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Daddy's Naughty Girl!

Short story By: Lady Jewells

Tags: Spanking

Some women, (like me) are just naughty and need to be spanked!

Submitted:Apr 4, 2013    Reads: 6,123    Comments: 2    Likes: 3   

Daddy's - Naughty Girl!

"Ouch - Daddy!" I cried as I felt the 3rd smack land crisply on my up-turned ass. "Yes - Daddy! I was very, very BAD. "Do I know what I did?" (I hung my head in shame - then I tilt my head sideways and look sheepishly at you). Yes - Daddy, I didn't listen when you told me to stop talking about something." 3 more times - I yelped. (Daddy likes my butt cheeks to match!) Ummmmm! My cheeks were dark pink and stung. I whimpered, but I could feel my pussy getting wet.

What? You saw me flash the mailman? (I hang my head again, in mock shame) I know I was wicked. You saw me drop the letter! - When I leaned over to pick it up; my robe accidentally, (on purpose) fell open. You saw me smile - when the Mailman looked and blushed? "Do I think I need a spanking? Oh Yes - Daddy! Oh God - Spank my ass - Daddy! Make me burn - Daddy!"

You do. You spanked each cheek twice - reminding me - my body is yours! Now my ass is fiery red and tears streak my face, but my nipples are hard and my pussy- soaked. My juices streak my thighs. "F..K your Naughty Girl - DADDY! F..k me doggy style!" I beg you. I hear you unzip and drop your pants. Then I feel you grab my hips. Yessss! God Yessss! I moan deeply, as I feel you guide your hard cock into my wet snatch. Ummmmmm! My ass burns each time I feel you press your pelvis against me. You start out slow, but speed up quickly. Pretty soon - you're pounding my pussy. "OhGod- Yessssssssss! I love how your hot ass feels - Woman!" F..k Meeeeeeeeee Daddy! I pant. Feeling your hard dick pounding my eager pussy makes me cum. My whole body is 1 big orgasm - my legs give way and we fall sideways - but you keep thrusting! And I keep cumming. F..k Woman! You grab my hips and thrust your dick inside me and freeze! I feel your jism splash my insides. We stay coupled together for several moments, basking in the afterglow of our mutual orgasms.

You move first. You tenderly withdraw and go rinse. You bring me back a soft towel and a damp cool rag. With a smug smile on your face - you admire your Naughty girl's red ass. You help me clean up a little and then we go shower. My little red ass turns you on. As soon as we're clean, you are making me wet again, by pinching my nipples and patting my pretty red ass - ummmmm yessss!

I barely get dried off - when you start pulling me back towards the bed. You pull me against you in a lusty embrace. Your fevered kisses make my nipples hard. I moan and I whimper. Ooooh -Daddy! Ummmmmmmmmmmm! You pull me down next to you on our bed. Your kisses are driving me wild. Your kisses are hungry - you ravish my body. I'm moaning and arching my body to meet your kisses as you work your way down my body. Ummmm! You make me so excited- Daddy! Lick me! Suck me! Make me cum - Daddy!

I suck in my breath and moan loudly - ummmm! As I feel your warm breath on my mound. Suddenly, I catch my breath and hold it - as I feel your tongue part my pussy lips. I moan loudly and arch my hips up to your lips- Ooooh - Daddy! Please suck my clit!

Ooooh - Daddy! I pinch my nipples as your hot tongue licks the length of my slit - Ooooh- Daddy -that feels so good!!! My breath quickens-Daddy - please! You give in- and suck on my clit. I'm moaning and lifting my hips. Your tongue skills are driving me closer and closer. To help me along - you slip a finger inside my wet hole. My pussy muscles contract on that finger. I'm sooooo close. When your thumb presses against my ass - I screech, OOOOH- DADDY!!! I'm Cumming. You back off a bit and press my hips down. Then - you push in another finger - Oh, Oh, Oh - Daaaaddddy! You make me cum even more.

I'm still cumming when you pull your fingers free and roll me on my side and slip your rigid cock inside me from the back - YESSS! DADDY! My ass still stings - but it feels soooooo gooood! Give me your hard Dick! F@#k me, harder! I beg you over and over. Ooooh - Daddy! Pound that pussy! You make me Cum again, and again. Ooooh - Daddy - FK your Naughty Girl with your HARD Dick! I coo. You're looking at my red ass and f..king my wet pussy …..You feel so damn good and before long you grab my ass and thrust really deep and cum! Ummmm! Ooooh - DADDY - Your Naughty Girl Loves you..

Lady Jewells (2013)


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