Ooooh - Daddy!

By: Lady Jewells

Page 1, Ooooh - Daddy! A provacative play on words..

Ooooh – Daddy!

Ooooh – Daddy! Yes, suck my nipples! Oh my God – you make my nipples so hard! I’m moaning and arching my body to meet your kisses as you work your way down my body. Ummmm! You make me so excited– Daddy! Lick me! Suck me! Make me cum - Daddy!

I suck in my breath and moan loudly when I feel your warm breath on my mound. Your kisses in the creases of my thighs - tickle. Suddenly, I catch my breath and hold it - as I feel your tongue part my pussy lips. Ooooh – Daddy! I moan loudly and roll my hips – begging you to suck my clit. I half pout – When I hear your deep laugh – Followed by a tease, “Patience – My Dear!” I moan sadly, in mock despair.

Next, I feel you slide a finger inside – so I arch my body to take it deeper – Ooooh – Daddy! I pinch my nipples as your hot tongue licks the length of my slit – Ooooh- Daddy – that feels so good!!! My breath quickens – I’m close. Daddy – please! You give in – and suck on my clit. At the same time – your thumb presses against my ass – OOOOH – DADDY!!! I’m Cumming. Your free arm presses my hips down. You suck my clit some more – and push in another finger – Oh, Oh, Oh – Daaaaddddy! Your skillful tongue and fingers just makes me cum even more.

I’m still cumming when you slide up and slip your rigid cock in – YESSS! DADDY, Give me your hard Dick! F@#k me, hard! I beg you over and over. And you do! Ooooh – Daddy! Pound my pussy – GOOD!

You make me Cum again. You don’t want to cum yet, so you change positions. You roll off me – and lay down beside me, and tell me, “C’mon, Come ride Daddy!” I do.

I ride Daddy – using reverse cowgirl style. And you play with my ASS. Spanking it and poking it. Ooooh – DADDY! In less than 5 minutes, I’m cumming again.

Holding off your release has softened you up some. So I get up, kneel down and lickyou clean. Watching me and feeling me lick and suck off my juices has made your dick extra HARD! Excited, I moan, “Ooooh – Daddy!”

You pat the bed, “Get up here Woman!” I lay on my back and you push a pillow under my ass. Ooooh – Daddy - F&#K ME with your HARD Dick! I coo. We both watch as you slide all 9 inches of rock hard Dick into my sloppy wet Pussy. Once you are all the way in – you start grinding into me. I’m moaning and talking nasty. You feel so damn good and before long you are pounding my pussy with deep hard strokes. Suddenly, you grab my ass and thrust really deep and cum! Feeling you - makes me cum, too. Ummmm! Ooooh – DADDY!

Wasn't this fun? Tomorrow, I want you to be a Doctor or maybe a Fire Fighter!

Lady Jewells (2013)

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