Daddy's Mid-day Snack!

By: Lady Jewells

Page 1, A high protein snack between meals is good for you (& me).

Daddy’s Mid-day Snack


It’s mid-day and Daddy just phoned to offer me a lunch time snack. I had a taste this morning, but Daddy was in a hurry to get to work, so he didn’t have time for a meal.  He doesn’t have a lot of time now… but enough for a snack (Our version of a happy meal). I squeal with excitement!  Just the thought of giving Daddy head makes my nipples hard and my pussy wet – ummmmm! 


(Daddy & I swear there’s a 2nd clit in my throat. When Daddy pinches a nipple hard and his dick is moving against that little tongue in the back of my throat – My pussy starts creaming. When Daddy cums – I orgasm.  It’s as if both of my clits explode at the same damn time – it’s the best f..king feeling I’ve ever felt).  


As I wait for him to arrive, I pace near the front door.  30 minutes seemed like an eternity.  I’m hungry. I moan impatiently.  I sigh and whimper pitifully, “Daddddyyyy… !”  Like the spoiled woman I am, I want my snack - now! 


I really can’t complain, because Daddy spoils me rotten with words of encouragement, sexy texts, occasional love trinkets and sexual favors – like this one.  But I’m always hungry for Daddy and/or horny. And the brat in me hates waiting! I close my eyes and visualize my impending treat. I bite my lip and swirl my tongue in my mouth – a kind of warm- up, in anticipation of dining on Daddy’s dick!  “OhmyGod! – I love to suck that man’s dick!”


Realizing Daddy’s giving up part of his lunch break to make time for my snack – I fix him some ice tea.  I pull up his office chair (it swivels) and turn on the TV.  I make ready 2 towels, wet & dry.  I change out of jeans and a blouse and into a mid-length see-thru black teddy that shows off my nice hard nipples and wet pussy.  I check the clock – I squeal excitedly…just 5 more minutes! I sit beside Daddy’s chair, my fingers playing in my snatch and wait for Daddy to arrive. Ummmmm!


I’m cumming as Daddy opens the door (Perfect timing-Daddy). He takes one look at my nifty office chair set-up and smiles – “That’s my girl!” As he unbuttons his pants, he comments about leaving his belt in the car.  I smile, knowing he’s almost as excited as I am. He drops his pants and relaxes in his chair. I moan quietly, anxiously waiting – for Daddy to offer me my prize. My pussy is swamped – I’m so excited and soooooo hungry.


Daddy is driving me crazy, (us crazy) talking about his work day; all I want to do is suck his dick. I look up at his face and see his lips moving – but I barely hear any words.  I whimper softly and fondle my clit. Frustrated, I pull my hand out and show Daddy how wet I am. Daddy pauses and tells me to lick my fingers like little dicks – I do.


Daddy tells me – I lick little dicks well, but can I handle his big dick? I nod. With pleading eyes – I beg for it. I look into his eyes and look back at his dick and then back at his face; quietly begging him - “Daddy – Please let me suck your Big Cock!” I lick my lips and stare at Daddy’s dick. Finally, Daddy smiles and chuckles “Oh! I bet you want your snack – don’t you?”  I nod, enthusiastically. 


I watch breathlessly, as Daddy squeezes the shaft from the base to the tip, making pre-come ooze out of the slit. I lean over and lick the slit. I swirl and savor the sweet n’ salty taste. I lean over and suck just the head into my mouth.  I moan deeply – as I swirl my tongue around it. I release the head and I sigh with contentment. I put my tongue against the roof of my mouth, thereby increasing the volume of spit in my mouth. I know that Daddy loves the feeling of a sloppy wet cock!


Daddy offers the shaft to me. I take it and hold it firmly, moaning loudly, as I open my mouth wide.  My tongue drips the spit down his shaft; as I stuff as much as I can into my mouth. Oh-my-God! Woman that feels wonderful, Daddy tells me.  I stop mid-shaft and withdraw.  I turn Daddy’s chair to get a better angle and then I suck his dick again and again. Varying the depths, sometimes shallow – sometimes gagging with depth. Daddy’s deeper moans and quickening breath signals my success.  I withdraw slowly, my tongue playing with my spit, across the veins and coating Daddy’s dick.  Fuuuccckkkk Yes - You can suck my BIG Cock Woman! I look at Daddy and smile.   


Daddy sees the time on the TV and grumbles. He lets me know we haven’t got a lot of time. To help out – he weaves one hand into my hair (I love it when he does that) and fondles my breasts and squeezes the nipples, with the other. I moan deeply as Daddy guides my head; his moans indicate when I’ve found a good spot. Like most men, Daddy needs 10 to 20 minutes of solid sustained sucking to cum. My orgasm depends on his, so I go to work. I pull the skin taunt and grip the base of Daddy’s shaft firmly.  Daddy nods and pinches my right nipple, signaling everything feels good at his end of this orgasmic rainbow.


I feel my pussy juices really flow in anticipation. I nod and start. I lick my lips and open my mouth wide. I wrap my lips around Daddy’s big dick, pushing his shaft in and sucking down. I withdraw slowly. I repeat this maneuver – adding in my playful tongue. Daddy’s moans indicate my successes. As I go, I go faster and add more strokes to Daddy’s shaft and more spit. Daddy’s pinching my nipples hard – I’m moaning and creaming. Soon he’s pushing down on my head and lifting his hips - fucking my throat. I feel his dick sliding back and forth across that little tongue. 4 or 5 more strokes made Daddy Cum; I start cumming too. OhMyGod! OhMyGod! OhMyGod!!!!!


Daddy signals he’s done by releasing my head. Daddy dick is very sensitive, so he cautions me against getting greedy – “No more sucking, my little dick vampire.”  I let go of his dick and pout. Seeing my frown, Daddy relents. I smile when he says I can have a few more licks. I gently lick up any remaining juices.   “OhMyGod Woman!  That blow job was worth at least 10 at-a-girls! I love you and that mouth of yours.” I smile and hand Daddy the towels. I excuse myself and venture to the restroom on shaky legs to go wash up. Daddy follows as soon as he finds his land legs, too. He finds me and hugs me. Daddy teases me, “Remember this was just a snack!”


Ummmmm! I smile and my pussy tingles. So Daddy, “Will our next meal be French Cuisine (they dine in courses) or Greek?”


Lady Jewells (May 2013)



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