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A woman's fantasy becomes a reality

Submitted:Jun 14, 2007    Reads: 3,027    Comments: 3    Likes: 3   

I pull up in front of the parts store where you work, getting out of my Ford F150, and walking toward the door, you stand watching me in amazement, my face is covered with grease. I open the door and walk in, looking around at some of the parts that you have around the store. I don't' see what I am looking for so I walk up to the counter where you wait on me. "May I help you Ma'am?" You ask in your best business tone, "Yes, I am needing an alternator, starter, and radiator for a 1969 Pontiac GTO." I reply while still looking around. "We don't' have those in stock but I can order them for you, I should be able to get them in by the beginning of next week for you. How does that sound?" You smile at me still being professional. "That would be perfect, it will give me enough time to get the body work down and the car painted. " I give you my contact phone number. You recognize the phone number as a body shop /repair shop. "Are these for the shop? If they are I can give you a discount on the price?" You offer kindly. "Thank you but no they are for my own car. Oh I need those part to be high performance also. I know that it will cost more money but it's alright." I watch you get busy on the computer making sure that you can get the parts I need in high performance. "I can get them it might take a little bit longer, but they should be here by the end of next week. Would you like us to deliver them to your shop or do you want to come in and pick them up?" You print off the order form while we talk. "I think it would be best if I pick them up just call me when they come in alright." I sign the order form then turn to leave. Your eyes follow me all the way back out to my truck. My eyes haunting your mind the rest of the day. After I leave and you get the parts ordered you go into your office and go to my space.com to write about meeting a woman after your own heart., One who isn't afraid to get her hands dirty working on an engine. The parts arrive earlier then you had expected so you give me a call. "Ma'am the parts you ordered have arrived, when did you want to pick them up?"

"I think in the morning before I come into the shop will be best, today is not a good day to pick them up. Would you please make sure they are the right ones and that they are high performance." You assured me that you would do this as soon as we hung up the phone and would call me later to let me know. I go back to work on the GTO waiting for your phone call about the parts. When the phone rings I think it will be you saying that the parts were wrong and you will over night them back and have the right ones with in a couple of days but instead it's the owner of 81 speedway inviting me to a ball at the Hyatt hotel. The ball is Friday night and it's formal. It's to introduce some new investors to the drivers and car owners, and since I own a couple of cars who race out there I am invited. I accept the invitation reluctantly because I hate getting all dressed up and putting on a front with strangers. You call me later in the day letting me know that the parts are the correct ones and that they will be ready for pick up the next day. After work that evening I go out shopping for a gown for the ball. As I am walking through the mall shopping for a gown, I see you coming out of the Tux shop caring a tuxedo. You watch me as I walk by but neither of us speak. I go into one of the new shops in Towne East Square where I see some formal gowns hanging up toward the front of the store. Finally I find the perfect gown, a black strapless gown, with a slit up the front to show off my legs. After purchasing my gown, I head down to the food court to grab a bit to eat. I go over to Subway and order myself a sandwich, and a soda. As I look around for a place to sit and eat, I see you sitting down having a bit to eat. You motion for me to come join you. I walk over to your table and sit down. "Fancy seeing you here. Looks like we were both shopping for formal attire." You smile while making light conversation. "It would appear so, Is your for something for your work, or for a party of some kind?" I take a sip of my soda and wait for you to reply. "It's for a party that I am attending this weekend and yours if I may ask?" You watch my eyes sparkle as we talk "Also for a party this weekend. I am sorry but I must really be going now. I do have some more shopping to do before the mall closes." I stand and start to walk off, but you reach out and take hold of my hand stopping me, then you bring my hand up to your lips and kiss the back of it lightly. "You are a beautiful lady, and would love to get to know you better." Our eyes lock as you speak. "I don't' think that would be a wise idea." I pull my hand away and hurry off, with my heart racing in my chest just remember the feel of your lips against my hand. I head up to the second floor to finish my shopping, you get up from your table and follow me upstairs to finish your own shopping. I enter Victoria Secrets and start looking at lingerie, stocking, and garter belts, once I have picked out my undergarments I head over to the near by shoe store and start looking at high heels, I don't notice you inside trying on a pair of dress shoes to go with your tux.

