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Anna & Jason - Homerun

Short story By: L Sarady

Anna nurses the star catcher back to heath with a dose of her own medicine!

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Entering the bottom of the 4th and already up 9-2, substitutions are being prepared to be reported at the top of the 5th and starters will be taking the bench. This season has been a pretty amazing one so far and the guys were very close socially as well as on the field. Up to bat, and slowly approaching the plate, comes the lefty and number 4 hitter Pedro Sanchez. So far on the season he has had a batting average of .361 and OBP of .410. Last time the two teams met he rushed the mound after a wild pitch came in and tagged him in the back. The catcher, Henderson, quick to the aid of his pitcher arrived quickly and knocked him to his ass in front of his home crowd. Needless to say, neither Sanchez nor the town of Albuquerque had a fondness for Henderson and booed him every time he came to the plate himself. Glancing over at Sanchez, the catcher crouched into his stance and signaled for the first pitch, change up. Strike 1 - looking, ball 1 - outside, strike 2 - foul 3rd baseline, ball 2 - inside…just barely, strike 3 - swinging! "Mark a 'K' in the books baby", Henderson said in the batters direction as he stood to throw the ball around the horn. Without a second thought, Sanchez had had enough of Henderson's taunting and once he had removed his catchers helmet, he blasted him in the face with a tough right hook, knocking the catcher out cold.

Rushing the field both benches came in for a bench-clearing brawl, testosterone flooding the diamond. Once the trainers could finally reach Henderson, he had finally come to, but was still dazed from the hit. The athletic trainers knew the catcher pretty well for the numerous injuries he had within the time that he had been playing for the organization. Being a fun, handsome and witty guy with a great sense of humor, the medical crew, especially the assistant athletic trainer Anna, was fond of having him around. The two of them would often flirt around in the training room during treatments in a most discrete way, but they could each feel the magnetism and intense sexual tension when they were together.

After the benches were back under control and ejections were made, Anna and the team physician escorted the catcher to the training room for a better examination. "Well hopefully he knocked some sense into you" Anna said with a big grin. "You seem to be doing well now, but do you have someone to watch over you tonight to make sure", Dr. Andrews asked upon completing his evaluation. "Well I probably need proper medical supervision, so can I take her with me", he chuckled while pointing towards Anna. "In your wildest dreams" she said as she turned to walk into the hydro room to grab him another bag of ice. All he could think as he watched her perfect ass walk away was 'if you only knew'.

After the game the training room was pretty quiet and since Anna had been a little late getting in for pregame, she offered to finish up treatments and meet everyone over at the post game party one of the players was throwing. This annual party was a 'costume party' of sorts. Any costume was game and this year and Anna had scored one of the sassy outfits that the girls in the team pep club wore. She gathered the items: a short white skirt with navy pinstripes (holy cow this would barely cover her ass, good thing she brought her cute red lace panties…that will really cause a scene), a pair of white knee high socks with red stirrups, her navy blue cleats from when she played softball (brick dust still heavily coating them), a navy blue jersey style button up that she planned to tie just under her tits with her red push up bra peeking out to leave a little on display for the boys and last her team baseball cap (figuring since it was a fitted cap she would have to sport pigtails tonight).

