A Thigh High Surprise

By: Lady Jewells

Page 1, Dinner for 2, but the table is set for 1.


The Thigh High Surprise


I was working late at my job, when my Lady called and asked to meet me for dinner. Though I’d taken my own dinner, I looked forward to having her company. I clocked out and met her in the parking garage. It was cold outside, so I didn’t think anything when she showed up wearing an overcoat. I smiled when I saw her long legs dressed in nylons and my favorite pair of black ‘fuck-me’ stiletto high heels. She knows I love seeing her in a dress and high heels.


She loves to dress up and tease me. When she saw me, she hurried over and hugged me. Her juicy kiss left my loins heated and cock twitching. When we parted, her coat slipped opened and I glimpsed what she wore. No dress! She looked delicious clad in just a red bustier, a black and red lace garter belt, and thigh high nylons and ummm those black stilettos!! My cock stood up and my tongue got hard.  


My 30 minute dinner break wasn’t going to give us enough time, so I called work and asked for the rest of the day off to take care of some personal business. I was glad to get my bosses ok; if he’d said, “No” I’d have had blue balls by the end of the shift.



Ok, Lady, let’s go home for dinner. As I drove, she teased me all the way home, by playing with her nipples and dipping her fingers in her juicy pussy. Her scent filled the car and drove me crazy. To stay focused on the road, I planned out the rest of our evening.


When we got home, she stepped out of the car and walked very slowly up the driveway. “My God Woman can’t you walk a little faster”, I begged. My cock was painfully trapped by my clothes. I raced ahead and unlocked the door, leaving it a jar. Then I hustled back to her and just scooped her up in my arms. She squealed in delight and teased me about putting her down.  I ignored her taunts; all I could think of was having my way with her. I had planned it all and now it was time to Dine.


 As an Appetizer – I undressed her.  Off went the overcoat and her heels. I undid just part of her bustier, just enough to free my girls. I started playing with my girls and her nipples got hard. I kissed her sweet nipples and pulled her down next to me on the couch. Lady opened my pants and freed my heated beast. My cock was hard and aching with need. As my Lady licked, kissed and sucked my cock; I fingered her to the first of many orgasms. My Lady ground her pelvis into my fingers and cried out as she came. And I filled her mouth with my first load.  


For my entrée – I moved her to the kitchen table. She lay on her back, still dressed in her sexy bustier, garter belt, and her long legs still encased in the nylons. I marveled at my good fortune to be loved by such a special lady. I took my chair at the head of the table and draped her legs over my shoulders and pushed my head into her creamy pussy. I started at the top with her clit and just worked my way into her honey pot. She moaned and begged for more, until she screamed and creamed.


Lapping up her juices – made my cock rise, so after I was done cleaning my plate -I stood up between her lovely thighs and rammed my cock deep inside. I was still holding her legs wide – as I pounded her pussy. Even I was amazed at how hard I stayed. My Lady was wild eyed with pleasure. She came again and again.


For dessert – I planned to feed my Lady.  So I pulled out when I felt that familiar tightening in my balls. Instinctively, Lady rolled to her side, as I stepped around the table holding my rigid shaft. My Lady smiled, as I teased – “Open wide.”  Moans of pleasure escaped us both, as her painted red lips encircled my hard shaft. OMG – it felt so good. When I felt my cock hit the back of her throat – I came. I had to lean against the table for support as I just kept pumping my load into her mouth. As I came, I wondered what other surprises Lady had planned for me.  


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