"Well well we meet again" You come over and stand beside me as I look over a nice pair of heels. "Yes we do. It must be your lucky day to run into me." I smile at you friendly. I pick out a pair of black leather five inch high heels, to try on. You purchase your shoes and leave the store, as I sit down to try on the shoes I had picked out. I walk around the store with them on for a few moments not realizing that you are watching me from outside the store. "God she is so beautiful, I want to get to know her, but most of all she looks so faceable. I would love to just have her in my arms and pleasure her whole body." You think to yourself as you watch me from a distance. You decide to leave the mall before you get yourself into trouble with security and or with myself. I purchase a pair of shoes and then take my bags out to my truck, heading for home.

The next morning, I come to pick up my parts but instead of wearing jeans and an old t-shirt I am wearing a business suite, a nice skirt and blouse. Your mouth hit's the ground as I walk in, you have to take a double take as I approach the counter to pay for the parts that I had ordered. You slip me the a slip of paper with the my space web site's address on it. "If you make and account here and then go to search and type in my name it will take you to my space and you can read some of the stories I write for fun and for friends." You smile at me. "Thank you but I don't know if I want to create an account here, but I might check it out. Thanks for ordering the parts for me. They are perfect and will fix right in the car, how much do I owe for the parts?" I am looking each part closely as we talk. " The grand total is 500 dollars for the parts." You say as you call it up on your computer. "That is cheaper then I thought it was going to be. I figured closer to 1500 dollars, for the parts." I look at you in amazement. "I gave you a discount on them and ordered them through a friend of mine so the cost was lower." You smile at me warmly. "Thank you very much, I owe you one." I smile at you causing my eyes to sparkle. Our eyes lock and you see a fire burning deep within me that I don't even know is there. We break eyes contact and I take the parts and leave with my heart beating wildly in my chest, not knowing why. I walk out and put the parts into the bed of my truck, then I walk around to the drivers side and climb in. You watch me as I get into the truck and drive off. Your mind racing hoping that it won't be the last time you ever see me. I head to the shop and drop off the parts then on to an important meeting, but all the time my mind keeps drifting back to you and the way you looked at me and smiled. The day drags on as I go form one meeting to another and then deal with customers at the shop who have come to pick up or drop off their cars for customizing. After work I stop by my favorite restaurant to get something to eat. Just after I get seated an old friend of mine enters and we start chatting about how things have been going for the both of us. I tell her about the party that I have been invited to the next night and that I had gone shopping for a gown since the party was formal. As we talk, I look around the restaurant , then I spot you sitting with some of the guys you work with. I tell my friend about you and point you out to her as we talk. We finish our dinner and get ready to leave the restaurant. You notice me as we walk up to the register to pay our bill and wave at me. I wave back being friendly and give you a friendly smile.

