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This one might be a tad bit higher up the Raunch Scale than my last few. I think the title explains what it's about.

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Melody Ward glanced nervously around her new living quarters.It was spacious and recently decorated in the peaches and greens that she had requested.A large mahogany canopy bed sat in the middle of the room complete with brand new bedding and plush pillows.The room was beautiful and under different circumstances she would have been thrilled that it was hers.

But, these circumstances were not regular at all.After a great deal of consideration she had signed a contract to enter the harem of a very rich and powerful man in exchange for a full education of her choosing.The contract was up after two years and she'd be free to continue her life as she pleased.It was a rare deal and she felt lucky to be chosen.Still her nerves were getting the better of her.

A bell chimed and Melody already knew what was expected of her after reading the lengthy Manual of Rules and Suggestions.She was to enter through the door at her right after putting on her bathing suit and join the other women in the bathing area.From there the sheikh would make his daily selection and if she wasn't chosen she would be free until the bell chimed at the same time the next day.

Melody had done her homework and had even spoken to previous concubines.To her relief many of them told her they were never or rarely chosen.It cheered her to know her chances were slim, as there were twenty-four other women in the harem at all times.If she just kept her head down he was bound to over look her.

She put on her red bikini and opened the door to the bathing area.To her surprise it was simply a large swimming pool with other women either splashing in the water or sitting on the side of the pool talking among themselves with their feet dangling over the side.Her eyes scanned the other women, and she was amazed to see so many beautiful and varied women in one place.There were plenty of tall thin blonds of course, but there were also more voluptuous women with completely different looks who were equally attractive.Thinking of her own brown hair and brown eyes she felt dowdy in comparison.

Shyly she took a step forward and was startled by a chesty blond who grabbed her arm. "You must be Melody.I'm Chastity.I was assigned to be your Concubine Trainer."

"My Concubine Trainer?" Melody asked in confusion.

Chastity laughed."They've found that some of the girls need a little encouragement at first.It's my job to make you feel completely comfortable and to advise you in conjugal matters."

Melody raised her eyebrow."You're my sex coach?"


Chastity began by showing her around the bathing room and introducing her to the other women.To her surprise they all seemed friendly and welcoming.There were none of the jealous glares that she had anticipated.After she'd been introduced to everyone, she and Chastity sat on the side of the pool talking about what could be expected and how much was offered at the palace.In actuality it sounded like a fabulous stay at a spa.Other than the daily call to the bathing area, she could come and go as she pleased.

The bell chimed and Melody looked at Chastity quizzically."He's made his decision."

"But he never even entered the room."

Chastity pointed to the ceiling. "There are cameras all over in here."

Melody looked around at the other women who appeared as nervous as she felt.A hush fell over the room as a servant in a black suit walked through carrying a silver tray.She watched him walk by several very attractive women until he came to stand directly in front of her.

"Take it," Chastity advised her.She grabbed the envelope and opened it realizing that it was an invitation made out for her.

Chastity clapped her hands in glee. "We're on!"

Quickly, she was ushered back to her room.It all happened in a whirl of activity and Melody wasn't even completely sure how she found herself in bed naked beside Chastity with a glass of wine in her hand.

"Drink up honey, it will help you relax."

Melody downed the wine in one gulp and held out the glass for more.Chastity laughed."We want you relaxed not drunk."

She took the glass from Melody."Why don't you roll over to your stomach and I'll give you a massage."

Melody pulled the sheet tighter to her chest."No thanks."

"Remember I am you coach.I'm here to help you, but you need to trust me."

Melody nodded her head and rolled to her stomach, pulling her long brown hair off her back.Moments later she felt Chastity's hands begin to rub warm oil on to her shoulders.The movement was slow and deep, meant to relax, and to her amazement she began to feel warm and tranquil.Chastity's hands slowly worked their way down her back and she let out a moan making Chastity giggle.

When she got down to the small of her back Chastity pulled away to get more oil and when she started again, Melody sighed in relaxation.When the hands started messaging her bottom, Melody's eyes opened briefly, but then it felt so good she decided to just let it happen.The hands moved past her bottom to first her left leg, then her right.Gently, she was rolled over to her back, and again Melody kept her eyes shut and just enjoyed what was happening.

