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Erotica Awards Entry- A Murder In Texas

Short story By: Kandie

Maddy works at a local diner off the path for truck drivers. One night she is the last one in and things end up badly.

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Entered for - Best Kidnap / Best Rape Story. By Kandie.

Was it really possible that I was pulling yet another late shift at the diner? My feet were screaming at me I had been on them all day and now most of the night.

"Maddy hun go home, I got this" Ruth said placing a plate in front of another trucker who had stopped to get a bite to eat.

"I'm not leaving you here, you go you have a son that needs to be taken care of and these hours Bill has you working he isn't seeing his mama much" I wiped off the counters quickly, we only had an hour before closing and I could handle that, Ruth was a older woman who had a child late in her life, she needed to be home more than I did.

"Are you sure hun?" she asked and I nodded

"It is only an hour I can manage"

"I don't like leaving you here all by yourself, you don't know what could happen" she liked to worry and it was sweet but I was fine

"I'm fine go home and get a couple more hours of sleep and I will see you in the morning" I gave her a sweet smile and she nodded and gave me a hug.

Living in Texas you just expected everyone to have a gun, I was use to that fact I remembered when my daddy had his guns all hung up on the wall. I shook my head I didn't need bad memories.

The door bell jingled as two men walked in they both gave lazy smiles and sat down at the table at the far end, I grabbed two menus and went over to them.

"We are closing in forty five minutes" I told them they both nodded then the one looked up at me

"we just want a coffee" he stated and I took the menus back and turned to leave when my wrist was grabbed.

"Can you tell us where the nearest police station is?" he asked and I frowned but being polite I slowly removed my arm from his grasp and told him.

"There isn't one around for miles, considerin the town is about an hour to the west we are the only ones out here, mostly for truckers and people passing through "

They seemed happy with that answer and I left as one of their cells began to ring.

I watched the clock tick down, I cleaned off the rest of the tables and said the goodbyes to the regulars who stopped every time they passed through with their big rigs. I was just waiting for the two guys at the far table, they had less than three minutes before I was kicking their asses out, I didn't even care if they paid.

"You guys need to go, I'm locking up" I said and they nodded and threw cash on the table and got up and left, the door shut and I sighed, I went over to their table and cleared it off and shoved the tip in my pocket and placed the rest in the cash register.

Pulling my coat on I walked out the door and took a breath of the cool air, finally time for bed.

A hand wrapped around my mouth and a funny feeling washed over me as I began to get dizzy, everything started to get spotty then it went black.


"No one saw us she was alone" I heard a males voice and moaned rolling over onto my side as my head spun.

"She looks bought right, hard to tell with that stupid diner uniform on" another males voice said.

"Looks like she is coming too" another said I forced my eyes open and saw one single light that glowed and reflected off shiny varnished wood walls.

I was forced up and to sit on the couch I had been laying on.

"How old are you?" I focused my eyes and saw a guy I had never seen before, glancing to the other too I frowned, as I did recognize them they had been at the diner the last ones to leave. But the man in front of me kneeling down I had never seen before "I asked how old you are" he repeated and I shook my head slightly

"Twenty two" I mumbled out and he grinned

They were all probably in their thirties and all well groomed. I was taking in their faces the best I could, if I got out of here I would remember I never forgot a face.

"Who all knows you were working late?" he asked this time

"My boss and Ruth" I knew I should have lied, my boss wouldn't care but Ruth might have but I was always talking about leaving so she would probably not think much of me not showing up for work.

The other two sat beside me and I couldn't move without touching one of them, my senses were coming back as my fear heightened and my adrenalin spiked.

The man kneeling in front of me reached behind him and pulled out a pocket knife he opened it and tapped it on my knee.

"This is how it is going to work, you will do what we say and if you don't you will get hurt" he explained and I frowned, this wasn't good I needed to get out of here! "I can see the gears turning in our head but I will assure you now that you aren't getting out of here until we say so" he ran the knife up my thigh and then back down again.

"Get up girl and strip" the one to my left said and I coiled away from him but that just put me closer to the other one.

"I'm not doing anything for you, if you are going to kill me then just do it" I muttered but they all laughed and I was pulled to my feet and pushed to stand in front of them all, they were all seated on the couch now looking at me, waiting and I didn't know what to do.

"Now!" one of them shouted and I jumped at his voice.

My fingers shook as I reached up and started unbuttoning the diner shirt, one button came out after another and then I pulled it off my shoulders and dropped it to the floor.

I pushed the skirt off and stood there, not thinking as this couldn't be happening.

"Dirk are you getting that first?" one of their names stuck in my head I wasn't going to let it slip, I had to remember everything about them.

The man in the middle, the one who had been kneeling stood and came over to me, he was much taller then I was and I swallowed hard at the realization that all three of them were much stronger then I was and I had no hope in hell of getting away from them if one of them grabbed me.

I stepped away from him and he took another one towards me, the room was too dark the light only lighting a small area, my back hit the cool wall and I had no choice but to stop. He placed his hand on my shoulder and ran it down my arm.

"I'm going to make you scream" he whispered as he leaned in closer to me. I brought my knee up but didn't hit my mark, it connected with his thigh and instead of doubling over like I had hoped he wrapped his hand around my throat and lifted me up off the floor, my air cut off and I struggled trying to get away from him, I clawed at his hands and pulled at him but he wouldn't let go, making the point that he was in control.