I head for home and check my answering machine, there is a message on it from the Owner of 81 speedway, saying that if any of the party quests wish to stay at the Hyatt after the party, they will be given a discount on their rooms. "That is a good idea, some people might get to drunk at the party to drive home. I on the other hand will not be doing much drinking." Laughing to myself as I erase the message and head up to take a shower before turning in for the night. As I turn on the water adjusting it just right, and slowly start to undress, my mind goes back to you and your gentle lips on my hand and the way you smile at me when we talk. I step into the shower and start to wash my body but before I realize it I start rubbing my clit making myself so wet with the need to cum. I got out of the shower and dried off slowly then I poured some scented oil into my hand and started applying it to my body, starting at my ankles and then working my way up. I avoid touching my pussy, until after I have rubbed the oil in all over my body, then I place some more oil into the palm of my hand and rub in on my freshly shaved pussy. Slipping my fingers between my pussy lips starting to rub my clit as I close my eyes enjoying the feeling that is coursing through my body. I make myself stop and I walk into my bedroom and lay down on my bed, once I get comfortable on my bed I go back to playing with myself while thinking of you, I can see your eyes in my mind. I start moaning as my fingers work like crazy over my clit and then slip into my pussy moving in and out slowly but the hotter I get the faster I start working them, rubbing my clit faster pressing harder on it, moans of pleasure filling my room as I start to cum, my whole body trembling as I cum harder then I have ever cum before in my life. I fall into a deep relaxing sleep. For the first time in years I slept naked on my bed with out covering up and awoke the next morning feeling better then I had in a very long time. I grab my robe off the foot of my bed and slip into it before going downstairs to put on a pot of coffee. While waiting for my coffee I sit down at my kitchen table thinking about my dreams from the night before and trying to figure out why your on my mind so much. "It has to be because I have been single so damn long, but I have had sex. What is wrong with me, why is this guy on my mind so much. I don't know anything about him, but I can't get him off my mind." I got up and fixed myself a cup of coffee, then took it upstairs and turned on my computer to check on some other things that we had ordered for the shop, I reach into my purse to get out my smokes and I find the piece of paper you had given me with you're my space address. So I decide to check it out and find your stories I start reading them and as I read them I start playing with my clit again. My fingers slip into my pussy while I read your stories, thumb rubbing my clit while my other hand slips into my robe starting to pinch my nipples making them hard. I start moaning as I continue reading each story Once I start Cumming form reading your stories there was no stopping as soon as one orgasm ended another one started more intense then the other one. My body started trembling uncontrollably as my last orgasm washes over my body. Once I regain control of my body, I leave you a comment on your board, telling how sexy your stories are. I finally decide to call work and tell them that I won't be making it in today, that there was some things that I needed to take care of personally for the shop. Once I made myself get up out of my desk chair, I noticed that it was soaking wet form where I had cum while reading your stories. I blush as I look down at my chair, then I force myself to go get dressed, I pick out a nice tight pair of jeans, and a button down blouse. Then I leave my house and head downtown to get my hair done for the party at the Hyatt. After I get my hair and makeup done, I head over to the shop for a little while to see how things are going and let my manager know how to reach me if there are any problems. Just as I turn to leave the shop the phone rigs and it's a call for me. The receptionist hands me the phone telling me that it's a gentleman for asking for me by name, I ask her to transfer the call up to my office and I will take it there. "This is Kat how may I help you." I say into the receiver when I answer the phone.. "This is Steve, from the Pontiac Dealership, just calling to check to see how those parts are working out for you." You say in a professional tone. "The parts are perfect thank you for the call Steve. It is nice to have a company call to see how things are going with the parts they sell, but I must be going thank you again for the call." I then hang up the phone. I smile to myself as I stand and head for my office door. I shake my head 'Why do you smile ever time you talk to this man. He is a stranger, you know nothing about him, and then I remember your stories and how wet they made me.' I push the thoughts out of my mind and leave the shop heading for home to get ready for the party. By the time I return home, it's late in the afternoon and the party is suppose to start at 7 p.m., I enter the house and head up to my bedroom, where my gown is hanging on the back of my door. I go over and get out all of my undergarments, and slowly start taking off my jeans and blouse so I can transform into a lady instead of a tomboy. I slip on the black lace thong, and matching bra, then I put on the garter belt, I sit down on the edge of my bed and start putting on my stocking, but instead of hooking the garter belt over my panties I run then under so it makes it easier to remove my panties when I get home form the party. Then I walk over and take out my new high heels and slip them on, then I look at myself in the mirror and take my gown down off the hanger. I unzip is slowly and then step into the strapless gown. Once I am dressed, I add my jeweler and a pair of black gloves that come up to my elbows. I get down a nice pure to care my keys and drivers license in. Then I take one last look in the mirror before leaving my house to head to the party. Instead of getting into my truck, I get into my 1967 GT 500 Mustang, starting the engine and hearing her roar to life, brings a smile to my face. I put her into to gear and back out of the driveway heading down town to the Hyatt Hotel. I pull into the parking lot at exactly 6:30 p.m. I pulled up in front of the main doors where one of the attendants opens my door for me, offering me his hand to help me out of the car. I hand him my keys as I exit my car and lay a five dollar bill in his hand for a tip. He smiles at me as I take my hand back and turn to walk up to the main entrance of the hotel. I walk through the main lobby and up to the check in counter asking where the 81 Speedway party is. They direct me to the elevators and inform me that the party is in the ballroom on the 15th floor. So I walk slowly toward the elevators seeing other party quests as I approach them. I recognize a couple so we start chatting about things and this season out at the track. The ride up to the party goes quickly as we chat about different things in our lives. When the doors open I spot the owner of 81 Speedway talking with his son and some friends. As I step out of the elevator, I spot some other people that I know and go over and start talking with them. As more people enter the party I start to make my way out on to the balcony to get some fresh air. As I stand there looking at the river and the lights of the city, I feel somebody walk up behind me and slip something over my eyes, as I move my hands up to remove what ever it is that has been placed over my eyes, somebody grabs my hands and pulls them behind my back and bound them together.

