69 is Tea for 2, but 77 is Better.

By: Lady Jewells

Page 1, I’m feeling really lusty tonight Mr. Wonderful, want to cum?

Text:69 is Tea for 2, but 77 is better. Mr. Wonderful, want to cum for Tea?

I stepped outside tonight in just a light frock. The chill of the night breeze made my breasts tingle and I could feel my nipples harden against the soft fabric. I licked my lips and moaned softly.

I love it when the air is chilly like this - I always think of you and your love of cold weather. I shivered and walked back inside. I sent you a text; a sexy message inviting you over. Then – I went to my bedroom and opened my window. A cool breeze entered and I curled up on the loveseat to wait for you. I know you’ll cum come over as soon as you can clear a few hours of time. You know I’ll take care of you, your needs and mine. I love the way our lust stirs such intense fires.

I was fixing myself a glass of wine - when you walked up behind me and hugged me. You asked me to pour you a glass, too. Then you pulled me against your hard body, your hands cupped my breasts and you briefly pressed your hard-on against my ass. I got the hint – grabbed the wine bottle, 2 glasses and headed to my bedroom.

I moan with pleasure – at the sight of you undressing. I pour the wine and then bring you a glass. We both take a sip - you lean over and kiss me. Your kisses become more demanding. We put the glasses down - to focus on kissing. With your hands free - you squeeze my nipples and the other has found its way into my pussy. I love your big fingers. I'm so wet - and you're just making me wetter. I break off kissing to giggle at the noises you’re making with my wetness.

I half-heartedly beg you to stop, so I can catch my breath- and you half-heartedly do that - but you do it to change positions. You push me down on to the bed. I’m lying on the bed and you have a knee on the bed – but you’re standing off to the side. With a mischievous smile - You hold your cock just inches from my face.

I smile back. You know I want your cock - I look up at you with my best bedroom eyes and beg for it. You lean towards my mouth and stop. You talk to me; you want to feel only lips and tongue – no hands! I comply, I open my mouth and stick out my tongue -- you're such a tease- slapping my tongue. You withdraw, stroking your hard cock and then lean forward to let me suck your balls. Moans of pleasure escape from both of us ..Ummmm! Finally you relent and let me suck your cock.. ummmmm!

You love what I’m doing, but you want me to take you deeper – so you move around to the head of this bed – as if you’re going to do a 69. Now, you can almost hump my tonsils – you are that deep. Once settled, I resume my licking and sucking. I'm so focused on what I'm doing - I don't even realize you’re moving your hips. I feel your cock grow harder – Ummm! You’re telling me - baby I'm going to cum - and cum you did! Whoa...are you trying to drown your girl..? I swallow as much as I can and you use the sheet to clean up the rest.

While your attention is elsewhere, I prop the pillows up & lean back against them and taunt you. “Ok ...Mr. Wonderful, your turn! Show me what you and your talented tongue can do. I know you're a skilled artist when it comes to eating pussy. Start here with my tits; I want to feel the artist in his element! – I teased.”

You’re game. You climb onto the bed and straddle my body. You lean in close and tell me – not to touch you. I’m to focus on the feelings, I feel. Instinctively, I wrapped my hands in the covers. You lean in close again and tell me, “Close your eyes or watch me – I don’t care -just don’t touch me!”

It’s a tease and I love it.

I moan softly as I watch and feel you swirl your tongue around one nipple and then the other. The chilled breeze hardens my wet nipples. My breath quickens and I feel my goose flesh rise in response to your hot tongue licking here and over there. Moans of pleasure escape me – as your warm breath whispers your sensuous desires on your way down.

I feel my clit harden – she’s standing up and begging for attention. You show your talent, by not rushing in too fast. We both know – its soup inside and you know my clit gets really sensitive when I’ve cum a lot. Therefore you use your finger tips to press the skin on the outside to open my lips. Then you use just the tip of your tongue to lick the edges. I sigh, as you blow warm air inside my pussy. Next, I feel you lay the flat of your tongue on my clit and bathe her in the warm wetness. Ummm OMG, that feels so good.

Because my pussy is so wet – pushing-in just one finger isn’t enough, so you insert 2 fingers. My pussy tightens around your big fingers. It’s tight enough now and from my moans – you can tell I’m ready to move on to the next level.

Every woman is different. Some women like a man to use his fingers like a cock and lick their clits at the same time. I don’t. The trick for me - is holding your fingers still. And then pushing your fingers under the base of my clit – from underneath. That way you’re using my g-spot as leverage, to force Clarissa to stand-up.

I giggle softly, as I feel you swirl your tongue around Clarissa, as if you’re telling her to pay attention.

You adjust the two fingers inside me and by the pitch of my moans; you can tell when you get it right. Next, you start licking in earnest. You’re done teasing. You start with licks to the left, followed by licks to the right. Next, you add a butterfly flick to your licks – I moan in pleasure at all the sensations.

I can feel the orgasm building – it’s a big one. I'm panting - I'm so close. You push-in a little deeper with your fingers. I have a death grip on the covers. Almost there - Just a few more licks to the right... I thrust my pussy against your tongue and scream! I hold my breath – as my orgasm rolls throughout my entire body – wave after wave of sheer ecstasy.

I can’t breathe - I can't stay – it’s too much - I black-out.

Only seconds... Thank heavens for auto-pilot.

You’ve learned over time to withdraw – You stay close, but you know every bit of my body is super sensitive right now.

I wake-up gasping for air, my heart is pounding, and I’m still having mini orgasms... I look over at you... While I'm still trying to catch my breath – you’re sitting there with that Big ol’ “Hi - I’m Mr. Wonderful smug Smile” on your face. I can’t help but smile right back at you, Mr. Wonderful.

PS.. 69 is Tea for 2, but 77 is Coffee for 1. Personally Mr. Wonderful, I think 77 is better - You getate more.

By Lady Jewells (2012)

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