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Pool Anyone

Short story By: Kirkyb

The missing chapter from Megan and Quinns story

Submitted:Nov 8, 2011    Reads: 876    Comments: 12    Likes: 12   

…………….. Sometimes there is nothing like the end of a busy Saturday in the bar after hours on my feet talking and laughing with people made me realize how much I loved the new life I'd found since meeting and marrying Quinn. His brothers had become my protectors almost as much as Quinn had and especially since I'd been shot and my brother had took his own life. My sister-in-laws were two tough women that people wouldn't cross in a hurry even if you had all branches of the military watching your back.

"Meg we're heading out" Keysh called from the doorway that lead to the back of the bar "Wes wants to get a head start on the morning traffic"

"Okay take Wes but leave my niece behind" I laughed as I loaded glasses in to the dishwasher

"Well that sort of defeats the reason for going to visit my parents" She walked over to me and hugged me "I'll give you a call when we get there and are you sure you and Quinn are okay…"

"Will you just leave" I laughed as Wes came through the front door to the bar "Hey you drive safe"

"I will" Wes grinned "and you and Quinn make sure the doors are all locked up okay" I put my hands on my hips and looked at him pushing my tongue into my cheek "Okay I was just saying" He held up his hands "Max is the one that normally does it"

"Yeah well Max is in hospital with appendicitis right now" I pointed out "Dannie's giving him seven kinds of shit because he wouldn't go to the doctors and it was almost to late" Wes leant on the bar as Keysh put on her jacket

"Well he's a stubborn son of a bitch" Wes chuckled

"Yeah runs in the family" I walked round the bar and started to put stools on to tables "All three of you are stubborn asses"

"I take offence at that" Wes pouted

"Oh don't you start bitching at each other" Keysh rolled her eyes "I want to get there by dawn"

"Okay Baby" Wes smiled at his wife, He walked over to me and wrapped his arms round me picking me up and hugging me taking care not to go near the still tender scars from the bullets that had torn into me "We love you guys and we'll see you in a couple of days" He kissed my cheek and reached for Keyshia's hand as she picked up the car seat that contained the sleeping 3 week old little girl we all loved. I followed them to the door closing it behind them. I smiled as I walked to the juke box and pulled a dollar from my pocket and slipped it into the Machine. I smiled as I landed on Next Contestant by Nickelback. I took off my hoodie as the song started and put it on the end of the bar I danced round collecting the bottles and glasses from the far tables my mind away with the music as I moved my ass and hips, I jumped at the music was turned down a little

"I knew there was a reason I married you" Quinn's voice filled the air sending goose bumps to the surface of my skin and white hot heat between my legs. "Damn Mrs. Ellis" He chuckled pushing his broad frame away from the door jamb "Moving like that you need a pole" I turned to look at him as he moved toward me

"Really" I laughed biting my lip, I eas going to have fun with the opportunity we had at being alone "You want your wife to dance on a pole in front of a bunch of guys?" I walked over to him swinging my hips more in time to the song

"Now I didn't say that" He gave me the sexy lopsided smirk and tilted his head "But I wouldn't say no to seeing what you could do" He licked his lips

"Give me a minute" I walked round him not touching him and grabbed a beer popping the cap and handing it to him "I won't be long" I went through the door to the apartment and pulled out the bikini that had driven him to distraction during the summer. I stripped out of my jeans and t-shirt and sneakers putting my feet into the Knee high boots that had spiked heels that I couldn't resist when I saw them I walked back down to the bar and took a deep breath before going back inside as Quinn put on 'something in your mouth' I watched as he moved to start to cash up the register I reached for the volume control turning it up making him look round as I started to walk toward him making sure I was using my hips more I stopped within a few inches of him the heels almost making me the same height as he was


"Whoa Damn" He swallowed hard as he thumbed his chin his eyes drinking me in hungrily as they strayed over the small pieces of fabric pulled taught.

I caught him by his T-shirt bunching the front of it in my fingers I stepped backward pulling him with me, I grabbed one of the chairs from the nearest table setting it on the floor and pushing him down into it. I turned away from him swaying in time to the beat making sure he had no other choice but to watch my ass, I felt hands caress the skin on the outside of my thigh. I turned and knocked his hand away; causing him to look shocked as I straddled his lap moving against the increasingly hard bulge that was straining against the denim of his jeans, grinding myself into him. I low growl emanated from deep in his throat. I smiled and ran my fingers over the soft cotton of the T-shirt allowing them to push it up and over his head; I swallowed as I marveled at the chiseled bronzed skin smiling as the muscles in his Pecs twitched as I blew across the heated skin. I looked into his eyes as the shirt came over his head. I pushed my breasts into his chest as I made sure that the shirt encased the back of the chair and his arms trapping him and restraining him.