Peeking her head into the hallway and realizing everyone had left, she decided to change in the training room. Slipping out of her work khakis and polo from the game, she quickly started to dress in her "party attire'. Once dressed she looked at herself and got very nervous about her decision to wear this in front of the guys, though they were all like brothers, except Henderson who she silently hoped would make a debut at the party. Then she thought maybe she would just call him when she was ready to leave and see if she needed to check in on him…she could play naughty nurse style or something. Trying to clear her mind of all the wonderful ideas of things he could do to her, she bent over to collect her work clothes from the floor. Just as she scooped them up she heard a whistle from somewhere behind her. Holy crap my ass is hanging out, is all she could think at that point as she dropped her things and moved her hands to cover herself. "Oh please don't stop on my account", Henderson said from the door "I was enjoying the view from here". Every last inch of Anna began to blush and she felt an instant tingle deep within her pussy, she was excited to see him and secretly excited that he saw her in such a vulnerable state. "What are you still doing here, you were supposed to go home and rest tonight, you heard Dr. Andrews", she barely spit out without stuttering. "Well I thought I would swing back by to see if you changed your mind about my overnight care or if you had planned to go to Hamiltons party tonight, but by the look of things, I would say you were getting ready to head that way, wanna just ride on I mean with me"? Anna, squatting this time, gathered her items and shoved them in her duffle bag. "What makes you think I wanna show up with you at the party"? "Well I would say that by the way your nipples are trying to poke through that skimpy ass shirt and the fact that you are so excited right now that I can see your juices dripping down your inner thigh". Anna stepped her legs together, knowing he was so right, just her legs closing that tight with her pussy lips and clit already swollen for him sent a jolt of pleasure right through her. "Before we go, I just got a splinter in my hand in the locker room, could you remove it for me", he smiled as he trailed off at the end of his question. Thinking nothing of it since guys were always getting splinters from that stupid old bench in there, she grabbed her tweezers and ordered him into the procedure room where there was better light. Out of habit she closed the door behind her and approached him, "ok where is it at", turning his hand to her he exposed a small splinter that was hardly anything to write home about. As she maneuvered the light into position he admired her beautiful breasts and cleavage that was on display for him. Looking down further, he noticed that she was tucked snugly between his tights and her ass was resting on his leg, this made his member begin to swell and twitch with excitement, she was this close and dressed like this! Just as she reached to pluck the splinter from his hand, Jason reached his other hand behind her and brushed it along her beautiful creamy ass. Together they both inhaled deeply with excitement, but she seemed to stay focused which bothered him greatly in more ways than one. Once Anna removed the tiny sliver of wood, she turned to face him to show how ridiculously small the piece really was. Looking into her eyes he told her "you know I didn't really come in here for this right, I got to the garage and saw your car was the only one left besides mine and I hoped that I might…well you know escort you to the party, but seeing you dressed like that I don't wanna escort you anywhere besides this table and my apartment, besides I don't think it is a good idea for the team to see you like that". "Well aren't you so kind and protective…you just wanna get in this skirt that's all" she said jokingly as she pushed into his chest. Quickly grabbing her wrists he captured her red lipsticked lips with his and began to kiss her in a feverishly which she happily returned. Finally pulling away for a breath he leaned to kiss her neck and said "that is exactly what I want to get into tonight". Feeling her breath catch as he ran his finger along the material barely corralling her breasts and dipping in to free her left nipple, she grunted in agreement with his idea. Taking her erect bud into his mouth and teasing her with his teeth, Anna felt her juices start to drip down her leg again. Pulling her close with one hand to gain better access to her exposed breast, he reached his other hand between her legs to feel her sopping wet panties. Sucking in a deep breath he moved his mouth to her other nipple and after a little licking and teasing, he took it too between his teeth for a little nibble. Retreating for a moment as she was gasping at the amazing sensations like she had never felt before, he whispered in her ear, "Anna, your pussy is so deliciously smooth and wet and you look so hot like this, I want to eat your pussy right now". Moaning in response to his words and his fingers that had just edged their way under her panties and between her swollen lips into the slickness, she opened her eyes and panted out "please, I need to cum for you so bad right now". Trading places, Jason carefully lowered her onto the table exactly how he wanted her and took his place on the stool at the end of the table. He decided that since the table had a rise and lower feature, he was going to take full advantage of that. Looking over her body, he leaned up and untied her shirt and bra to free her breasts. Both luscious beauties spilled from their confines and lay there begging to be loved. Reaching up and tweaking the gorgeous buds on each globe, he realized the strain in his pants that needed to be freed. Reaching down to unzip his jeans, he started to stroke his length as he admired the beautiful woman laid out for him and the glistening slickness that he had caused her to produce. Not being able to resist tasting her sweetness any longer, he slowly bent to kiss her inner thighs and work around to her mound, slowly moving his tongue to lap up her juices. She tasted so sweet he couldn't help but bury his tongue deep within her weeping hole. Arching her back, Anna let out a moan of pleasure that was unlike any sound she had ever made before. "Holy shit Jason you are gonna make me cum already". Leaning back from her pussy Jason quietly whispered in his deep registering voice, "baby don't cum yet, let me make it worth your while". Sliding a finger down her slit, he slowly pushed his finger in the hole that his tongue had previously occupied, making her writhe on the table as she pushed down on his fingers to get him to penetrate her deeper. With a devious plan, he slid another in to get it nice and moist with her slickness and undulated for a moment, before removing them again, leaving her panting and wanton on the table. Leaning in to slide his fingers into her one more time he licked her clit and then began to suck on it, alternating with his teeth for added stimulation. The overwhelming sensation took her over the edge and she pushed onto his fingers and tongue as the wave of the most explosive orgasm took over her entire body. The sound of her orgasm made Jason even harder and he continued to stroke himself under the table. "Oh my goodness Jason that was amazing", Anna breathlessly uttered, sliding from the table, legs wobbly from her last 20 minute adventure. "Now my turn", she said squatting in front of him. Taking him in her hands she was amazed at his length and trying to figure out if she could take him all in. Licking the head of dick and pressing her lips around the tip, leaving the faintest red lipstick marks she began to work him over. "You know what would make this even more hot", Jason uttered. Looking up with a confused look in her eyes and his cock in her mouth, he turned her hat around backward so he could see her face and working mouth better, "if we did this on the diamond". Shocked with the idea of such a display Anna stood immediately and mulled over the idea. Always wanting to be a little more adventurous she replied "I'm game, home plate…that way every time you squat into position you think about my lips around the shaft of your hard dick and my mouth making you cum". "Girl you don't have any idea how awesome you really are"! Trying to tuck his manhood back into his pants for the trip out to the diamond was a struggle, but somehow Jason managed to conceal his member. Anna reached down to tie her shirt back, this time leaving the bra off as they hurried to their new location.

