Let's Cut to the Chase (Part 2.0)

By: Lady Jewells

Page 1, \"Babe I don’t want more – I WANT IT ALL!”



Let’s Cut to the Chase (Part 2.0)


We  ate and laughed as we shared tales from our pasts, little oddities in life and some of our sexual likes & dislikes. We had time and you wanted me to relax. We started again when you fed me a piece of cheese and I ate it and went on to lick the dipping sauce off your fingers. You dipped your other fingers into the dipping sauce and offered me those, too. I licked and sucked each finger as if each were little dicks – you sighed deeply. You eyed the rest of our feast and started moving it off to the side and I helped.



I dipped my right hand’s fingers into the ranch dressing and offered them to you. Licking my pointer and middle finger felt nice, but when you licked and sucked on my ring finger and pinky – I gasped in surprise. Oh God! The feeling was electric and it flipped my sexual switch. Instantly, my nipples were hard and my clit was on fire. I must have looked scared – (and I was) - You seized me in your arms and pulled me to you, as you whispered, “Just go with it.” You kissed me – when your lips came in contact with my lower lip – I came! My body contorted against yours as you held onto me.



It took every ounce of control you had not to jump my bones and rut in my juices. When you felt my orgasm subside, you started kissing the left side of my body. I had told you it was less sensitive. You kissed along my jaw line and nuzzled my neck. Then we shared deep kisses –I loved it. Everything felt wonderful. But you just had to go there – You switched to my right side. You repeated the kisses to my jaw line – as your lips descended– the intensity grew – when you stole a kiss on my bottom lip – I came! I ground my pelvis against you and you deftly slipped a finger into my wetness. My body shuddered and my pussy muscles latched on and I came again. My body contorted against yours as you held onto me and chuckled, “That’s 3 and I’m just getting started.”



It took everything I had to persevere. I took comfort in knowing these were small orgasms. I wanted to see if we could fan the flames of desire into Bonfires! I pulled your hand out of my snatch and tauntingly licked my juices off your finger. You moaned, chuckled and teased, “The rest of that is Mine!” and resumed your descent by nuzzling my breasts.



You took great care and licked and suckled my tits and nipples, before moving downward. You noticed, smiled and remarked, “I like my women unshaven. I like to pull their hair! Relax – I’m teasing.” I was moving to sit up, but then laid back. You settled in between my legs to dine. I asked about a 69, but you reminded me that I preferred 77 – and I do. I get ate (8) more! We both laughed – I sighed and waited. I wanted to feel some friction. The suspense was killing me – so I begged. “START!”



You do – but you start slowly. Licking along the lips. Something inside me snaps. I can’t take slow. I need to cum again - NOW. “Forgive me” – I utter as I reach down and shove your head into my pussy. Your nose hits my clit and I CUM! I scream and thrash. In a hushed voice - I beg, “ Pull-up and enter me!” You do – you impale me in one stroke. YESS! I’m one big orgasm. I ride you and you ride me. I’m screaming, “GIVE IT TO ME!” And you do. Your hands hold my hips still and you pound into me relentlessly. "YESSSSSSS!" I cum and cum and cum some more.



You want to make it last – so you pull out and flip me over on a convenient pillow. You re-enter me from behind. Your body weight helps me to roll with the orgasms that just keep coming. I pinch my own nipples and you stroke into me deeply. You love the wetness, feeling my muscles contract and release. You get close again and flip me back over. Hardly skipping a beat – you slide in and pinch that hard nipple - harder! This new feeling – sends a new wave of orgasms through me and I scream and thrash against you. You impale me HARD and Freeze. Your orgasm helps send me over the edge – my body goes limp – I pass out for just moments.



You finish and withdraw. But you aren’t done with me. You want more. A LOT MORE!! Your kisses along my neck bring me back – my body shudders and I breathe deeply. I look at you and shake my head – I can’t believe all the feelings I feel. Normally – I’m exhausted – but not today. So I ask, “Do you want More or to rest?” You chuckle and reply, “Babe I don’t want more – I WANT IT ALL!” I roll my eyes at you and smile. I nod - Ok, but I need a shower– first!



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