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I had no idea what to expect when my boss agreed to meet me for an after hours meeting, but it wasn't this. (This has been edited and cleaned up a bit.)

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Tension and arguments were running rampant within my accounting department for the past several weeks, and although it was almost time for lunch, I resolved to e-mail my supervisor about the problem.Absentmindedly, I typed a quick message requesting a dinner meeting for later that evening.Satisfied that I'd accomplished my goal, I sent the message and logged off for lunch.
Down the block from the firm was a little bistro where my co-workers and I loved to spend our lunchtime soaking in the atmosphere.We ate and laughed, but honestly my heart just wasn't in it.The recent confrontations and stress weighed heavily on my mind, and all I could think about was whether my supervisor would agree to the meeting and what I would say.
With a smile and wave to my friends I returned to the office and immediately signed back onto the computer, scanning my e-mails.Thankfully, there was a message from jspencer, which I opened and read.My boss, Jake Spencer, had actually agreed to the meeting!Relieved, I wrote down the address of the restaurant he suggested and sent back confirmation.
The rest of the day seemed to drag by.All I could think about were the topics that I wanted to touch on and reminded myself to remain calm at all cost.When it was finally time to go, I rushed home for a quick shower before heading to the meeting.
An hour and a half later, I sat in the intimate Italian restaurant that Mr. Spencer had suggested and nervously re-positioned the crystal salt and pepper shakers.The waiter came by to ask me if I'd like a glass of wine while I waited.It sounded wonderful, but deciding that it wasn't a good idea to drink before such an important meeting I declined.
Forty minutes later I was still waiting and beginning to get frustrated.Perhaps, I should have accepted that wine after all.
The waiter came back to the table and bent forward. "Madam, a Mr. J. Spencer called and requested that you meet him in front of the building."
Relieved that my boss hadn't stood me up, I gathered my purse and headed to the front door of the restaurant.Stepping outside, I glanced into the night, but other than a limousine parked directly in front of the building the street was empty. Glancing at my watch, I sighed heavily as the back door of the limo opened.I waited a few moments for somebody to step out, but the door remained open like an ominous invitation to enter a dark cave.Curiosity got the better of me and I took step forward, bending down to get a better look at the interior of the sophisticated, black vehicle. It was too dark to see anything clearly.
"Mr. Spencer?" I asked timidly.
"Yes," came the hoarse reply.
Good Heavens! I thought. He's really going out of his way to make things better.
Stepping inside the limo, I sat on the leather seat and waited for my eyes to adjust.It was completely dark inside the car, and I could just vaguely make out the figure of a man sitting beside me.
"I'm surprised that you went to the trouble of hiring a limo," I stammered nervously.I could hear the insecurity in my voice and gave myself a silent kick in the rear.Now was not the time to be timid.I needed to stand up for myself and my co-workers.Taking a deep breath, I continued.
"I'm not normally the type to be so aggressive, but I feel strongly that we can't put this off any longer."
I felt him take my hand and give it a reassuring squeeze.The warm strength of his hand didn't surprise me half as much as the kindness of the gesture.The man had a heart after all!
"We've been skirting the issue for far too long, and I feel that it's past time for us to get it all out in the open.Don't you agree?"
"Mmm, hmm," he replied.Still holding my hand, he began to caress the top of it with his thumb.It was a rather nice feeling and gave me the reassurance I needed to continue.
"I just want to get this off my chest," I began as he slid a little closer to me."Sort of bare it all for you?Is that ok?"
He let out a deep sigh, and I could just make out a nod of his head, which I took for agreement.This was going so much better than I expected.Normally, he was the type of man who loved to hear himself speak, but this time he was letting me take the lead.
I paused to gather my thoughts.Everything that I wanted to say rushed through my mind until I felt him brush the hair off my cheek and let his hand linger gently around the back of my neck.I could tell he was watching me.My eyes still had not completely adjusted to the dark, so I couldn't make out his expression, but I could feel its intensity.
