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The Prince's new slave

Short story By: Kerry Lee Storm

a chambermaid taken on a journey that she never expected.

Submitted:Aug 10, 2007    Reads: 6,884    Comments: 6    Likes: 6   

Michele read the note carefully, 'Come to the stable, and be ready to depart for the country estate." Michele knew that the prince had sent the note since she was his chambermaid and he was going to the country estate for a while. Quickly Michele ran to her chamber and packed a few uniforms that the prince had made his personal tailor make for her. Once she had her things, packed Michele quickly made her way to the stable so not to keep the prince waiting.

She arrived a few moments before the prince. "Michele, good you go my note, please climb into the carriage." She obeyed with out questioning the prince's request. Michele felt his eyes upon her as she climbed into the carriage. Her little maid uniform barely covering her most private parts. Michele sat in the far corner of the carriage and waited for the prince to climb and take his seat so they could head for the country estate. Before he joined Michele, the prince spoke privately with the driver of the carriage. Then he climbed in and took his seat, watching Michele out of the corner of his eye.

Michele sat silently with her small hands folded in her lap, her thoughts were of the stories she had heard about what happens to the girls the princes take to the country estate. The prince moved close to Michele before they ever left the grounds of the main estate. He reached out, took a firm hold of her long raven black hair, and pulled her toward him. Michele let out a sharp cry of pain as he forced her lips to meet his. He forced his tongue into her mouth as his free hand started to fondle her breasts through the thin fabric of her uniform. Michele could feel her nipples starting to grow hard and very sensitive as the prince continued to torment her nipples. Finally, he released his hold on her hair.

"You will submit to me Michele with no questions. From this point on you will be my slave and do as I order."

The scared young woman looked up into his eyes and saw something that she had never seen before. "I do not understand your majesty"

"You will little one, trust me you will." As he spoke, the prince reached over and ripped Michele's uniform form her trembling body. "Now spread your legs for me so I can get a good look at your body."

Michele did as she was ordered as a blush started to creep up her flesh. Michele started to reach for the remains of her uniform to cover her trembling body with but the prince yanked it out of her reach.

"If you do that again I will have to bind your hands Michele, which I might do anyway that way you don't scratch me with your nails because I am going to take your maidenhood from you on this journey."

"No, please do not do that your majesty. I beg you not to take my maidenhood."
"Michele come now, you are a maid for the royal family and have been since you were eighteen years old. Most women at the age of twenty-two are married and you are not, this is one of the reasons I have chosen to take you as my newest slave and perhaps even my mistress." The whole time he spoke to the trembling young woman, his hands were traveling up her thighs. "I can feel the heat from your cunt. You want me to take you don't you Michele? You want to know what it feels like to be taken sexually don't you little one."

Then without another word, the prince slipped a fingerer inside of Michele and started moving it in and out causing her to squirm trying to get away form the invading fingerer. An evil grin formed on the face of the prince, who frightened Michele, he did not speak to her as he took a length of cord out of a hiding place in the carriage and bound her wrist and then attached the end of the cord to a hook in the wall of the carriage. Then his id the same thing with each of her ankles so that she could not move but just a little bit. He looked her over and decided that a gag would work well since he was going to be her first. Therefore, he took part of her torn uniform and forced it into her mouth so that she could not scream.

Michele watched as the prince undressed himself, once he was nude he started to torment her nipples once again causing them to become very hard and sensitive. Michele, despite herself let out a muffled moan through her gag, which showed the prince that she was enjoying what he was doing to her. He leaned down and started to suck and bite on her nipples while he slides one of his hands down her body to invade her sex once again. This time he pushed two fingers into her with ease. He smiled down at his little captive as he started moving his fingers in and out of her rabidly. Michele feels a knot forming in her stomach and her body starts to tremble all over, but before it goes any further the prince removes his fingers and positions himself to enter her sex. With one swift move, he enters her sex and Michele scream into her gag. The prince starts moving slowly at first letting her adjust to having something in her, once he feels her walls relax he starts driving himself into her harder and faster

The movement of the carriage pushes Michele up toward his trusts as he starts moving like a wild animal. The prince lets out a grunt as he starts to cum inside of his new slave. Once he is done, he lays down on top of Michele who is covered in sweat and has blood trickling form her sex. The prince looks into her tear stained face, lovingly moving some hair form her face. The smiles at her and kisses her lips softly. "Do not worry little one, I am not done with you yet. I will have you many more times before we reach our destination.


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