'm doing to her - her tongue went wild, she sucked harder! I could feel her spit dripping down my ass!

She's moaning at the feelings I'm giving her - I'm moaning from all the sh$# I feel. I'm watching her suck my dick - its wetter than I've ever seen it. Ohhhhh F--------K! Just watching & feeling it all - sent me over the edge. I grabbed the pillow to muffle my scream, as I flooded her throat with my hot cream! My babe held-on - I came hard and for a long time - it was f-king wild!

To say I was caught off guard by this morning's blowjob- would be an understatement. Most of the time, she'll just build the action up slowly. The feelings she gives my cock are amazing. But today was different. It was incredible! Today - my babe was in-heat. Today - She outdid herself!

By Lady Jewells (2013)


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