Unexpectedly, with just the slightest pressure, he pulled me closer to him, so that our lips were almost touching.His breath was minty and warm on my lips, and I sucked in a deep breath as my heart thumped loudly inside my chest.
"Mr. Spencer," I gulped."This is not what I had in mind."
"Really?"He sounded surprised, but it didn't stop his mouth from meeting mine.
At first he simply rubbed his lips against mine, but soon his tongue slid out and slowly licked my bottom lip until my mouth opened to allow him access. When our tongues met I was astonished at the heat that raced through my lower stomach.I grabbed his head and used it to pull his whole body closer as I took charge of the kissing.
Somewhere in the back of my mind a voice was screaming that this was my boss - the man we affectionately called Monkey Bait.As my hands traveled up his hard chest I was very aware that he was more solidly built than I'd expected.Old Monkey Bait, er, Mr. Spencer had a somewhat pudgy look about him, but this man was anything but soft.
A sneaking suspicion started to come over me."You're not Mr. Spencer!"
"I am," he said smoothly, but I didn't recognize the voice."I swear I'm Mr. Spencer."
With one quick move he put his hands around my waist and pulled me into his lap.His tongue invaded my mouth as his hand began unbuttoning my blouse.He was half way done before I even thought to protest.
"I don't think we should be doing this," I said as I started to pull away reluctantly.
"Shhh," he breathed as he pulled me closer and wrapped his hands under my shirt and around the bare flesh of mid-section.At that point I didn't care who he was anymore.I pulled my blouse off and threw it on the floor of the limo.
Reaching out for him, I started kissing him urgently while my hands reached between our bodies to unbutton his shirt.Clumsily, I tried to unfasten them, but in the heat of the moment my fingers wouldn't work.After several frustrating moments, Mr. Spencer pushed my hands away and quickly unbuttoned his shirt for me.The feel of his smooth, warm skin was incredible.I ran my hands all over his chest and stomach feeling every hot, ripple of muscle.When he groaned with pleasure, I felt like the most powerful woman on the planet, and I wanted more.
Repositioning myself on the floor between his legs, I kissed and licked his chest slowly moving down his body.His breathing came faster the lower I got.When I reached his belt buckle, I sat back on my feet and pulled the belt completely out of his slacks before unfastening them. My hands started to tremble as I reached for his zipper.I could feel the huge bulge beneath it and the size of the protuberance brought me back to my senses.
What was I doing?It wasn't that I still thought this man was actually my boss.I knew it couldn't possibly be Jake Spencer.What worried me was the size of that erection.I had serious doubts that I could do it the justice it deserved. Mustering up my courage, I reached inside his slacks and grabbed it, determined to give it my very best.
As soon as I put my fingers around the hard, throbbing flesh, the man hissed giving me the confidence to continue. Bending forward I licked the smooth head before sliding it slowly into my mouth.My mouth stretched as far as it would go, but I didn't mind.Having that magnificent cock inside my mouth excited me and I slide it in and out with obvious enjoyment. He grabbed the back of my head and pumped himself into my mouth groaning as he got close to release, but I wasn't going to let that happen yet.Pulling back, I reached up to kiss him with the same tongue that had just lapped up the juices of his excitement.
As I kissed him, his hands reached behind me and unhooked my bra.When my breasts were bare, he kneaded them both before gently rolling my nipples between his fingers.Gasping with pleasure, I threw my head back and arched my back giving him total access to my aching nipples, which he tried to soothe with his mouth and tongue.
I was so intent on the sensations coming from my nipples that I didn't immediately realize that he was reaching beneath my skirt to rub my swollen clit with his thumb.As soon as he did that I became aware of how wet I'd become, and the ache in my nipples was nothing compared to the delicious throb between my legs.
Sensing my urgency, he reached under my panties and slowly rubbed his fingers around my wet opening.I wanted to scream out for him to finger me, but luckily I didn't need to.Without making me wait any longer, he inserted his fingers.I let out a sigh of relief that soon grew into a moan as I felt the familiar clenching which meant I was starting to come.I threw my head back as I cried out.