My feet touched the floor and I sucked in a breath as fast as I could.

"don't move or I will cut you" his voice stern as he brought the knife up and cut the straps to my bra and then it fell to the ground, he slid the blade along my hip and under the waist band of my panties and cut them away too, I stood their naked and my breathing became harder as more fear settled into my veins.

he pulled the zipper down to his jeans and popped the button open, pushing them down a bit so he could free his cock. He stepped closer to me and flipped me around, he yanked my hips out towards him, but I already knew what was the problem.

"the bitch is too short!" he grumbled angrily

The other two jumped up and left into the darkness but soon returned with a kitchen table, they pushed it on the floor and the screeched filled the room then it was silent again, my hair was grabbed pain exploding over my scalp as I was yanked over to the table and slammed onto it. he was right behind me and I felt the extreme heat from his cock as it brushed against my ass, I reached behind me and tried pushing him away but this angle was impossible to get enough strength to push him anywhere, but I became an annoyance as the other two grabbed my hands and each of them held on to one to the table.

Thrashing around only helped for a moment before his hand grabbed my hip so hard it brought tears to my eyes, he positioned himself at my entrance and I struggled as hard as I could, my already tired muscles screaming in protest as I tried jerking away from them. He thrust forwards and I started crying, tears running down my face as he thrust again and again, hard enough that the table was moving on the floor, the only thing stopping it was the other two who had my wrists in a death grip, my nails scratching at the table surface and I continued to struggle trying to get away from them.

His hands gripped my hips harder and yanked me backwards over and over, I closed my eyes and willed myself to think of something else, of anything else!

He rammed into me a few more times than collapsed onto my back then my wrists were let go and he stepped away from me.

I began to cry harder as I drew my hands closer to myself and covered my face, this couldn't be happening.

"You made her cry" One of them said then they all laughed and then arms wrapped around my waist lifting me up.

"You see darling we all have a certain ,thing that we like to do Dirk there love plain old fucking, Brad over there loves to finish but I on the other hand like pain" he flipped me around and threw me on top of the table, my head smacking the wood surface hard which made my head spin slightly, before I could get off the table each of my wrists were pulled above my head and tied together then the white rope was tied somewhere under the table, the same was done with each of my legs only they were pulled far apart, I couldn't move very much, the ropes dug into my skin.

Without warning his hand came down hard onto my thigh and I yelped in pain, he reached up and pinched my nipple really hard making my cry out again.

" Samuel stop fucking around and get on with it!" Brad snapped from the couch

"Fuck you I don't tell you how to do it!" Samuel said back angrily and then slapped me across the face so hard the room spun and I tasted blood in my mouth.

"Just get on with it" Dirk said and took a long drink of his beer, his eyes on me.

Samuel grabbed my hand turning so I couldn't see what he was doing I heard the sound a lighter then the heat spread over my palm and I screamed at the pain, my skin blistered and burned as he held the lighter there.

He stopped and turned to look at my face, tears ran down and into my hair and I was having troubles breathing from the pain of the burn.

"Don't cry so much darling that was just the teaser, how do you feel about some pain down bellow?" he asked and kissed my forehead, I struggled pulling at the ropes but it was no use.

"don't ruin her pussy I want to fuck her on my turn" Brad said and grinned when I looked at him

"Ruin all the fun once again" Samuel said but he turned his attention to my breasts he massaged both of them, then leaned down and took one into his mouth he swirled his tongue around it then bit down hard and I continued to cry as I cried out.

He pulled away from me and looked at my face as he reached over and squeezed my burnt hand and I screamed out in agony.

"You know what sucks darling, that I can't burn that sweet little cunt, to see you really squirm in pain. But I have other ways"

He licked his way down my body and stopped when he was between my legs he started flicking his tongue over my clit and I pleaded with my body not to respond but it wasn't happening, my hips started raising up to get closer to him, I was almost thankful when he stopped and took my now sensitive clit in between his teeth and bit down, when he pulled away I was sobbing.

He took my hand again and gave a quick jerk and I felt the bone in my pinkie finger snap, I thrashed on the table but the rope was too tight and it held me in my spot.

"I'm finished" Samuel said and both Dirk and Brad looked disappointed

"My turn" Brad said getting up, he came over to me with a rather large hunting knife and set it on my stomach. "Now, as you have probably already figured out you aren't getting out of here alive sweet heart, you see Dirk is first, Samuel is second and I finish, they get off doing their thing and I get off watching the life drain from your eyes, but that being said you do have a fine little pussy and I plan on fucking it" he went between my legs and pushed up inside of me fast and quick, it stung but the pain in my hand was over bearing, I couldn't really focus on anything else.

I watched the light over head, it sat there starring me in the face, as slow tears down and into my blonde hair, this was it I was going to go missing just like thousands of other people, and I wouldn't have any hope of being found alive, I think deep down I knew they were going to kill me as I had seen all their faces I had seen each and every single one of them and I also knew their names, if they let me go I would go to the cops and they would be in prison.

The pain actually made me think of something other then what was happening it let me melt into the puddle of agony and out of the fact that I was being raped.

I knew he was finished as he crawled up onto the table, he straddled my hips and looked down at me, but I wasn't giving him the satisfaction of begging, I simply closed my eyes and turned my head to the side as he brought his hand down that held the knife, it pierced through my skin and into my chest.

Dying wasn't as painful as books and movies make it out to be, you just fade and become nothing.


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