Starting at her legs the hands moved up her body, skipping the area between her legs and continuing just below her navel. Melody couldn't help but have erotic thoughts.She'd never been with a woman, but based on what she was feeling right that moment she was willing to give it a go.When the hands covered her breast, and lightly squeezed her nipples, Melody slowly opened her eyes.

There with his hands on her breasts was a man that Melody had never seen before."Sorry.I would have introduced myself sooner, but I hated to interrupt your message."

She didn't move, but laid there staring up into the face of a man that she judged to be around 40, give or take a few.He had dark hair and blue eyes, which she had not expected from a sheikh, and despite being startled just a moment before, Melody found him very attractive.He rubbed his thumbs over her nipples causing her heart to leap in her chest.Yes, he was very attractive indeed.

Chastity was suddenly lying in the bed closer to her ear."Kiss him."

Melody put her hands around his neck and pulled him close.She stopped for a moment, deciding if she was ready to take this step.She felt his breath against her lips and then her mind was made up.She touched her lips to his, almost chastely, until he opened his mouth and slid his tongue against her bottom lip.That's when she felt the tingle.She wanted him and she didn't want to pretend otherwise.

He slid his hand down her side, gravitating to the hottest part of her.When his hands brushed over her pubic mound, Melody felt more than a tingle.She felt like she was on fire!She spread her legs and kissed him harder, silently begging him to touch her deeper.When his fingers found her opening and slid inside her, she inhaled sharply.Slowly he slid his fingers in and out, rubbing her clit with her thumb, making Melody feel completely out of control, completely uninhibited.

Quite unexpectedly, he rolled them both over and she found herself straddling his hips, his erection pressed against her bottom.He raised her up and she reached down to guide his erection inside her as he slowly eased her down his shaft.Melody wasn't a virgin, but she hadn't been with many men, and she'd never felt like this before.

He slid her up and down his cock, almost grinding their pelvises together, making Melody breath heavier.Chastity bent over and kissed the man, lightly biting his bottom lips.Melody watched them kiss as she rode his cock, surprised at how erotic she found it.
Chastity then sat up and kissed her, plunging her tongue into Melody's mouth.It was her first girl kiss and she was surprised at how much she liked it.Wrapping a hand around Chastity's head she held her in place as she kissed her thoroughly, all the while enjoying the feel of the man fucking her.Before she knew it, she was coming and moaned into Chastity's mouth as they kissed.

When her orgasm subsided, Chastity and the sheikh switched places.He tapped her mouth with his cock until she opened up and accepted him, sucking him in deeply, tasting herself on him.Meanwhile, Chastity settled between Melody's thighs before flicking her tongue softly over the still sensitive clit.As Chastity's licking became faster, so did Melody's sucking.She rolled her tongue over the sides of his cock as she sucked him off.She was about to cum again, when her partners stopped as if on cue.

Chastity lay on her back and instructed Melody, "Put it inside me."
Melody's eyes widened in surprised, but when he positioned himself between Chastity's legs, she grabbed his cock and rubbed it against Chastity's wet pussy.She felt a little thrill as it slid inside Chastity making her gasp in pleasure.He pumped himself into her slowly, enjoying the wet, tightness.

Chastity sighed."Now, you come here."

Melody looked puzzled.

"Bring that sweet little pussy over here."

Melody grinned and straddled her face with her back to the sheikh, letting Chastity tickle her clit with her tongue.Within moments she started to cum.She didn't mean to, but she couldn't hold back. As she burst into orgasm she could feel her sex coach sucking in her juices.

"Now you do me," Chastity advised her.Melody got on her knees and bent down a bit timidly.She'd never tasted another woman.Today was full of firsts.

As she did to Chastity what her coach had done to her earlier, she felt the Sheikh slide his cock into her sopping pussy.She loved the feel of him inside her and pushed back against him wanting every inch.

So, that's what an orgasm feels like on my tongue, Melody thought. She liked it, but didn't have time to give it anymore consideration because she couldn't keep my mind off the cock plunging inside of her.After just a short time more, he gave her one last pump and groaned as he came inside her.

Melody collapsed on to her stomach and rolled over to her back as Chastity crawled out of the bed and disappeared.The sheikh plopped down beside her and pulled her close for a cuddle.

"That was amazing.I think that you're going to be my favorite."

Melody smiled.Heck, she was getting a free education out of it and besides that she'd never had so much fun in her life.These next two years were going to be very interesting.


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