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Night Sleeps - Time Escapes and Some Dreams seem so Real

Short story By: Lady Jewells

Sometimes a dream can seem so real.

Submitted:Dec 17, 2012    Reads: 1,029    Comments: 7    Likes: 1   

Night sleeps - Time escapes - Some dreams seem so real…

Last night, I curled up in the covers of sleep. Feeling secure and warm, I drifted and dreamed. From a distance, I heard you talking with your friends. Next, I felt the mattress move and heard the rustle of covers. Then, I felt your added warmth next to me as you pulled up the covers. Feeling that warmth, I moved in closer to you. Is this all apart of my dream?

No. Though the darkness hides you, my mind feels you and hears you. As you drift into a deeper sleep, your body acknowledges my presence with a sigh of contentment. Feeling a bit mischievous - I pressed my body against your back. I lean in closer - pressing my breasts against your warm skin. I'm surprised to feel you lean back into me. A sigh of pleasure escapes my lips, as my nipples harden and I feel my excitement growing. Ummmmm!

We must be in each other's dreams. Because in the darkness, I can feel your warmth and I can see how your chest expands with each breath. As I press my body closer - I can even hear your breathing pattern adjust as if you know I'm here.

A light from somewhere has illuminated the contours of your flesh. Though older, you're still a woman's wet dream. A sigh of guilty pleasure catches in my throat - ahhh! I lick my lips and breathe deeply at the sight and scent of you. Ummmmm!

I don't want to awaken you, so I move slowly. I moisten my lips and begin my descent. Kissing your shoulder blades and along your spine. I hear a moan of pleasure escape your lips and your breathing deepens.

I pause long enough for your body to react to the lack of contact. I quietly giggle in delight, as you roll over toward me. Every fiber of my being wants to ……… Ummmm!

Of course, I'd spend more time on some parts that needed extra attention. I love the tastes of loving.

As if your body misses my kisses - you move a bit closer towards me. I want to kiss the sensitive zones, but I know those will awaken you. So, I give into some of my less wicked desires. With stealth, I start kissing the less tender areas.

Soon Mutual Moans of need are whispered by both of us. Between kisses, I rub my breasts and pinch my nipples. I slip my fingers into my wetness. My body yearns to feel the warmth of your embrace, your tender lips and your moist kisses.

Our breathing has increased. Naughty pleasures tease through our minds. Your cock hardens in response. I feel you sit up and look in my direction. When you smile - I realize you can see me.

We lock eyes and I watch you - watch me, descend to your cock. You watch as I suck the sensitive head inside my warm mouth. I hear you suck in your breath as you feel all the sensations of my talented tongue play. I close my eyes savoring the feelings, too. As you exhale, I've trapped your cock within my lips; now you feel me flick my tongue around the rim. Then, I withdraw a bit and swirl my tongue across and around the head.

I withdraw entirely, but keep a hold of your hard shaft. I look up at you as I moisten my lips. Still looking deep into your eyes - I slowly slide my mouth all the way down your shaft. You suck in another breath and moan loudly in pleasure, as you feel me draw you in deep. I release your shaft and slowly raise my head. I get to the head and then descend fast. It takes a few deep strokes for me to get used to your length. Soon I can suck you deep enough to lick and tickle the tops of your balls. When I do - your eyes roll back and you savor the feeling of your cock rubbing the back of my throat. I too, moan with pleasure at my achievement.

I suck in my breath and slowly pull my head up. You involuntarily shiver at the mix of sensations - my tongue playfully swirls cool air around your hot cock! I moan loudly, as you lace your fingers through my hair to guide my tongue and lips to the areas you need licked and sucked. And I eagerly respond to your guidance.

I can hear you talking to me, "Oh Baby, yes….Oh! F%$k, yes!" I love hearing you talk dirty to me and I show you how much I love it by, increasing the tempo of my tongue strokes, Up and down and around and around. Ummmmm!

Your moans let me know your orgasm is close. I break suction to beg you to feed me - "I want it. I need it! Cum for me, baby!" Then I resume my loving. I'm so close, too! My clit is throbbing and my nipples beg to feel your touch. I listen to the changes of your breathing, as I lick and suck up and down your shaft.

I'm close, but not as close as you need to be. So, I shift my position and my angle just a little bit. My body is now closer to your hands. I know that was the right move - because you reward my new depth with deep moans. And one hand is still laced through my hair, but the other is pinching my nipples. I moan with deep pleasure and start cumming.

Your breathing becomes shallower, the closer you get. My reaction to your touch is just the spark you needed. As you start to cum, your body arches and your cock hits the sweet spot in the back of my throat - orgasms rip through both of us!

I swallow as much as I can between breaths. The rest dribbles down my neck onto your thighs. In an effort to quiet my body's orgasmic response - I close my eyes and pull my elbows in tight to my body, and tighten all my muscles to ride out the orgasmic waves.

I'm delighted to feel you wrap your arms about me and hear you tell me - "I got you - let go." Feeling secure in your embrace - I do. Moans of pleasure escape my lips and my body trembles as waves of orgasmic relief roll through me.

I feel your cock harden in response to my orgasms, so I turn towards you. Seeking more pleasure - we embrace and our bodies mate. Limbs intertwine and we grind our way through another wave of orgasms. Ummmm!

Night sleeps - Time escapes - and some dreams can seem so real…

By Lady Jewells (2012)


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