Reaching home plate, she squatted immediately and started to open his zipper again. "God you are so hot" Jason whispered as she took hold of his raging cock. "Come up here before you start sucking me off again, I want to enjoy your lips a little more". Leaning down, he gently began kissing her tender lips, pushing his tongue in her wanting mouth. Matching the pace of his exploring tongue, Anna felt amazing with Jason, just like she always imagined. Feeling his dick probing at her pussy as they stood there made her want him to be inside her right now. As they continued kissing and he continued fondling her breasts, Anna carefully reached to slide his hard cock into the slickness and began rubbing the head against her clit, she let out a moan at the wonderful sensation as he pulled her tighter against his erect and throbbing penis. "I could absolutely devour you, every inch of you" Jason said, looking down into her eyes. "And I would happily let you" she replied with her devilish grin, before sinking down in front of him and taking over stroking his length with her hand. Again leaning to press her lips to the head and tasting her own juices upon it, Jason pursed his lips and inhaled with an almost painful look on his face, closing his eyes and loosing himself in the moment. Although she tried her best, there was no way she could take his entire length so she made accommodations and pumped the rest of his exposed shaft with her hand, gently cupping his balls with her other hand. Finding a rhythm that apparently he enjoyed, he placed his hand on the back of her head and helped guide her speed, sometimes pushing her a little further than she had planned, but the feeling of the back of her throat against the tip of his dick was so incredibly amazing to him. Feeling his balls start to tighten he warned her that he was about to cum, fully expecting her to move away. Instead she took his load deep in her throat and swallowed as fast as she could and then made sure to like the tip clean with her tongue before standing back up. "You know I have never swallowed before, but I think I could get used to that," she said with an impish grin on her face.


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