Ooooh Daddy - You're the Man!

By: Lady Jewells

Page 1, Every so often, a whim will stir in Daddy’s loins and mind, a deliciously wicked whim - Ummmm!


“Ooooh Daddy – You’re the Man!”


Generally all lovers use terms of endearment to show each other affection. My lover and I are no different. I affectionately call my boyfriend, my sugar Daddy – Master, Lover, and/or Daddy. In turn, my boyfriend shows me his affection by calling me, Baby, Babe, Woman, Lover, and/or Lady. My Daddy is my best friend and the love of my life. In our relationship- we are equals; but I consider him the Master of our house. Likewise, Daddy considers me, his Lady and the Mistress of his house. However – when it comes to our sex life, Daddy knows I tend to be submissive; I am enslaved by my desire to please him in all ways sexually.


Every so often, a whim will stir in Daddy’s loins and mind, a deliciously wicked whim. I think it gets concocted in his dreams at night, but it plays out ALL day long- the next day. It starts in the morning, when Daddy wakes up with a raging hard-on. He knows I'm always in the mood for morning sex (ummmm!). But when Daddy gets these wicked whims - morning sex is merely a prelude to a day of teasing! Followed by a night of pleasing, some of the best Damn Sex and Loving any woman could ever ask for!



“Ooooh – Daddy!” I coo as your morning hard-on nudges against my ass. Your cock is granite hard and demanding; and you know just what needs to happen to get me ride it for you. You cozy up to my backside and start talking the smoooze in my ear. You proceed to drive me wild with your lips and tongue (Oh My GOD! You make me feeeel sooo GOOOD!). You nuzzle my ears and neck, while you pinch my nipples (Ummmm!). Your dick is no slouch; it’s bumping into my butt and teasing me from the backside. Pretty soon you roll me over towards you and start licking and kissing my nipples, as you deftly part my thighs. I’m moaning steadily with pleasure, as your lips are sucking my nipples and your fingers have invaded my juicy pussy. You strum my clit like a musician, as you listen to my moans and read my body’s signals’ – when the time is right, your magic fingers will give me an orgasm or two. But these are just little orgasms to tease me and make me want more. Teasing me, pleases you- but it teases you, too. Your cock is so hard, it almost aches with its’ need to orgasm. This whole time – you’ve been talking to me and getting me fired up. Whispering about how hard your cock is and telling me – how good I make you feel. You describe how each sex position makes you feel;riding you Cowgirl style is the power position. “I want the power to make you cum. I want to ride it – Give it to me!" – I breathlessly demand. With that, you roll on your back and I climb aboard.



I bite my bottom lip and moan with pleasure as I slowly sink down on your hard shaft – ooooohhh it’s so big Daddy! Ummm! You feel wonderful! Your dick is so hard and all that foreplay made my pussy so wet, my juices are pooling under your ass – Mmmmmm! We both moan with all of the feelings. I ride you – slow at first, but as you play with my nipples – you describe what you’re feeling. It gets me even more excited than I already am, so I ride faster and harder. Sometimes I ride until we both come, but not today. TODAY, I ride until I start cumming. Feeling my sticky wetness, you seize control and flip us over and pound my pussy like a mad man until you make us both cum loudly – my orgasm has my body shaking uncontrollably - Ooooh -Daddy!



I may think you’re done, but you aren’t; you’re just starting. You continue the tease, by telling me to clean-up my mess. In mock anger – you say it’s my fault – I make you so horny. Then you order me to lick you clean! – While you watch, you smile. You feel my teasing tongue clean off all of our love juice – and you make little comments like, “You make me horny just watching you walk- Babe! It makes my dick hard watching your cute butt swag. I like your long legs - Lady. I like your pinch-able pert nipples, woman!” As if to drive the meaning home, you reach out and pinch my nipples for emphasis. Ummmm – I moan! You add anything else you can think of that’s fueled this wicked whim of yours. When I’m done – I’m horny and ready for more, but you act as though you don't care. You disregard me and your half-hard cock and get up.



I'm left whimpering. My nipples ache to be kissed. My pussy is tingling with need. (I think to myself- Better suck it up - buttercup! Before your whining gets you spanked), So, I push past my needs and help you strip the bed. You tease me, "It’s your fault the sheets need cleaning, because you made the bed wet – by cumming all over it!" (Like, I didn't have any help? - Okay, right!) And then it’s off to the showers. You order me to bathe you. When I'm done - only then, can I finish washing myself. As you exit the shower –you warn me not to masturbate. I groan in disappointment. I whine in anguish,“But Dadddddyyyy, I’m still horny.” I pout. You reach back in - pinch my nipples and tease my pussy, briefly and stop. I whimper some more. Then you lean in and kiss my cheek – smile and tell me, that you’ll throw the sheets into the wash, but it will be my job to dry them and remake the bed. I groan loudly, "TEASE!" And growl as I finish my shower.