"What are you doing, who are you? Let me go." My words fall silent as a gag is placed into my mouth.

"You are safe my pretty, just relax and no harm will come to you. I want to show you a good time, Now open your mouth for me, do not worry all of your questions will be answered in time but not before I am ready to reveal my identity to you."

Your breath so close to my ear as you speak, sending shivers down my spine. I can feel your hands brush my cheeks as you place a gag into my mouth. Once you have me totally secure you lead me away. I can hear the music of the party getting softy as lead me off. My mind races as I try to listen for any sounds trying to figure out where your taking me, and why you have picked me. I hear the elevator doors open and you guide me inside, then I hear you push a button, the elevator starts moving upwards, so I know that you are not taking me out of the hotel but instead taking me up to a higher floor. We only go up five floors to where the penthouse is. The doors open and you guide me out the doors, and down the hall way toward the penthouse. You let go of my arm long enough to unlock the doors, once you have them open you gentle take my arm again and guide me inside. Not removing my blindfold or any of my bindings you take me over to a chair and tell me to sit for a moment, and that you would be right back. I can hear you moving around the room and the I smell the sent of candles as you light them, after you have the candles lit you turn off the lights in the room. Once you have the room just the way you want it you move back over to me taking my arms and helping me to stand up. You move me toward the center of the room, then you let go of my arms leaving me standing there only listening to you. I can hear you moving around me as I stand with my hands bound behind my back, tears start to stream down my cheeks wondering what you have in store for me. Then I feel your hands run up my arms lightly sending a shiver up my spine. Then I feel your hand glide down my back, slowly starting to unzip my gown, letting it fall to the floor, then you take my arms and make me step out of my gown. I stand before you wearing only my strapless bra, garter belt, stockings and black lace thong. I shiver knowing that I stand before you half naked, and still not knowing who you are.

"You are so beautiful, and soon I shall have your body." Your hands glide over my breasts while you speak to me.

I moan around the gag, as my nipples start to harden under your touch, then I feel you unhook my bra, letting it fall to the floor with my gown. Your hands glide down my stomach and then over my hips as your start to kiss and nibble on my neck, your thumb and fore fingers on my nipples pinching and squeezing them making them so hard. I can feel myself growing wet with desire. You push me forward until I feel the coolness of a wall against my chest, then I feel your hands upon my hips sliding my thong down my legs, and then forcing me to step out of it. You leave my legs parted running one of your hands back up between my thighs, then I feel you push two fingers inside my damp pussy while your thumb starts to rub my clit forcefully. My body starts to quiver as I start to cum from your fingers being inside of me. I feel you pull your fingers out of me then my ears pick up the sound of you sucking my cum from your fingers. You then pick me up and carry me into the bedroom. You throw me down on the bed, untying my hands and retying them to the bedposts and my ankles as well, leaving me spread eagle on the bed. I feel you climb up on the bed between my legs. I feel your hot breath on my pussy, and then your mouth upon my clit. You start sucking on it while working your fingers in and out of my pussy once again. I start to struggle against my binding while you drive me crazy. As I move it causes your mouth to be pressed harder against my clit, as you start to nibble and then blow air over my hard clit. I start thrashing around more and more, just as I am about ready to cum you stop and move off the bed, leaving me there trying to catch my breath and slow my heart beat down. You move beside me and remove the gag slowly from my mouth.

"Now my pet did you like that? Oh I know you did, but you want so much more and soon you shall have more, but not until I am ready to give you more. Right now your sexy mouth is going to serve my cock. Your going to suck me off and maybe even gag on my cum as I shot it down your throat. " You laugh evilly at that thought as you move once more onto the bed. You position yourself on my chest grabbing my hair and bringing my head forward until the tip of your cock is against my lip. "Now, pet open that wet mouth of yours before I have to make you scream in pain."

I opened my mouth just a little bit very reluctantly just as my lips parted you pushed the head of your cock in between my lips. I felt you reach back and grasp a handful of hair forcing my mouth further down your cock.. With your hands twisted up in my hair you began to fuck my mouth forcefully, in and out yelling for me to take it, or I would know what it was like to have my mouth raped repeatedly. Tears started to slide down my cheeks as you moved your hips forcing your shaft further down my throat, until I felt your balls against my chin. You let out a deep moan of pleasure as you once again started to move your hips going deeper down my throat. Then with out any warning you exploded down my throat. I felt the hot cum shot into my mouth and then slide down my throat. You were moaning with pleasure as you kept cumin. Then you slide your cock out of my mouth.