After I caught my breath, he picked me up and laid me on my back, before sliding his slacks off.He positioned himself between my legs and rubbed his enormous cock against my dripping pussy.I braced myself as he slowly slid himself inside me.
I expected to feel pain because of his size, but it never happened.There was a wonderful fullness that slowly spread through my body and turned into intense excitement.I grunted and moaned as his pumps started out slowly and became faster. Before I knew what was happening my body tensed as I started to orgasm for the second time.He paused long enough to let me finish, and then after four or five more thrusts he threw his head back and came.
When he was finished, he laid his head across my naked chest."I'm sorry I missed dinner."
I giggled as I ran my fingers through his hair."I like the way you apologize."
Sitting up, he reached for the phone.He dialed a number and placed a food order.I looked out the window and realized that we were still in front of the restaurant.My face grew hot as I realized where we were and that there was undoubtedly a driver in the front seat of the limo.
"Don't be embarrassed," he said kindly.
"It's kind of hard not to be.I just had sex with a total stranger in a limousine in the middle of the street.I don't even know your name."
"Of course you do.I'm J. Spencer."
"No, trust me; I'd know if you were Jake Spencer.I don't know how you found me, but I do know you're not my boss."
"I never said I was, but I am J. Spencer."
I sat silently puzzled.
"I'm Jack Spencer."
"Ok, but why are you here?I was supposed to meet my supervisor."
"I don't know anything about that, but when I got your e-mail message I was intrigued.I had to come meet you."
"I didn't e-mail you."
"You did," he said.
Before he could explain somebody knocked on the window.He rolled it down and paid the waiter carrying our order.Pulling the bag of food in the vehicle, he handed it to me.
"I'm sorry to cut our time short, but I did have other plans.I snuck away to meet you."
"Oh," I said rushing to put on my clothes."I understand."
He stopped me."No, I don't think that you do.I'm the Best Man at my brother's wedding.I took their limo to come meet you.I have to get it back."
"Oh!" I cried realizing the truth.
When I finished dressing, he reached for me and gave me a me a light kiss on the lips before opening the car door and letting me out.My eyes squinted from the brightness of the street light.
He shut the door and rolled down the window before the driver pulled away from the curb.
"E-mail me," he called as I stood watching the limo drive away.
The next morning at work, I logged onto the computer and looked for the e-mail intended for Mr. Jake Spencer, not Jack.
Mr. Spencer:
I need to meet you.It's urgent and I need get a few things off my chest. Please just give me enough time to prove how we can make this work.Meet me tonight for dinner.
I smiled when I re-read it.No wonder he thought that I'd asked him out.Remembering the way we'd taken to each other, I couldn't say that I was sorry for the mistake.
"Excuse me, Miss."A man's voice pulled me out of my daydream.
"Yes," I said turning toward the deep voice.
When I did my mouth nearly fell open.Standing behind me was the most breathtaking man I'd ever seen.My eyes started at his feet and traveled up his body taking in the exquisite view. His perfectly tailored grey slacks only hinted at the powerful legs inside them, but the royal blue shirt he was wearing didn't hide a thing.His shoulders were broad and the dark skin of his rippled chest that peaked out from beneath his button-down shirt made my mouth water.His sleeves were rolled up to his elbows and his tanned forearms were strong and muscular as they held a potted plant.
"I have a delivery for you," he said.
My eyes traveled up to his face and my mouth went completely dry.He was gorgeous!His hair was dark and almost to his shoulders, as if he were a couple months over due for a haircut.Twinkling blue eyes stared back as I let my gaze linger on his smiling lips.
He handed me the plant and then turned to walk away.I stood watching him amazed at how masculine he seemed even from the back.When he was almost to the stairwell, he turned back and gave me a sexy wave as he laughed and walked through the door.
Setting my plant down, I reached for the card which read:
E-mail me!
Turning back to the stairwell, I realized I'd finally gotten a look at J. Spencer - and what a look it was!Sitting down with a lascivious grin, I pulled up my e-mail to type a message.


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