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Prelude to Pink

Short story By: krptdnacnce

sensual, shared, stimulations

Submitted:Nov 22, 2012    Reads: 965    Comments: 6    Likes: 3   

I The note says …"Your bath has been prepared, Please Think of me and Enjoy," accompanied by a lovely scented, sweet smelling bar of pink soap.

Pink, the color of my toenails on my freshly pedicured feet, the color of my rock hard nipples straining thru my nearly transparent fabric of the top Im wearing and pink is the color of if the velvety smooth walls of my pussy.

You feel that twitch between your legs and know that without a doubt your cock is feeling that sensation and it begins to swell in your pants as your mind thinks about your pink tongue that could be swirling those pink nipples taking each one and sucking the hardened bud into your mouth between your teeth and nibbling away like an ecstatic child on sweet gummy bears.

Your cock gets thicker and harder as you think about parting those pretty pussy lips with your fingers, and probing your pink tongue past the lips into the hot tight walls and fucking me with your tongue in and out until you see how wet I've already become. Your tongue is replaced with a finger and then two as you imitate the age old rhythm, sliding in and out, you can't help but think how amazing it's going to feel to finally be able to bury your cock into my pretty pink cunt. Not quite ready to end the in and out dance of your fingers, you take my clit between your teeth and and hold it there without hurting me, nor am I able to wiggle out of the hold you have, as you drive me crazy flicking your tongue across the pleasure point you refuse to let go of, your fingers deep inside searching for that exact spot to take me over the edge.

Mmmmhhmmmm Im soaked, and moaning and hips are grinding back towards you harder and faster, telling you I want more.

I step into the dimly lit bathroom to find that you have gone all out. Candles are lit, the smell of a musky vanilla incense fills the room to mix with the steam that clouds above the top of the hot water. A partially poured glass of wine sits on the counter as if to say, "begin without me, Ill be back" because the bottle and a second glass are placed in a basket at the head of the tub, along with my favorite body wash and a nice soft cloth , scented bath oils and assorted massage oils.

I remove my clothes, put my hair up on top of my head, pour a glass of wine and step into the tub.

I close my eyes and lean back for a moment, it feels good to relax, to de-stress. I sip my wine and feel the tensions of the day dissipate with the soothing hot water that surrounds me. I pick up the bar of pink soap that has been gifted to me, and the smooth soft cloth and rub them together until a nice frothy lather fills the cloth. The scent is gives off is delightful, I hold the cloth to my face and inhale its heavenly scent.

I close my eyes again. I think of you. I picture you in my minds eye standing in the doorway, looking at me intensely, a devilish smile on your face, a hungry look in your eyes, and proof of your desire in the thickening of your cock as it stands proud and already rising to the occasion. Its been a few weeks for me that I have been deprived of any release to the sexual tension that's built up inside…the hungry greedy part of me says while your watching just brazenly spread my legs apart, place a leg on either side of the tub, and lift my hips just a bit and while every bit of my personals can be viewed by you , reach down and run the palm of my hand across my clit, separate my pussy lips with my fingers and stroke the soft folds of flesh a few times, would your lust for me increase….would your cock swell even larger threatening to rip out its skin…would you give into the primal urge and step forward, grab my hips in your hand and in one swift motion bury the head of your thick cock in my tight pussy walls lifting my hips toward you and ramming your fat dick over and over into my eager and hungry honey hole…and then slowing to almost a halt …your cock buried…and then slowly pull back till just the head is pushed right inside my pussy , my cunt has a death like hold on your cock, afraid you re going to remove it completely I slam my hips toward you grinding my pussy against your throbbing manhood…you laugh at my eagerness and display such control …the likes I've never known anyone to possess and you easily push my hips away from you, again just so the head is resting at the entrance to my hole, you rub my ass, teasing me, then you grab my lower thighs and begin to lift and lower me up and down sliding on your magnificent cock…push and pull lift and slide, everytime I rise up you slide with another thrust deeper …my god I just want to be pummeled by your cock…fuck me, fuck me hard, I wanna cum all over you, I wanna feel your hot load shoot off and fill my entire being with you hot thick semen…god Give it to me…

And I do raise a leg and place it to the outer part of the tub, and I use the soft cloth lather up my foot, slide over my calves, up my thighs, over my smooth stomach up towards my heavy breasts across my nipples as they spring into life, i run the cloth briskly back and forth over my hardened nipples, I cup my breast in hands and rub then together, I tweak a nipple, my hand slips downward past my waist and I run the lathered cloth over my shaved pubic area…I lather up from clit to my asshole with the sweet smelling soap…and as I stroke across it, a fire is set…..an electrifying chill is sent up my spine…my pussy quivers in anticipation. I cant help but think of you and the endless possibilities…what better way to spend an afternoon


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