"That was very good my pretty. Soon you will know I have in store for you., but for now you will lay here and wait like a good girl. I do not want to hear a single sound form you, or you will not be pleasured at all this night, only teased until you beg to cum and still you will not get that pleasure." You climbed off the bed and walked out of the room.

I lay there trying to figure out who you are and why you are doing this to me, at the same time I can feel the wetness between my legs and how hard my nipples had gotten, while you were being forceful with me. My mine races with everything that has happened with in the past hour or so. I have no concept of time nor of where I truly am. There is only a fog in my mind one that begs for release and at the same time loves the fact that I have not been given that release. One fact is clear in my mind I am at your mercy and there is nothing that I can do about that except deal with it and do as you have said. While lost in my own thoughts I do not hear you renter the room, when I feel your hands on my legs I let out a small gasp.

"It is only I my pretty, soon you will know what sort of pleasure I can bring you but not yet. I have a surprise arriving shortly and once it has arrived you shall know what I mean, but until then would you care for a drink to ease your sore throat?"

Whispering softly "Yes please, I need a drink."

Once again you leave the room but return a few moments later you untie one of my hands and help me to sit up on the bed, once I have set up enough you place a glass into my hand.

"Drink slowly my pet, for it is strong but it will ease your sore throat and mouth."

I take a small sip and almost gag on the drink. "What is this?"

"It's Jack Daniels and Dr. Pepper just more JD then your used to my pet. I know all about you, even what your darkest fantasies are and soon those will no longer be just fantasies for you will experience all of them with me."

I heard a knock on the door, while he spoke and I froze with fear it felt like ice was pumping through my veins wondering who could be at the door and what this surprise was that he had for me. What did this man have in mind for me and how long was he going to keep me prisoner. You take the glass from my hand and rebind my hand to the bed once again before leaving to go open the door. I can hear your voice and another voice in the other room but they are to soft for me to make out what is being said. Within just a few moments the door opens and whom ever you were talking to leaves the room, and I hear you return to the bedroom.

"Now my pretty you will now what true pleasure is." You move and stand down by my legs.

I try to listen to your movements and try to figure at what your planning to do to me, then I hear the sound of something being opened. My body goes tense waiting, I start to pull against my binding a little bit, hoping that you won't notice.

"Relax, I will not harm you, only bring you more pleasure then you have ever know and you will beg for to take you by the time I am done with you." You then reach down and place something cool against my skin.

I can hear what sounds like a can of whipped cream being sprayed down around my clit and pussy lips, then I feel something very cold upon my already extremely sensitive nipples. I start to struggle trying to get away form what ever it is. Then it dawns on me that it's ice that you are running over my nipples, making them harder then I ever thought possible. Once the ice has melted from the heat of my body, I feel your hot breath on my nipples. I start trying to twist away from your mouth but in turn only make it easier for you to get at my nibbles do to the fact that I am arching my back up off the bed and pushing my breasts toward your mouth more each time I move. When you have finished with my nipples you replace the nipple clamps and then you start kissing your way down my body, until I feel your tongue in the whipped cream you have placed on my body. I feel your tongue run down one side of my pussy lips and then the other, avoiding my already swollen clit. You blow on my clit though sending shiver up my whole body. Finally after about an hour of just teasing my pussy, I feel your slowly start to suck on my clit, and nibble upon it, making me squirm as much as I can. You bring me right to the edge of pleasure and then leave me hanging as my body starts to relax and the orgasm subsides then you start all over again. This continues for hours until finally you push you fingers deep into my pussy and your mouth starts to suck on my clit like it was the last you would ever have in your mouth, unable to hold back any longer I unleash all of the cum that has been building up with in my body. Your mouth never leaves my pussy as you lick and suck up all of my cum. I can hear you moaning as your lap up all of my cum.

"So sweet baby, yes don't stop I want more of your cum." With that said you dive back in and start eating me out all over again, this time like a man with a mission. You don't let up not once bringing me to repeated orgasm one right after the next and each one more intense then the one before. You do this for close to 3 hours none stop until finally I pass out form cumin so much and so hard. You leave me to rest for a time, taking a chair in the room with me so you can watch me slumber.

