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The Contractor

Short story By: L Sarady

Lily gets more than she bargains for when the contractor she hires provides 'extra services'.

Submitted:Apr 18, 2013    Reads: 4,102    Comments: 2    Likes: 4   

Opening the door for the contractor that Lily had called to rewire a few things in her new house, she was greeted by someone that instantly made her excited to have this stranger in her home. She had changed from her usual handyman service since they weren't ever friendly, provided poor service and always seemed to creep her out with their lingering eyes. Finally finding her words she introduced herself and offered him entry, closing the doo behind them. "Hi miss, my name is Michael, can you show me what all needs taken care of and where your box is, I mean electrical box is", he said slightly flustered and now blushing. Lily, flushing as well while she subconsciously bit her lip, turned to show him the garage where the breaker box was located. "Sorry I can't help more, but I think that's the box you're looking for", pointing towards the far wall. "Yes, perfect - thank you". Just as Lily turned to head back in the house and leave him to work, she remembered that he had no idea what rooms needed what. Pushing the door back open she said "I'm going to grab a shower real quick, but the rooms that you need to fix outlets in are upstairs, first room on your left and second on your right as well as the kitchen and living room downstairs". Turning to head back in and upstairs to grab a shower after the gym, Lily also grabbed a few other items for her shower. She had recently purchased a suction cup dildo that she thought would perch nicely on the seat in the shower so she could pleasure herself in the and clean up at the same time. Figuring he was going to be busy downstairs for a while and not be upstairs yet to hear her enjoying herself, she decided to give it a go. Turning on the water and undressing herself she thought she should lube up her new toy and see what it felt like as the water warmed. Not realizing she had left the door to her room open and bathroom door cracked, she slowly slid the length between her pussy lips and teased herself lightly with it. Reaching to tweak her nipple they both began to peak at her growing arousal. Sliding the tip of the dildo into her moistening hole she started to moan at the excitement and thought of how awesome this new toy would be in the shower. Not wanting to put it inside her until she could slowly let it stretch her in the shower, she turned and slid the doors open to step in, placing her new friend in the perfect position on the bench.

Michael, knowing Lily was in the shower, stepped carefully into the second room on the right as she instructed to work on the outlets. Seeing her panties and bra lying on the bed instantly piqued his interest as to what was happening through the crack in the door to the bathroom. Hearing the shower door close, he stepped closer and peeked in catching her beautifully naked reflection in the mirror. He watched as she stood under the showerhead and let the water fall over her body. Turning to back herself over the shower bench and her attached toy, she slowly started to lower herself on it, letting it stretch her in the most delightful way. As she covered ¾ of its length, she decided to let herself fall upon it and took the last part with full force, moaning in ecstasy. After a moment or two of watching Lily ride up and down on the rubber toy, Michael realized he really wished that was his cock filling her like that. Just as he reached down to unzip his pants and stroke his growing member, she stood and removed it from the bench and stuck it to the shower wall. Bending over she used it like she was being fucked from behind, rocking back onto it and letting it fill her each time. Not being able to take it anymore and thinking she must have left the door open for a reason, he knocked on the door. Looking up she saw him looking at her in the mirror and saw that his cock was out and ready for her. Stepping into the bathroom she never once covered herself or asked him to leave, but instead stepped back offering room as she opened the shower door for him. Michael quickly disrobed and stepped into the shower with Lily and slowly reached to lick and nip the beautiful rosebuds that graced her beautiful ivory breasts. Moaning as he grazed them with his teeth, she grasped his length and began to stroke it with one hand and gently cup his balls with the other. Moving to her neck and finally her mouth the two groped and kissed, tongues tangling as their passion grew deeper. Moving the toy back to the original position on the bench, Lily sat upon it while she slowly urged the tip of his engorged cock into her mouth and teased it lightly with her tongue. Lifting his hard rod she ran her tongue along the bottom ridge from his balls to the tip and then mouthed the head of the cock, sucking lightly as she went. Inhaling with an almost painful look upon his face, he laced his hands within her hair and encouraged her to take him deeper. Relaxing her throat she began to take him down her throat, a feeling he had never experienced before, the soft flesh of her throat gliding along the tip as her throat muscles lightly gripped his cock made him jerk with pleasure. With the slightest hum she started to withdraw the length and began sucking as she went. Again lifting his cock from her main focus, she began to suck lightly on his balls and then traced that same line up the bottom of his cock with her tongue, sending him into a furious need to cum in her mouth. This time when she reached the tip, she stood and turned around so that he could fill her wet pussy instead of the lifeless toy that had been within her. Without a second thought he ran the tip within her slicked folds, feeling her swollen pussy lips and urged himself into her wanting hole. Without notice Lily forced herself back onto him with her need to feel him inside her, deep inside her. Grasping her hips he began to rock slowly into her, but he could feel the urgency that Lily wanted him in her fast and hard. Snaking her hand between her legs, she began to rub her swollen clit and rocked herself harder onto the cock that filled her. Just as she cried that she was about to cum Michael decided to use the slickness that coated them both to shove a finger into her beautiful asshole, surprising her and making her cum instantly and harder than she had ever imagined. The spasming of her pussy and the screaming of her orgasm made him cum instantly spilling his hot load deep within her. Without asking he spun her around and sat her down on the seat again, bending her knees so her feet would rest on his shoulders as he knelt between her splayed legs. Looking up at her, he began lapping at the mixture of their orgasms that began to run from her. Once he had cleaned it he inserted a finger and began to stroke the inside of her pussy as he slowly teased her hardened clit with his tongue and teeth. Not letting her escape from his grip, his hand began to move faster as her hips rocked and her grip on his hair got tighter. Just as she screamed that she was going to cum again, he sped up building her orgasm to a height she had never reached, forcing her to squirt within his mouth while he again lapped at her shaking body. She begged for him to stop as it was to much, but he insisted on cleaning ever last bit of it from her as he enjoyed her taste so much. Helping her to her feet, he kissed her softly and turned off the water. Knowing her legs would not hold her, he reached for her robe and covered her before scooping her up and carrying her to her bed and lying her down. Kissing her sweetly on the head and covering her up to rest, he whispered with a grin "no extra charge for that service". She smiled as he went back to dry himself and return to the work he was there to do.


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