Herman Loves That ASS

By: Lady Jewells

Page 1, Herman was enough to fill your pussy, tease your tonsils, and stretch your lips.

Herman Loves that ASS!


Herman was my Ass-man. I swear he was made for sex. Carved from a hunk of Rich Dark Chocolate, he was just shy of 9 inches, hard as granite, with a girth of 7 inches. He was enough to fill your pussy, tease your tonsils and stretch your lips. Herman loved eating women, getting head, and poking pussy. But his favorite place to be was nestled within a woman’s ASS. OMG – he felt good back there, too.


To Herman, loving an ASS was an ART.  He would take his time and love a woman right, just to get a chance to show her how good anal sex could be. Herman would find every sensitive place a woman had in order to exploit them to romance her ASS. Herman was a special man because he didn’t promise you anything, but a good time. 


Herman seemed to know what a woman needed when he took her to bed.  Sometimes he just cuddled with them. Other times he just fucked them, switching positions multiple times until the woman would beg him to cum – just to get him to stop. 


Sometimes, Herman needed to feel the lust and love, from a woman who needed to be loved.   That was the kind of Love, Herman and I shared.   Our love making started in the morning with giggles and teases. We’d exchange sexual word wit all day. Our dinners were made out of snack foods.  We would end up in the bedroom, feasting off each other’s bodies. Whip cream, Champagne and candy pop-rocks can add in a touch of playfulness to any bedroom affair. 


From there – we’d roll the dice to see who got head first. Herman would often volunteer to go first - just to get a chance to finish-off his ladies, last. To Herman, all the main areas on a woman’s body were his ladies. He’d call your breasts – his girls. Your pussy was his girlfriend, but your clit was either the Madam or his Wife – since she ran the show.  Whether your clit was his Wife or a Madam depended on what scenario Herman was acting out that day. Finally, your Ass was his Mistress.   Herman didn’t stop at the names; he’d talk to each and every lady in his own special way.  He was amazing to watch and listen to, too.  And the things he could charm your ladies into doing – was just plain incredible.


My favorite was the love he showed his Mistress, aka my ASS.  He’d start that romance when he went down on you.  He used all kinds of smooth moves, too. Herman’s only limitation was your imagination – if he thought something would bring you even a tad of an exotic feeling – he’d use it. Who knew my electric toothbrush could be such a tease! Plus, Herman had a fondness for sex toys.  If your asshole was small, like mine – out came the special lubes and an assortment of inflatable toys.  My ASS loved Herman’s toys. Herman’s goal was and is to relax you and your ASS – so that his 9 inches of rock hard dick slides right in.


Loving an ASS takes planning. Like I said, Herman would start that romance when he ate your pussy. He loved eating pussy. He’d play around the edges – kissing along your hip bones and across your mound.  Then he’d part your lips with the tip of his tongue and a fingertip, as if your pussy was a flower. At the same time, he’d apply a finger tip or two of pressure to your asshole.  Ummmmm!


Next, He’d pick a pre-lubricated toy, for me it was a small inflatable dildo.  He’d insert that dildo and pump-it-up half way. The pressure was tantalizingly exciting.  Then he’d talk to his wife, my clit – with long licks and short fluttery licks. About 15 minutes later, he’d switch out the small dildo for a medium sized one and give it a few pumps. The pressure in my ASS heightened the sensations Herman made with his tongue lashings to my clit. After about 15 minutes more, another switch was made, only this time Herman would use beads or another medium sized dildo to tease you and play. He’d tongue my clit and insert a finger or two inside my pussy and use his thumb to manipulate that dildo. OMG – from his chin down to the bottom of his ribcage would be slick with my juices!


About 20 minutes later, he’d surface and tease me about letting him rest for a moment or two. I’d squeal “Don’t stop!”  Then, I’d grab his head and push it back into my pussy – screaming for him to finish!


But Herman would pull away – teasing “Not yet. Wait! And he’d make another switch to a large inflatable dildo.  Again he’d give it a couple pumps – pause a moment or two for me to relax, and then give it a few more pumps.  Then he’d go back to giving his wife, aka my clit, another tongue lashing. I wouldn’t last 5 minutes before, I’d be screaming in orgasm.  Herman would pause between orgasms and just pump up that dildo.  I’d have two maybe three orgasms in a row.  It was awesome!


Herman knew when a woman started begging for his cock – her ASS was ready, too. He’d pause long enough to switch out the inflatable dildo for something more firm. Sometimes he’d toy with me and give me a two headed dildo and he’d use his body to work them both in and out of me. The pleasure was intense. Other times, he’d put a dildo in my pussy and slip on a condom and ride my ASS. I liked feeling him in my ASS the best!  


Your anus doesn’t lube itself, so Herman always added more lube – he’d dribble the lube on himself and on me.  Then he’d push his head in, slow and steady.  Even though I’d beg him to just shove it in and ride me, he’d always take it slow. He cautioned it might tear and so he was against any sort of roughness. Herman looked out for his women.  He wanted you to want him to come back and fuck-you some more.


Once he was imbedded all the way in – the fun began. My first time – we did it missionary style. Herman watched for any sign of discomfort from me. Seeing none, he switched to spooning.  Then he switched to Doggie Style. I loved it – OMG it was awesome. When he leaned over me and reached under to pinch my tits, I screamed and came! I came so hard – my anal muscles pushed him out. My leg muscles went crazy and I collapsed to the bed. Herman just held me as I twitched and had orgasms over and over.  OMG – what a wonderful feeling. We both lost count of how many orgasms I had.


The next few times we got to that stage, Herman tried several positions – we tried a little of everything, me on top, me lying across the bed, cowgirl, reverse cowgirl, and back to my favorite, Doggie Style. We’d almost always finish with me lying across the bed – Herman teased that it was safer that way. Besides, he liked shooting his come all over my butt and back. One time, he even took pictures of my gaping ASS and cum splattered back to show me.  My all time favorite was when he’d pulled off the condom and he let me suck him dry.  And if he’d feed me his cum, while his fingers were stuffed inside my pussy, I would almost always get another ride.   Ummmmm!  Herman was and is definitely “Her-ass-man.”




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