My breast rise and fall as I sleep letting you know that I am in very deep sleep and resting rather well. My body tempts you more then you could have ever imagined as it shines with sweat in the glow of the candles you have lit around the room. I start to sir a little bit and you know that I am waking up.

"Easy beautiful, if you promise to be a good girl I will untie you for a little while and we can get some food. I took the liberty of calling room service to bring up some food. I figured that after what your body went through earlier you would be starving. Now do you promise to be a good girl if I untie your hands and feet?"

Whispering in response. "I promise, please I need to use the rest room and I am starving."

I hear you move to the foot of the bed and then I feel one of my ankles come free form my binding and then the other one. I feel you climb up on the bed beside me to untie my hands, you free one and then you reach over my body to unfasten the other hand. Slowly you help me to sit up all the way.

"I know your muscles are sore after being tied up for so long, why don't I bring dinner in here and then you can go in and take a nice hot shower to ease your sore muscles. We still have a long night ahead of us and soon you will know what true pleasure is." You help me over to the chair you had been sitting in while I slept, then you leave the room and roll a cart in with our dinner on it.

"May I take this blindfold off so that I may eat?"

"Only if you promise to keep your eyes down and not to look at me. You are not to know who I am at this point and time. Do you understand me and if you break this one small rule you will be punished ."

"I understand." Slowly I remove the blindfold keeping my eyes lowered as you had instructed for me to do.

We eat in silence, after our meal, you stand and roll the cart back out into the living room, then you peak back in and tell me that the bathroom is in the right corner of the room and to go in and take a nice hot shower, you would be in shortly to check on me. The soreness of my muscles take over reason not to go in and take a shower, so once you have shut the door again I stand and slowly make my way over to the bathroom. Finding a huge restroom with a Jacuzzi tub and a stand up massaging shower. I walk over to the shower and turn on the water adjusting the temperature of the water so it was not to cold nor to hot I step in and let the water beat down upon my back and shoulder. As the water runs down my body, I close my eyes relaxing under the soothing water. I do not hear you enter the room, nor do I notice when you open the shower door and step into the shower with me until your hands are upon my shoulders massaging them. I let out a soft moan as you work my sore muscles.

"You like this don't you beautiful. You love having this sort of attention, and you have loved everything I that I have done to your body this far. Your body aches for more even though you don't want to admit it not even to yourself, but your body betrays you. I can see your nipples starting to harden as I speak and I can only imagine how wet that sweet little pussy of yours is right now. " You start to run your hand down my stomach as you whisper into my ear letting your hand linger on my pelvic bone a bit before sliding it between my legs and start to rub my clit once again. "Oh your so wet down here and it's not form the water of the shower, this heat and wetness comes form with in you. You want to feel my cock inside of your tight little pussy don't you. You would love for me to push you against the wall and just start taking you repeatedly. My cock sliding in and out of that tight little pussy from behind while your hands are on the wall, me reaching around pulling and pinching on those hard nipples of yours."

I let out a moan as you continue to speak letting you know that your turning me on, then with out any further words being spoken you push me against the wall and slam your rock hard shaft deep into my pussy, and then you start going rapidly in and out making me moan and groan with pleasure. Your hands on my hips forcing me to move with your thrusts, then you reach around and start playing with my nipples, pinching on one and pulling on the other. When your hands were not driving my nipples crazy I felt one in my hair and you pull me back against you driving your cock deeper into me causing me to scream out in pain and pleasure.. We fuck in the shower until the water turns cold and then you pick me up with your cock still inside of me and carry me back to the bed where we continue you place my feet upon your shoulders and go in deeper and faster. Our bodies become one as we move together as one. I let out a scream as I start to cum harder then ever before and you start to grunt as we cum together. I lay there my body trembling form cumin so hard and so much, as you move and lay down beside me wrapping your arm around my waist waiting for my breathing to return to normal.

"I know you enjoyed that and I do hope we can do it again soon." You roll over and turn on the light so I can see your face for the first time since this all started.

I look at you in amazement "You but how did you know."

You smile at me "I am the guy you have been talking with online even before I gave you the link to my stories. Remember we used to talk about fantasies and writing. Well you told me that you wanted to be taken this way so I thought that this party would be the perfect place to get you alone and pleasure you the way you deserve to be pleasured."


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