I am Your Naughty Girl - SPANK ME!

By: Lady Jewells

Page 1, I disregarded your warnings - SPANK ME!

 I’m your Naughty Girl - SPANK ME!

I can’t speak for all Women – but I know there’s a select thousand or so, this bit of prose will apply to.  Therefore, I’m telling you MEN to PAY ATTENTION.  Do you have a spirited woman, a naughty Girl? Spirited Women and Naughty Girl’s tempt fate on purpose. To hang onto your prize – you need to step up – MAN UP!


Asking a man to spank you doesn’t have the same effect as it does when he’s just a wee bit furious.  But you men know that. In your heart of hearts – you know you have to be “in the mood.”


I have messed up 3 good relationships – because I wasn’t straight with my men. Those were good men who fell in love with a good girl.  I am a good girl, but I have some naughty habits. That naughty girl in me needs her man to spank her every so often.


I won’t sell myself short again.  This time I’m old enough to know what I need. I’m a good woman and my love is fierce. But I’m spirited. I love hard and I can satisfy all your lusty needs. Just like you – I need attention.  However, unlike a lot of women – I don’t need 100% of your attention.  I just need regular amounts of attention. With technology – you, men can do that with text messages, 1 line emails, silly faxes, and cell phone calls. At home – There’s complements, help with chores, hugs, pats on the butt, kisses, winks, sex and little trinkets.  


We women don’t need your friendship or money. We’re likable and skilled. We don’t even need you for sex or to make babies. There are fertilization clinics and the web is full of toys to provide pleasure. But some of us want all those things in life. But most of all we want a good man, who has self-respect and won’t put up with our naughty behavior.  Don’t just threaten – FOLLOW THROUGH!


When I don’t get the attention I crave – I act like a spoiled-ass brat.  I do! I get moody. I’ll get sassy and downright – ugly. I’ll taunt you.  If you’re thinking, “This broad’s out of line – you’re right, I am!”  If you’re thinking, “A good girl wouldn’t act like that.” You’re right again.  “My girl wouldn’t disrespect me!” Right again!  Now what????  


A regular man issues a warning. A regular woman hears his warning and changes her behavior. Not me!  I’m a naughty girl. Other than being a woman – there’s nothing regular about me. But you knew that when you fell in love with me. Some women like me - need our men to be able to MAN Up and put their foot down (Or at least put your hand down)!


Some of us, like me need to be spanked every once in awhile, or at the very least twice a year.  More often if I’m moody. More often if the spirit moves – you! Every woman is different – but for me, though I know you love me, I need to feel it.  And Feel it deep in my core. I need your attention. Sometimes, I just need a little extra attention. I NEED to hear and feel your love - imprinted on my Ass!


You (as a self-respecting man) are NOT going to put up with my disrespectful behavior. I have disregarded your warnings and now I should feel your bite – SPANK ME!!!!! 3 solid crisp swats on an ASS are all that’s needed.  Trust me – We’ll both feel the HEAT! 


If this is your first time – following through, your woman will be shocked!  So you better tell her – “This self-respecting man is NOT going to put up with this disrespectful behavior from his woman!”  Then take a moment and reiterate your love for her. Or duck – because the fur and anything handy is going to fly!


If it’s me you are talking to – Let’s take a look at your handy work – WE should see an unmistakable hand print on my Ass!  No? Add another. (Consider practicing on your own leg. A good swat has a special THWACK sound).  Having both sound and imprint is a key to proper behavior modification.  


Spanking can be sexually titillating, too. Some men love it instantly, some men become comfortable with it and some men never do. It’s important to recognize where you (as a man) are in that spectrum of spanking likes and dislikes. The same is true for women.


Personally, I’m a good woman whose naughty behavior requires spankings – not all the time, but certainly every now and then. Especially – when I act disrespectful or tempt fate. Did I disregard your warning? Then SPANK ME!!!   Especially – if your palm is itching to feel that skin to skin contact! SPANK ME!!! A fiery Ass is exciting to love.   


Spank me and then F….k me. Don’t be tender – get a little rough. Be demanding! Spanking me - made your cock HARD. You want me! Use my mouth to make you sloppy wet while you admire your artwork! Take me doggie style – FEEL the heat your imprint has made on my skin. Feel how much wetter I am – I needed it, too! Flip me over and make me feel my raw burning flesh as you impale me. Every time you push into me – I feel it. It feels wickedly good! I feel your love and lust. Possess me. Grind into me. That’s your hand print on my ASS!  – I’m your naughty girl!  

 By Lady Jewells (2013)

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