Are you done…NOPE! All day long – Daddy teases me (and him). Every so often (30 to 90 min) – You call me away from whatever I’m doing to please you. It was anything from making you a drink or some food; to barring my nipples so that you could suck them, making them hard and/or just to come suck your dick. Usually, you'd let me suck you just enough to make you hard and me WET! Then you’d send me back to whatever I had been doing. In between these tantalizing lick fests, you’d stop by and kiss me passionately for about 10 minutes and/or watch me work -while making sexy comments and/or send me some sexy texts (Ummmmm!). By mid afternoon – my nipples just stay hard and they ache to be sucked to the point that I can cum – but you won’t do that. Your cock stays half hard, too. I beg to suck you till you cum – “Please have mercy and feed me –Master?” But you won’t let me do that, either. I whimper – pitifully.



By the early evening, we’re both so horny that we can’t keep our hands off one another. But mostly, I think you are tired of listening to me beg or whine to cum; so you slap my butt a few times - just enough to make it stingy pink and then you order me to go make myself ready for you to love. I squeal with excitement and run to the shower. (In the past, you’ve helped me – by picking my cologne, my outfit, my lipstick and/or just watching from the bed. Once I’m ready – you inspect me. Then we'd fuck! The sexual tension is way too HIGH to take it slow and make love, so we’d fuck first and then make sweet delicious love later).


Tonight, you lie on the bed and watch as I make myself ready for you. While you watch, you tell me all the delicious things you want do to my body. You start by dabbing some cologne on me. You help me dry my hair and braid it (you want my long hair out of the way). I smell good. I look great. Your dick is HARD and my pussy is soaked.


You lie down and pat the bed next to you. I lay down and you encircle me with your arms and kiss me tenderly and passionately. Then thefire in you -peaks and you whisper – that you can’t wait any longer – you have to have me right now! You rise up and you sink your rigid meat into my velvety softness with one firm push. I’m wet, but tight. You breathlessly moan…”F..U..C..K Baby you're so tight!” At the same time, I'm panting, “GOD you feel so good - Daddy!” I thrust my pelvis up to meet your down stroke.” Though you want to come badly, you aren’t quite ready to let go. So you give me 3 deep strokes and pull out.  I groan in sadness.


In a hushed demand, you order me to lie across the pillows – you had stacked-up earlier. I feel your hard shaft sink in from the back. I moan loudly as I feel each inch invade my aching pussy. You grasp my hips firmly and pause. Then you pull out slowly and push your rigid fuck pole in harder. You withdraw and ram me hard. One more and you grunt loudly as you release your load. I feel the hot jets bathe the walls of my pussy and I cum, too. We collapse in a heap of fucked flesh… It takes us several moments to regroup.



But we do. You hold me and we roll to the side. You’re still buried balls deep in my pussy and semi-hard. You pat my thigh and tell me to open my legs and play babe. I do. I strum my clit and my pussy muscles contract - making you hard again. After Irub my clit to another orgasm, you pull-out and climb between my thighs and push your right arm under my thigh and push your dick back into my sopping pussy. We kiss as we grind together for several moments. Then you push your left arm under my other thigh, so that my knees are next to your ears and you start thrusting. Every time you hit the back wall of my pussy – I feel it and it seems as though I’m cumming continuously. Feeling my orgasms sweep through my body, fuels your fire and you pound into me harder and harder. “Almost Babe, stay with me – you implore.” You’ve lowered my legs and grabbed my ass. I’m moan deeply – as you just slam your cock as deep as you can a few more times and freeze - Moaning with pleasure "God – I love your how your wet pussy feels on my dick– Woman!" Feeling the hot jets of jism flood my pussy, sends me over the edge. I scream, cum and Squirt!



You feel the hot liquid on your thighs and exclaim! “Jackpot Baby! YAH! That’s what I’m talking about! YAH BABY! Who’s da man – Babe? Who’s da Man? Huh? Huh? Huh? “All I can do is giggle and coo – Ooooh Daddy – You’re da Man! “ God! I LOVE YOU – Woman!” You roll us away from the wet spot and rise up on your elbows to admire your handy work (the wet spot). Damn woman, Daddy made you so excited - you squirted?! You say with a smug smile and I nod.



You withdraw and stand up. Your dick is coated with our love juice. My body is still trembling and tired, but I want more. I talk to you, saying that I know your dick is tender, but I want some of that love juice. You chuckle and comment that I’m something else; but you step closer to our bed and push your cock towards my face. Very tenderly, I lick off all of our love juice. When I’m done, you tell me, “Let’s go shower Babe.” You pull me up and we kiss passionately for several moments. You break off abruptly and slap my butt! – Looking down at your hard cock, you ask, “Who’s da Man?” Ooooh -You are Daddy!


By Lady Jewells (2013)

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