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I Can Picture This - Can You?

Short story By: Lady Jewells

I can picture this - Can you???

Submitted:Feb 2, 2013    Reads: 2,949    Comments: 4    Likes: 3   

Picture This...

You're sitting in a swivel- style office chair right next to my bed.

I'm lying across my bed dressed in a sexy black lace camisole and crotch-less underwear.

My blonde hair looks silky smooth and will feel good against your thighs.

Shuck those jeans if you want some head or watch me play, instead.

What will you choose? Ummmmmm????

You can see my hard nipples and you know I'm wet - huh?

Picture this… My painted red lips look sexy wrapped around your cock.

You moan - ummmm! And at the same time you roll your eyes in contemplation.

You love getting head - You love all the feelings - WE both do.

You kick your jeans away from you and get comfortable. You want to feel EVERYTHING!

You give me FULL access - You cock bobs in anticipation.

I look up into your eyes and wet my red painted lips and slide a finger into my snatch!

Picture this…. I withdraw my finger and suck it clean - Ahhh Did you want some!

I tell you - I'm going to open my lips - I want you to feed me - A little or a lot...Feed me!

I tip my head sideways and open my mouth - Looking in your eyes the whole time.

You take a hold of the shaft - Aim it towards my open mouth and push it in -

As your cock slides inside - You can feel my warm breath on the skin.

You feed me your cock slowly - torturing us both.

You lay it on my tongue and pull your hand away and roll your hips to feed me more.

You let out a long sigh as it slides across my wet tongue towards the back of my throat.

Ahhhhhhhhhh - Fffffffk…….. God baby - you feeelll soooo good!

Feel my lips grab hold of your hard shaft and my playful tongue - dancing along the shaft.

I use my spit to make your cock - sloppy wet! You love it!

My eyes - still watch you - while my tongue and lips - suck you in a little deeper - Ummm!

Picture this… I'm looking at you the whole time - My eyes are playful -

Watch this - my eyes say - Then I pull my head back - withdrawing and licking.

I repeat the actions -sucking forward - licking back.

As I draw back - I lock eyes with you - my tongue plays among the ridges of your dick.

I suck forward - taking it all in - You feel my nose against your stomach.

I pause to drive the feelings of that depth - home. Then I withdraw.

Slowly weaving my talented tongue further down towards ur head.

I'm driving you crazy - You love it.

I pull completely away - you moan, "Don't STOP!

I want your cock to get even harder -So I steal away to suck on your balls.

I pause and use my nose to lift them up - you help me, by pulling your balls up.

I look up at you, smile and then torture the underside of your balls (Yesss!).

Picture this….I come back up - my mouth is open and YOU FEED ME!

This time you don't hold back - You shove the rigid shaft into my mouth.

Your Cock is twice as hard - My mouth is sloppy wet and feels GREAT!

You push in deep. My lips grab hold. I pull back - sucking and licking.

I start to resume our delicious push-in and pull-back, but you demand - TAKE IT!

Your hands are in my hair - and you push my head down - I suck you deeper!

I suck harder and I change the tempo - too.

I pick the angle - I suck you faster.

I Pull-back, Suck harder! Your breath quickens.

Picture this…. Roll your hips - feed me more.

You talk - you moan - Babe that feels so good. F…k - I'm so Close.

You lean towards me - changing the angle. You suck in your breath!

You found the right angle, my tongue has found the sweet spot.

You hold your breath - in.. Your senses are elevated.

You are holding my head and using your hips to f…k my mouth!

I'm moaning - I'm so close, too.

In less than 5 minutes - My hand finds my pussy and I stuff some fingers in.

I moan loudly - You know I'm Cumming - So you cum too.

I feel the first hot jet of your cum hit the back of my throat and I swallow.

Picture this…. You pull out and watch the cum land on my tongue - ummmm !

I can't help it - I start Cumming more. Sucking you and grinding against my hand.

You ease forward - you finish.

Then turn your attention to me. Help - me I beg and you do.

You lie beside me. You replace my fingers with yours. Your fingers are bigger.

I grind my pelvis against your fingers and a new orgasm rolls through me.

My body contorts - but you hang on.

It's exciting - you can feel your cock rising to the challenge.

You pull your hand out and motion me to raise my legs - I do.

With my knees next to your ears - you impale me. I'm soaked, but you fit snuggly.

Now you move. The wet friction feels wonderful - You grind and stroke...

I move with you and against - my breath quickens - my nipples harden -

My pussy contracts, my body contorts and I cry out - I Cum!

You stiffen and pause. I grind against you - wanting more. I Cum some more.

You're close, too. You pound into me - harder and harder.

All of a sudden -We're there. We both scream our releases

We pause - panting. You pull out and stand up - Your cock is coated in Cum icing.

I kneel in front of you and open my mouth and suck all the icing off - UMMMMMMM!

I can picture this - can you????

Lady Jewells (2013)


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