I pushed off from his chest getting up; I started to dance again My own hands running over my own sensitive skin, Trailing my fingers down my neck over the soft fabric of my Bikini top feeling my nipples harden to the touch to the point they ached to be set free and suckled up on. One hand slid lower across my stomach toying with the top of my bikini bottoms, I heard a moan surprising myself that it actually came from me as my fingers dipped under the fabric and my back arched as my fingers toyed with my own heat. I glanced at Quinn He looked like a man possessed as he struggled against his bindings, Sheer desire and want etched on his face. I knew once he was free and off the chair I wouldn't be in control for much longer and that only served to increase how hot I felt and how wet I was becoming. I moved my hands back to my sides

"Not fair Megan" He growled as I moved round behind him. I flicked my tongue along the line of his jaw to his ear lobe and nipped at it and then blew lightly on the wet skin "God Damn it" He lurched forward the sound of cotton tearing almost drowned out the sound of Chad Kroeger's voice as "animals' began Damn Quinn knew me to well

Quinn was off the chair and turned on me like a wild animal His mouth consuming mine his tongue finding sanctuary battling with mine, his hands not waiting to undo the ties on my bikini bottoms he tore it and tossed them aside he backed me against the bar one hand gripped my thigh and hoisted it and hooked it round his waist the roughness on the front of his jeans pressed against the hottest parts making me moan into the kiss. His mouth broke free from mine as he moved the material side letting the cool air of the bar hit my heated breasts his mouth closing in fast on my left one nipping and sucking I gripped the bar as I felt my knees want to give out on me both of his hands held me tight as I let one hand find his belt tugging it free from closure the button's on his jeans I made easy work of as the pressure inside helped pop them open I Pushed back a little making him look at me his breathing ragged and hard the beads of sweat breaking out on his skin as I eased his jeans and underwear down over his hips freeing him, feeling the pulsating hard silkiness against my hand, I bit my lip as I trained kisses down his chest , feeling the firm muscles and the definition he honed so well, My hand stroking in broad tight strokes along the throbbing length of him as my knees his the bar floor.

Quinn's head fell back and he moaned as I my tongue flicked the firm flesh that urged for more a single glistening droplet forming as I closed my mouth round him taking him as deep as I could. His hands bunched in my hair as his hips drove forward filling my mouth and throat, I grippe his hips and swirled my tongue round him the grip increased in my hair as I tasted more of the salty goodness, the muscles in his stomach tightened better than any crunch he'd done as he pulled my mouth off of him. Pulling me to my feet as he kicked off the jeans from round his feet, words didn't need to be said he wanted more than just a quick blow job. I looked round and smiled leading him over to the pool table dressed in nothing but the boots I bent to move the sue and balls that lay on the green felt.

"Hands gripped my hips lifting me up a little as I felt Quinn's full length enter me hard without warning. I threw back my head gasping at the force he'd taken his first stroke with one hand knotted in my hair keeping my head up as he pulled back to the point of leaving me empty his other hand snaking round between my legs rubbing teasing and causing me to all but scream his name as I was so close. He drove back in hard bending over me his mouth biting and sucking on my neck, by breasts rubbing against the rough felt on the table making them sensitive and ache to be touched, my own hands finding the nipples tweaking and squeezing them, I felt the sudden rush of my own orgasms as Quinn pushed deeper and harder moaning my name the pulsating sensation of him pumping and filling me with heat drove me to the point of passing out over and over as his fingers carried on working me until I flopped on to the table gasping for air and he slipped free of me. Our bodies' slick with sweat as the aggressive hot need subsided and the tender butterfly kisses rains across my damp shoulders till his arms turned me and pulled me close sealing together in a tender loving kiss his fingers pushing the damp hair from my face

"I love you Mrs. Ellis" Quinn chuckled "You're a dangerous woman you know that"

"I'm just trying to make sure I keep my husband happy" I held his handsome face in my hands he truly was my world.

"Okay remind me not to come back when I forget something again" A voice from the door way laughed "And you both know we're going to now need a new pool table right" Wes picked up the baby bag that was on the chair by the door "Lock the doors". I looked at Quinn Who wrapped his arms round me and hugged me to him shaking his head and laughing……………………


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